HP0-D20 - Architecting the HP Matrix Operating Environment

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Example Questions

Which multi-tenancy feature of Matrix OE is enforced by infrastructure orchestration? What does Insight Remote Support Advanced provide that Insight Remote Support Standard does not? (Select two) How does HP define the Converged Infrastructure? What advanced capabilities does CloudSystem Matrix Enterprise Edition provide? Which component of Matrix Operating Environment determines if combined historic workloads would have fit within a specific environment? Which component of the CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment for HP-UX automatically allocates resources to increase server utilization while meeting service levels for high-priority applications? What are two functions of CloudSystem Matrix 7.0? (Select two) You need to provision an on demand policy for HP EVA 3PAR arrays. Which tool should you use? Name two benefits of the Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) for customers. (Select two) The Matrix Operating Environment uses which software offerings for basic provisioning, monitoring, patching and performance management capabilities? Which product differentiates an HP CloudSystem Matrix solution from the Matrix Operating Environment? Which technology reduces power consumption by automatically adjusting energy use on actual traffic among network devices in real-time? What is one difference between Insight Control 6.3 and Insight Control 7.0? Which business obstacle do customer typically face in a traditional network connection environment? Which statements are true about Virtual Connect in an HP Converged Infrastructure solution? (Select two). Which Matrix OE component enables customers to quickly provision pre-designed and preapproved physical and virtual server configuration for specific lease periods? Which management tool has plug-ins that integrate with Microsoft System Center and VMware vCenter Server consoles to extend the ProLiant management experience to those environments? Which Insight Control feature enables remote control of ProLiant servers from anywhere without additional software? Customers can view their device configuration and hardware event information together with their support information in the support information in the Support Center. What is Insight Online Integrated with to offer this option? Which technology enables you to know how much time it takes for data to travel back and forth across an Ethernet network? You need to provide a preconfigured Microsoft Hyper-V solution for a customer that does not want to invest in BladeSystem technology. Which HP solution meets this customer?s need? Which two insight Control Components were added to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007? (Select two) Which function of Insight Control 7.0 was introduced with ProLiant Gen8 servers? A customer wants to implement a Matrix OE solution but multiple departments within the company must be supported. The departments cannot have access to each other?s resources. Which matrix OE 7.0 feature is key to providing this security? What are the Thermal Logic technologies that are designed into the BladeSystem to pool and share power and cooling resources? (Select two) Which single-console infrastructure management tool was designed for the HP Converged Infrastructure? Which hypervisors are supported with HP VirtualSystem VS1? (Select two) A customer has purchased six new HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 servers to use as hypervisor hosts. They would like to perform P2V migration of their 30 legacy servers to the new Gen8 servers. How many Insight Control licenses do they need? Which function is provided by iLO Advanced? System Management integration for Microsoft System Center is a plug-in for and licensed under which HP product? Which ProLiant server management software is essential to HP Insight management? Which HP resource provides an easy-to-use navigation system that can save time when architecting the infrastructure for application and services? How does HP defines a balanced virtual machine system architecture? What HP Systems Insight Manager Functionality is available for third-party servers? (Select two) What are the defined levels of storage support for CloudSystem Matrix? (Select two) Which result does an HP Converged Infrastructure deliver? Which are storage Administrator actions in an HP Matrix environment utilizing HP Storage Manager and 3PARs? (Select two) What is the average return on investment with Insight Control? Which functionality is available in CloudSystem Matrix 7.0? With which product does HPIO integrate to fully support automatic ESXi/ESX VM deployment and cluster provisioning? Which infrastructure management component enables you to manage server health and altering proactively? How does an Insight Remote Support single collection server to the HP support process? Which statement about Insight control is true? Scalability for CloudSystem Matrix can be categorized into which two categories regarding management server (CMS)? (Select two) Which HP converged Infrastructure offerings includes network switches, management nodes, compute nodes, storage nodes as a preconfigured virtualization solution? Which HP System Insight manager (HP-SIM) feature enables you to locate specific data across several HP SIM central management servers? Which HP management pack uses iLO Management Engine in the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager console to provide hardware-level monitoring an alerting for ProLiant Gen8 servers? Which floating interval utilization forecasting methods are available in Matrix OE? (Select two) What is the primary HP application for managing Virtual Connect environments across the data center? What does a building a converged infrastructure enable an enterprise to do?

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