HP0-J41 - Implementing HP StorageWorks P2000 Solutions

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Example Questions

Which entity must be created for Remote Snap replication in a P2000 G3 environment? How often can a LUN be used per volume as its default LUN? Which factor determines the logical capacity of all physical disks in a vdisk? A customer wants to implement a P2000 G3 FC for writing large amounts of sequential data. Which disk array configuration will perform the best, while maintaining fault tolerance? When implementing a P2000 G3 solution with a single 8Gb/s FC controller, what are advantages of a fabric topology over direct connect? What is the default IP address of the controller module A management port on a P2000 G3 MSA system? What prevents FC and FC/iSCSI combo controllers from being mixed in the same P2000 chassis? Which type of volume replication can you define in Replication Setup Wizard in a P2000 G3 environment? Which cabling scheme should be used in a P2000 configuration for an MSA2000 3Gb/s drive enclosure behind a D2700 enclosure? What is a benefit of the P2000 G3 FC array? What is the most cost-efficient P2000 G3 storage solution? Before creating or scheduling a volume copy, how much free space should be available for the snap pool? Which controller cache policy is recommended for applications that cause large sequential writes? Which types of fault recovery does the Remote Snap software provide? (Select two.) What happens if you cable a 3Gb/s disk drive enclosure before a 6Gb/s enclosure in a mixed storage P2000 G3 configuration? During the implementation of a P2000 G3 solution, you notice that a volume is masked. What is the cause? How can you stop the vdisk expansion process? What are benefits of the P2000 G3 Storage Array compared to the G2 version? (Select two.) Which transceiver type and technology does the P2000 G3 include by default? Which statement is true about the P2000 G3 FC combo FC/iSCSI controller? When you add an expansion module to a P2000 G3 MSA, which HP recommended action should you take? Which statement is true about P2000 G3 Remote Snap functionality? What must you do before you update expansion module firmware on a single-controller P2000 G3 system? What is the correct definition of the P2000 G3 Remote Snap? A customer upgrades a Fibre Channel MSA 2000 environment to a P2000 G3 solution with dual combo FC/iSCSI controllers. They keep as much of the old equipment as possible. What is a primary consideration when setting up the bill of materials? What does a LUN identify? Which user roles are available for a P2000 G3 user? (Select two.) What can be used to examine the integrity of existing storage and to estimate expected performance? (Select two.) Which type of cable is supplied to establish a connection from a terminal emulation to the P2000 G3 MSA CLI? Which features do HP StorageWorks Enhanced Data Services provide for the MSA P2000 G3 FC array? (Select two.) Which warranty option is a warranty upgrade option for the P2000 G3 MSA? Which software products are included in the base license of the P2000 G3 FC array? (Select two.) What is the recommended maximum number of volumes per controller when the Maximum option is selected for read-ahead caching? What is required to perform a non-disruptive controller firmware update on a P2000 G3 array? What is considered an iSCSI initiator in a P2000 G3 MSA implementation? On the P2000 combo iSCSI/FC controller, how do iSCSI and Fibre Channel ports differ? (Select two.)