HP0-J30 - HP Storage Essentials (SRM) Standard Edition

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Example Questions

After installing the D2D system, a consultant notices there is a performance bottleneck. Which tests can be run via Library and Tape Tools to help troubleshoot the issue? (Select two.) Which technology makes it possible to replicate data over low bandwidth connections between HP D2D solutions? What are benefits of data deduplication used in virtual libraries? (Select two.) What is the maximum number of files that can be saved to a D2D NAS file share? Which network ports give access to the Web Browser interface on the D2D4312? (Select two.) A consultant has designed an HP StoreOnce deduplication solution that is comprised of a large set of mixed generation D2D devices. What should be used to manage replication status and device statistics across a large set of D2Ds? Which virtual library interface is provided on all HP D2D products? What should be considered when configuring virtual libraries on a D2D backup system? When configuring D2D 1Gb/s IP connections in Dual Port mode, what is the maximum data transfer rate that can be expected? A customer is running a single site with multiple small and a few large servers. They need a solution that provides backup through various connection protocols. Which HP D2D G2 product supports CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and 8Gb/s Fibre Channel? Which resource can be used to monitor and perform remote reboot/shutdown of the D2D4312? (Select two.) Why should you make replication target libraries visible to the backup host? (Select two.) An engineer has implemented a new D2D device to be a replication target. Which methods can be used to send the reference data to the target D2D device? (Select two.) A consultant needs to upgrade the firmware of a D2D4312 in a SAN environment. Which statement is true about the firmware upgrade? When discovering a D2D system, what is required for Discovery Wizard to function? HP StorageWorks D2D Replication Manager service is not starting. What is the most probable cause? A customer uses a NAS share on a D2D as the backup device for a Windows media server. During a backup assessment, she notices poor deduplication ratio and performance. Which statement correctly describes this issue? Which resource should you use to design a D2D solution and calculate the needed link speed for a low bandwidth replication? A customer owns an EMC Data Domain DD670g gateway system, which is connected to an EVA4100 configured with 48 FATA spindles of 500GB each. The customer is concerned about maintenance costs, cooling, and power consumption. The customer is interested in replacing the solution with the most current technology to increase capacity, achieve the best performance/price ratio, and to use as little power as possible. Which product should a consultant position to replace the existing solution and to add more features like iSCSI VTL support? An engineer is implementing a D2D4312. What is the minimum number of concurrent backups to be configured for maximum performance? If a language is selected other than English and some of the messages are in English, the firmware must be upgraded. What must you do to enable the required language? Housekeeping is an important task that is engineered to run as a low priority process but still needs a finite time to run. When does Housekeeping run when no blackout window has been set? A customer is running a single site with multiple small servers and a few large servers. Previously, the servers were backed up to a direct attached tape drive. What should be done before beginning the design of a new solution? Your customer is having difficulty connecting to a NAS share on their D2D device. They took the following steps to configure the share: 1. They created an NFS share and mounted it on a Linux box. 2. They deleted the share on the D2D without unmounting it from the Linux box. 3. They recreated the share with the same name. They discovered that the issue was caused by using incorrect nodes for access. What should they do to fix the issue? When installing a D2D system, which configuration factors affect housekeeping? When installing a D2D system, which statement is true about an HP StoreOnce Technology configuration? Which additional feature of HP StoreOnce D2D products provides scalability? An engineer is implementing a D2D4312. Due to budget constraints, the customer has ordered direct connect copper cables. What is the maximum length of a direct connect copper cable? What NAS protocols are supported by all current HP StoreOnce products? (Select two.) Which deduplication architecture is a portable engine that can be consistently embedded in multiple products? The three FC port LEDs are alternately flashing. What does this indicate? Which of these block sizes provides the best performance for D2D file-system backup? Which statements are true about D2D replication of NAS shares? (Select two.) A customer has available ports on their 8/40 SAN switches. To which type of standard transceiver and preferred speed should the customer connect an HP D2D43xx solution at the lowest cost? What is the recommended method of tape offload for virtual tape? Which statement is true about the function of StoreOnce deduplication? After installing the D2D system, what's the most important thing to leave with the customer? When implementing a D2D backup solution utilizing In-Line deduplication, what does an engineer need to make the customer aware of? D2D virtual libraries are well suited to be integral parts of solutions for which environments? (Select two.) A customer complains about poor performance on their D2D2504i-B (maximum open file limit 48) when performing backups on a NAS share with Backup Exec. What is the maximum number of parallel backup jobs the customer can perform, when Backup Exec has 1 large and 3 small files open per backup stream concurrently? Large amounts of data are being backed up from multiple hosts. When sizing the number of deduplication stores, which best practice will improve performance by simplifying each store and reducing the amount of data each contains? A customer is running a single site with multiple small servers and several large servers. The customer wants to consolidate backup of all servers and centralize backup and media management. Which HP D2D product feature supports this design? Replication Manager fails with a Fatal Error. What is the most probable cause? Which driver should an HP StoreOnce D2D installation and a media server include? HP D2D has identified a problem with the internal hardware. The device has shut down to avoid further hardware problems and the System Health LED is red. What can you do to collect information about the failure? How many users should be configured to simultaneously open a file in a CIFS file share on a D2D? What should be used to discover D2D devices? (Select two.) A customer plans to integrate a replicated D2D environment to back up branch office data at their headquarters. Which minimum link speed is supported? A customer wants to use the HP D2D Replication Manager software available for the D2D systems. Which statements are true about the use of this software? (Select two.) How do you configure the D2D for the most effective performance?