HP0-J29 - Replication Solutions for the HP StorageWorks EVA

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Example Questions

You add a Vdisk to a replication group. What indicates that storage alloction is complete? Which statement is true about a DR group in failsafe-disabled mode? What are supported types of multiple-array replication relationships for EVA? What would you use to obtain a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of zero in failsafe mode and a low performance impact? A Windows server is running Command View and HP Replication Solutions Manager (RSM). While executing an RSM replication script, it is rebooted by the addition of new security patches from Microsoft. What happens to that script? You have a Continuous Access EVA environment that uses enhanced asynchronous write mode. What is an important consideration when planning the DR groups for this environment? When trying to execute commands from within the Replication Solutions Manager Command line interface, you receive the error: Illegal access to Command Line UI Panel What does this indicate? When planning DR groups in a Continuous Access environment, what must you consider? (Select two.) You have a customer that has an EVA environment with both local and remote replication licenses. The customer wants to implement HP Data Protector Software. Which statement is true about this environment? When planning the implementation of Continuous Access EVA, what is the minimum required bandwidth per path using MPX110 IP distance gateways? Before implementing a Continuous Access EVA configuration, which pre-delivery requirements should be addressed concerning the SAN topology? (Select two.) Implementing N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) in a SAN provides certain advantages. Which statements are true about implementing such a solution? (Select two.) When building a six-fabric configuration using FC-to-IP, how many dedicated gateways are required? What determines the maximum number of snapshots per source that can be created at any time? Your Continuous Access (CA) environment consists of bi-directional replication running in asynchronous mode. Which statements are true about this environment? (Select two.) When implementing HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA, what is a prerequisite for bi- directional replication, when you have both source and destination Vdisks on the same array? You are capturing workloads using the PERFMON tool for Windows. It reports performance data. To ensure the usefulness of the performance data you obtain from PERFMON and to include peak demand, for how long should you collect data? What are valid dynamic capacity management operations? (Select two.) After installation of Replication Solutions Manager (RSM), the GUI fails to open. What might be a possible cause? What is a demand allocated snapshot also known as? You find that a DR group has started logging data. What is a valid reason for this occurrence? Which components are required when designing a highly-available six-fabric Continuous Access EVA solution? Your customer is concerned about the resilience of their data and is thinking of implementing mirrorclones. Which statements are true about configuration of mirrorclones? (Select two.)