HP0-J11 - Replication Solutions for the HP StorageWorks EVA

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Example Questions

You are implementing an HP Continuous Access EVA solution in a customer's HP-UX IT-environment. Which HP product should you recommend for business continuity? Which actions must be performed before creating the first copy set? (Select two.) Which statement is accurate when describing managed sets failover in a Continuous Access environment? You are designing a Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer's environment containing an EVA3000 and a new EVA4000. Your customer wants to create snapshots of Vdisks which are members of a DR group. What is the maximum number of snapshots per DR group in this environment? You are designing a high-availability Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer. Which components are required when designing the whole solution? (Select two.) Which redundancy level must a container for a pre-allocated snapshot have when the source already has other snapshots? You identified a data replication group state as merging. What does this mean? Which statements are correct for a data replication group normal mode? (Select two.) You are on a customer's site to perform a planned downtime. Which Continuous Access EVA entities can perform a fail-over? (Select two.) Which statement is correct about Continuous Access EVA bidirectional replication? (Select two.) Which statements are correct regarding copy sets for Continuous Access EVA? (Select three.) Which tool is required when using local replication with an active Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database? For which Continuous Access entity does a log disk collect host writes? Which disk-group is recommended by HP for a log disk when running a data replication group in synchronous or standard asynchronous mode? You are planning a Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer with high availability requirements. What is the HP recommended placement of management servers in this environment? (Select two.) What must be done to ensure that the write order of all I/Os is maintained in a Continuous Access EVA environment? What does Continuous Access failsafe mode do? (Select two.) What are possible results of issuing a resume command? (Select two.) What is the Continuous Access EVA license based on? For which purpose is it possible to export the Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) database? You are running a Continuous Access EVA environment. How many servers in a CA environment does HP recommend be running RSM? You are installing a Continuous Access environment on a customer's site. How are Vdisks presented after creating them? You are integrating an EVA Continuous Access and Business Copy environment on a customer's site. This customer uses HP Data Protector for backup. Which Data Protector module provides a seamless integration of Business Copy into the backup environment? (Select two.) How do you make sure the copy set storage allocation is complete? Which start methods can you use to start the Replication Solution Manager (RSM) locally on an HP OpenView Storage Management Appliance (SMA)? (Select two.) Where do you set the write mode for a copy set? You a running a local replication in your Enterprise Virtual Array environment using Replication Solutions Manager. What happens when the management and RSM server is rebooted during a RSM initiated replication task? (Select two.) To which structure is a log disk assigned? You want to perform a Continuous Access full copy in a customers EVA environment. What should be done to protect the customer's data before performing this action? How many mirrorclones can be created per source? You are integrating a WDM Continuous Access EVA solution at a customer site. What is needed to maintain line-speed in this solution? Which statement is correct regarding write modes in Continuous Access EVA? Which action is called normalizing in a Continuous Access EVA environment? Which statement is correct for a suspended DR group? (Select two.) Which statements are correct for merging and can impact performance? (Select two.)