HP0-D13 - Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio,Rev. 11.41

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Example Questions

Which ProLiant server ships in a tower form factor? How many Flex NICs can each dual-port Flex-10 NIC support? - /hp0-d What do HP Care Pack services provide that warranty services do not? (Select two.) Which website provides a variety of resources offering tailored content of advanced configuration services to HP corporate customers and channel partners? How do Integrity Virtual Machines (VMs) differ from vPars? - /hp0-d A customer is leasing shared network services in a private cloud to meet business goals. What potential problem could this customer face? What is the HP Integrated Archive Platform? What is a benefit of network-attached storage? Which type of HP partition provides complete hardware and software isolation? Which elements constitute a virtual disk family? Which feature is specific to HP ProLiant high-end servers? A customer wants to add storage I/O and capacity by bringing new systems online. Which requirements of an HP Converged Infrastructure does this change address? (Select two.) Which advantages does the HP DL2000 provide over traditional rack-mounted servers? (Select two.) What is a logical unit number (LUN)? How does HP make VirtualSystem available to customers? What is the most complex and robust Fibre Channel topology? The HP enterprise server strategy is based on industry-standard processors. Which additional design element does this strategy use to add value? What does HP Continuous Access EVA provide? Which HP resource provides access to SalesBuilder for Windows? Which network elements are most vulnerable to user threats and least easily managed? What is the target market for the HP V100 Cable/DSL router? hp0-d Which advantages does HP CloudSystem Matrix offer in the area of infrastructure convergence? (Select two.) What is the maximum number of processors/cores that the Integrity Superdome 2 can accommodate? What is one example of how a Converged Infrastructure addresses an increasingly complex environment? What are components of the SalesBuilder for Windows Configurator? (Select two.) What does the HP P9000 Disk Array family use to eliminate contention for valuable storage resources? A customer purchases a single TiCAP license. If one processor core is activated, how long will it stay active? You are dividing a group of physical servers into multiple isolated virtual environments in order to reduce the impact of application upgrades in the environment. How should you configure the servers to simplify management? What is a key architectural differentiator of HP 3PAR storage servers? Which company has formed a long-standing relationship with HP through the Frontline Partnership? What are key reasons for WAN-related outages and degradations? (Select two.) You are acting as a consultant to an enterprise customer. With which corporate representative should you discuss IT/business alignment goals? Which technology is used in HP 3PAR storage arrays to provide multi-tenancy? What is a function of an HP Virtual Library System? A customer purchases a single TiCAP license with two processor cores activated, how long will they both stay active? Which type of storage uses a host bus adapter (HBA) located in the host server, typically with a Fibre Channel Interface? When do enterprise-level companies often choose server consolidation? Which customer is a good candidate for migration to a network-attached storage system? What is a benefit of direct-attached storage (DAS) backup solutions? What does FlexFabric deliver as a benefit to customers? Why does an HP EVA distribute spare capacity across multiple spindles? Which potential impact can server virtualization have on an environment? (Select two.) What do the HP BladeSystem and CloudSystem Matrix TCO Calculator compare? Which statement is true about ProLiant DL2000 Multi Node servers? Which operating system does the HP NonStop System Console support? Which HP Networking switch series runs on a single operating system from core to edge? In a backup rotation scheme, what does GFS represent? Which ProLiant server is considered to be business critical? What is a common characteristic of an enterprise environment that needs improved backup and restore efficiency? Which feature does the Integrity Superdome 2 support?