HP0-J37 - Implementing XP24000, XP20000, XP12000, XP10000 Solution Fundamentals

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Example Questions

Which tool is used to access the LUN Expansion window and create a LUSE? When configuring host groups, what must be contained in each host group? In which pane can you view and change LUN Security in the LUN Management GUI? Which Custom Volume Size (CVS) operation can be used to convert a CVS volume back to a Normal volume? After installing XP CommandView AE, the discovery operation in the Device Manager fails to detect your XP24000. What is the most likely cause? Which action must you take to delete an LU path through the LUN Management GUI? When using HP StorageWorks XP Business Copy, what is the maximum number of secondary volumes that can be paired to a primary volume? What is the maximum number of DKA pairs allowed when there are 14 CHA pairs configured in an XP24000? What is a valid LUSE configuration rule? Which I/O suppression mode is used when configuring volumes to perform cross-system copy operations? You are installing an XP20000. What must be added to an HP rack (such as the 10642 G2) if other equipment is installed in the rack? What is the final step of LUN creation for HP XP disk arrays? What does an HP StorageWorks XP based solution provide that other HP storage offerings do not? (Select two.) Several frequently accessed files are located on the same logical volume on an XP20000 disk array. How can Custom Volume Size (CVS) be used to improve data access performance? Which statement is true when performing a reverse resync of Business Copy volumes? What must be enabled to ensure hosts with different OS types can access the same XP Fibre Channel port? What is the default URL used to connect to the Device Manager server? Which mode of external storage XP connection can be used by an HP EVA? Which XP24000 RAID type should you select to satisfy a customer who requires availability and the highest amount of data efficiency? You are using HP StorageWorks Business Copy XP to make a copy of a production volume for testing purposes. Your HP-UX server has the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) feature installed. Which restriction applies for the primary (P-VOL) and secondary (S-VOL) volumes? What is a function of HP StorageWorks CommandView XP Advanced Edition? When creating a Business Copy pair on an XP20000, the operation reports an error. You check the status of both the primary volume (P-VOL) and secondary volume (S-VOL). In which state do both the P-VOL and the S- VOL need to be for this operation to be successful? When configuring an XP24000 disk array, what is the ratio of raw capacity to useable capacity for RAID 6 storage? Which additional XP CommandView Advanced Edition features become available if the Device Manager host agent is deployed? (Select two.) Which HP document should you use to help in planning the implementation of an XP array in an existing data center? How many pairs of CMAs are required in the XP24000 high performance cache configuration? What can be used to export a spreadsheet containing the configuration of an XP storage system when post delivery tasks are complete? A storage partition administrator is enabling security for a LUN on a certain storage logical partition of an XP24000 storage array. Which rule applies in this situation? What differentiates the XP24000 from competitor products using the same hardware platform? What is the valid high-performance cache access model configuration rule? When using HP StorageWorks XP Business Copy, how many L2 volume pairs can exist between a node volume and its leaf volumes? When planning an XP24000 installation, which statements are true regarding electrostatic discharge (ESD)? (Select two.) What must you consider when selecting spare disks? How many drive slots are reserved exclusively for spare disks in the XP24000 disk array? What can be set to provide stronger protection on logical volumes after the Retention Term expires? Which statement correctly describes HP StorageWorks External Storage XP? What is the minimum supported configuration for an XP24000 that can be deployed in a customer data center? What is the benefit of HP StorageWorks XP for Data Exchange software? What is the minimum number of drives required in the smallest XP24000? Which emulation type supports LUN sizes up to 2TB?