HP0-D21 - Implementing HP0-D21 HP Matrix Operating Environment

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Example Questions

Which benefit does HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center provide? You are creating a virtual server template in Infrastructure Orchestration Designer. You add and configure the virtual server group and network. When adding the virtual disk, you configure it for 50 GB. When you select the Bootable check box, the size of the virtual disk changes to 40.3 GB. Why does this happen? Which default user group has the minimum rights required to create, modify, and publish templates in Insight Orchestration Designer? You are implementing Storage manager (SPM) within the HP Matrix Operating Environment. You populate the SPM catalog with storage elements and configure associated access rights. When consumers requests through storage services, SPM returns a list of service candidate corresponding to storage volumes. You control the volume selection with template requirements. Which storage provisioning model are you implementing? A customer has a Sun Solaris server covered by an HP contractual agreement. How can HP be proactively notified of hardware failure on his server? You installed the Pro module of Insight Control System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Which additional functionality does this provide? Which HP Matrix OE component provides the workload management capability for HP Integrity servers running HP-UX? What is the purpose of the Exception Allowed setting when configuring utilization limits in Capacity Advisor for reports? Which benefit is gained by using Storage Provisioning Manager? A customer has two CloudSystem Matrix environments populated with ProLiant Bl460c Gen8 servers 10 / 20 blades: The primary site has blades with VMware ESXi installed and seven server blades with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 installed The secondary site has six server blades with VMware ESXi installed and four unassigned server blades How can the customer perform an automated failover to the secondary site and keep all servers online? Which tab in the infrastructure Orchestration self-service portal enables you to view the available resources for service provisioning requests? You are reviewing an Insight Management Advisor report that lists several errors. What should you do to find more information about how to resolve the errors? Which capability does an HP CloudSystem Matrix solution provide? You need to validate whether all migration are met for a CloudSystem Matrix upgrade. Which Insight Management document contains all the prerequisites information? What is requirement for installing Matrix Operating Environment in a federated environment? In default CloudSystem Matrix implementation, what happens to a service when the lease expires? In the high-performance cluster environment that is being managed with the insight Cluster Management Utility, how can you run a custom on multiple nodes? An authorized HP channel partner to get current information about a customer s ProLiant server configuration in order to provide proactive support. What can the changed partner use that not add unnecessary administration? You are reviewing an Insight management Advisor report that lists several errors.You resolve all the issues in the report. What should you do next? You need to use a template from SCVMM to the Hyper-V server and then use the HP SIM virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to deploy a virtual machine from infrastructure Orchestration. What must you do first? From which location does Insight Orchestration retrieve a list of the storage available for physical provisioning? You are creating a historic utilization report in Capacity Advisor. For which time period will data be displayed? You are implementing a CloudSystem Matrix environment. There is only one control management server (CMS) on which you need install HP Command View P6000 and HP Matrix OE. Which type of port conflicts you need to consider? Which section of insight Orchestration Designer Provides feedback about whether a template configuration is valid? What can you use to free up an HP Integrity license from HP Infrastructure Orchestration? You need to install Insight Control for VMware vCenter and its required components. Which architecture supports this installation? What is a requirement when performing a bare-metal deployment using Insight Control for Microsoft Systems Center? A customer purchased a CloudSystem Matrix solution. The company has a large investment in HP ProLiant server blades that it wants to protect when moving to this solution. Which HP resource should you check to verify whether the customer s current hardware and operating systems can be integrated with the new solution? You are installing a central management server (CMS) in a new Matrix environment. You determine that you need the database on a separate server that is running Microsoft Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. Which database recovery model type must you set on this server? You need to install Insight Control for VMware vCenter to manage ProLiant BladeSystem environment. Which system supports this installation? What does each petal of the Insight CMU performance display represent? How can you verify that all compute nodes in a high-performance cluster have the same system ROM versions? How does Infrastructure Orchestration identify that networks discovered from Virtual Connect and 15 / 20 VMware vSphere are the same network? Which key infrastructure management challenges do HP Converged infrastructure solutions solve? (Select two) What is a key challenge concerning multi-administrator environments that HP Converged Infrastructure helps to eliminate? Which Onboard Administrator credential is received to log on to a blade enclosures in TS mode by using the CloudSystem Matrix versioning tool? You are deploying Matrix Operating Environment without Insight Control server deployment. How can you obtain an Insight management Advisor report without errors? You are using a central management server (CMS) as a DHCP server for a deployment network and as a DNS server for a management network and to forward unknown requests to the ISP DNS server. What is a requirement for this CMS? You are installing a Matrix Environment and want to use Insight Control server deployment. To ensure a successful installation, what must you do on the control management server (CMS) that runs Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2? (Select two) You need to display a two-tiered web application in a hybrid configuration.CloudSystem discovers that the virtual resources provided by the public cloud pool can accommodate a web tier server group, but cannot satisfy the physical server and HP-UX requirements of the database server group. What does CloudSystem do next? You are configuring a physical server group in an Infrastructure Orchestration template.You enter a memory size of 32 GB. When the template is requested, the only available servers have 64 GB of memory. What will happen with the request? During an Infrastructure Orchestration Physical server deployment, the deployment engine encounters an error that causes the service deployment to fail. In which server pool will the server placed? On a standard installation of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, which additional step is required before the installation of Matrix OE? How do you launch CloudSystem Matrix Versioning Tool in TS mode? Which feature of Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server enhances vCenter functionality? What is required to have Insight Remote Support Standard (IRSS) monitor systems and log support calls with HP? You are using the infrastructure Orchestration self-service portal to request a service. The template you are using for the request has a server group configured with a host name of Exchange # Prod. When creating the request, you enter a name of finance and host name of P2. What will the server name be? You are configuring a server deployment operating system resource from inside infrastructure Orchestration. What must you specify? You need to use a federated CMS to deploy a Matrix Operating Environment solution across 5000 suites. What is required to enable remote federated CMS support? A server running Windows 2008 R2 that is monitored by HP Capacity Advisor does not have any HP Management Agents installed. How can you change the polling interval for this server?