HP0-D07 - Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions

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Example Questions

Which component of an HP solution provides power status and consumption at the rack level and individual branch circuit monitoring? Which EVA product includes an embedded Command View console on the management module as an alternative to a dedicated management server for basic functionality? How can you choose the appropriate Care Pack service for your company? Your company is using an Integrity rx8620 Server running HP-UX and wants to monitor and manage performance and resource utilization. Which HP software should this customer use? Which operating systems are supported on HP ProLiant servers? Which feature differentiates the HP Integrity Superdome from the HP 9000 Superdome? Your customer's IT infrastructure consists of 64 HP server blades, two redundant Fibre Channel SANs, and an HP ProCurve Networking switch. Which HP solution should you recommend to reduce physical server-to-network cabling and to separate server and network administration? When server density is your customer's main concern, which server solution should you recommend? Your customer is running Linux and Microsoft Windows servers with direct attached storage They have just acquired anotner company that is using an IBM mainframe and Windows servers. As a result of the takeover, high reliability is now required and must be achieved as quickly as possible. What should you recommend for this customer? Which innovative HP ProCurve architecture brings control and intelligence to the edge of the network? Your company uses a ProLiant server for a Linux operating system environment. Which cluster solution can be used to increase business continuity? Select TWO. Which backup method provides high performance over a dedicated storage network? Which HP product is designed for high density rack deployments and uses the heat exchanger to recirculate and cool the hot server exhaust air? Which HP solution enables customers using HP BladeSystems to reduce physical cabling by up to 94% and make server changes without impacting LAN and SAN availability? What are three elements of the HP Adaptive Enterprise strategy? Choose THREE. Which HP product simplifies the monitoring of HP servers, storage, and third-party systems through management standards such as WMI, WBEM, and SNMP? You are designing a storage solution based on the HP StorageWorks EVA4400 and need to determine which operating systems and failover software options are supported on this solution. Which resource provides this information? Which advantages does SCSI technology offer over SATA? Select TWO. Your customer is limited to a maximum of twenty 42U server cabinets. They are in the process of a data center refresh and are looking at alternative technologies. What will maximize their growth capacity? Which HP software is used to dynamically allocate and control system resources on Microsoft Windows platforms? Which HP Integrity server supports a maximum of four hard partitions? Your company’s expectation is to have a high-performance RAID level that can survive up to two drive failures on the production server. Which RAID level should you use? Which feature of a c-Class HP BladeSystem solution increases infrastructure availability? Your company is looking for a ProLiant server tool that will allow them to control a graphic console and boot an industry standard server from a CD located in the administrator's laptop. Which HP tools should you recommend to this customer? Select TWO. Which HP Energy & Space Efficiency solution helps ease cooling limits and mitigates risks resulting from power and cooling issues in a data center? You are analyzing a customer's environment to design an expansion of an existing SAN infrastructure. What must you consider? Which module has two Itanium processors and utilizes a single processor socket? What are key features of the HP Modular Cooling System G2? (Select two.) Which tool monitors and reports the performance and status of heterogeneous operating systems and applications? Which ProLiant Essentials Value Pack is recommend for managing dynamic resource allocation when running Microsoft Windows operating systems? Your customer is asking which improvements the sx2000 chipset servers have compared to his sx1000 chipset servers. Which statements are correct? (Select two.) Your customer has 50 c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect modules installed. Which HP management software will help him to efficiently manage WWN and MAC address pools across his entire environment? You need to size a data protection solution, using the HP StorageWorks Sizing Tool to complete the sizing. What information do you need from the customer? Which HP resource assists you with the size and scope of a solution environment for third-party products such as Citrix, Lotus. Microsoft, and VMware? What is the feature of the HP StorageWorks MSA1500 that allows a storage solution to be securely shared between multiple supported operating systems? An HP Integrity rx8620 Server has four cell boards and a Server Expansion Unit (SEU) attached. What is the maximum number of nPars for this configuration? Which HP service will provide a customer with a 3D model of the airflows and cooling conditions in their data center environment? Which Oracle product drives value and loyalty in client-customer relationships and provides customer data integration? Which operating systems are supported on HP Itanium-based servers? You designed an Enterprise Virtual Array 6000 storage consolidation solution with a NAS-SAN Fusion integration based on an HP EFS Clustered Gateway. Data protection will be done using a SAN-based HP EML 103e Tape Library and HP OpenView Data Protector. Why is it important to do a proof-of-concept to show the customer that the designed solution will perform, is scalable and is assured of a good future? Your customer has just purchased two BladeSystem c7000 enclosures fully populated with ProLiant BL460c jserver blades. After installing their applications, they noticed that the servers were lightly utilized. They were planning to expand their server environment by adding more physical machines. What should you recommend instead? Your customer would like to upgrade their Windows Server 2003 R2 servers to Windows Server 2008 and still run on the same hardware. What HP resource would be used to determine if this is acceptable? An enterprise customer wants to secure their entire Ethernet network, with a focus on edge access security. They want to use software authentication with networking switches. Which security implementation should you recommend? Your customer has several HP-UX 11i applications running on an HP Integrity server. Which tool should you propose that will enable her to build intelligent policy for resource partitioning and management? What are the components of the HP enterprise strategy? Select THREE. Your customer needs to back up 400TB of data and would like to use data deduplication technology to minimize their disk space allocation. Which HP backup solution meets these requirements? Which HP service includes reactive support and patch management services to prevent future issues? You need to verify the interoperability of your proposed solution with the customers existing SAN fabric. Which resource lists the SAN fabric connectivity and switch interoperability rules between C-Series and B- Series switches? Which HP services are designed to cut costs by eliminating over-provisioning of power and cooling resources, as well as analyze me impact of prospective changes in layout and environment factors?