HP0-J42 - Introduction to HP SANs

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Example Questions

Which feature of B-Series switches provides connectivity to B-Series or other switch series fabrics? Which HP tool should be installed in a SAN environment to display implemented zones and to support an engineer in creating a zoning plan for a SAN fabric update? Which disaster recovery solutions are supported by B-Series 1606 Extension SAN Switches? (Select two.) Which benefit does Cisco Fabric Manager provide to customers using MDS switches? When documenting a SAN, which map contains the entries describing aliases? A customer using HP and third-party arrays is interested in integrating storage virtualization using HP SVSP in his SAN infrastructure. Which resource can a consultant use to identify supported driver versions for this environment? How are collection groups used by the tool HPCC for SAN Environments? Verification and testing is part of most SAN implementations. One of the normal tests is to power off all the SAN components. What is the recommended sequence to remove power from the SAN components? Which command is used to verify the dynamic load sharing state in B-Series switches? What is the benefit of providing an HBA-host map file to HP SAN Visibility? Which features of C-Series switches can also be used in conjunction with FCIP to create more efficient business continuity and disaster recovery solutions? (Select two.) During a SAN implementation it is discovered that a host cannot access a LUN. What are likely causes for this problem? (Select two.) Which device is recommended to be powered on first in a SAN fabric? Which B-Series switch provides 24 FCoE ports operating at 10Gb/s and 8 FC ports operating at 8Gb/s? A SAN extension using FCIP with Continuous Access EVA is being implemented. Best practices dictate using separate switches for host and replication fabrics. A high availability, no single point of failure design is specified, however the customer only has a single ISL available between sites. Which SAN configuration meets these requirements? Which feature should you use to enable device sharing across virtual fabrics? Which HP StorageWorks software detects un-configured switches or storage and prompts you to configure them? What is a customer responsible for during the HP Assessment Service for SANs? Which additional feature should be presented to a customer for an HP StorageWorks 8/8 SAN Switch when presenting the upgrade path to a Full Model option? Which optional license upgrades are required to connect 16 ports, including an E-port to a StorageWorks 8/8 Base SAN Switch? (Select two.) A customer is interested in high-availability features of SAN Switches. Which HP StorageWorks SAN Switches support hotplug fans and power supplies? What is a service benefit of HP Assessment Service for SANs? When documenting the SAN, which map contains details about server hardware? When powering down the SAN, what is an exception that would change the power down sequence? Which functionality is added to the B-Series DCFM GUI with the Enterprise Edition? To ensure correct device discovery while implementing a simple SAN, what is the HP recommended timing for powering up the online storage? Which communication type is used by the SVSP management server to communicate with storage systems? Which management interface should a consultant present a customer who wants to integrate a new SAN infrastructure and have a topology view, drag-n-drop zoning administration, and automatic switch and HBA update notifications? What must you do to enable NPIV on QLogic HBAs on systems running VMware ESX 4.0? Which C-Series switch integrates Fibre Channel 2, 4 and 10Gb technology and IP Storage Services for iSCSI and FC over IP? Which task should be part of a customer survey to identify customer needs and to obtain additional information? Which HP SAN infrastructure technology does the B-Series MP Router support? Which license-enabled functions of the MPX200 Multifunction Router are supported with EVA storage systems? (Select two.) During the installation of an HP StorageWorks SN6000 Fibre Channel Switch there is a fatal POST error. How is this indicated by the switch? How many active ports are enabled per default on an 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit switch? What are advantages of HP Nexus 5000 Converged Network Switches? (Select two.) Which CLI commands are used to gather information needed to escalate fabric problems? (Select two.) How can an engineer determine the type of licenses installed on a B-Series switch using CLI commands? What can be used to verify host access to LUNs? A consultant designs a Converged Infrastructure storage environment. Which HP switch offers full Converged Network capabilities? Which MPR switch model is included in the EVA iSCSI Connectivity Option and can be used for all EVA systems? Which port type is used by building an LSAN on supported B-Series 8Gb SAN Switches to provide the routed paths between an interoperable routed fabric? What is a best practice when interconnecting the switches in the fabric? What is a benefit of connecting servers to the SAN one HBA at a time? Which commands are used to determine the status of trunking on B-Series switches? (Select two.) What is the advantage of Access Gateway Mode using B-Series switches?