HP0-D05 - Designing HP Virtualization Solutions

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Example Questions

What is required for the TCP/IP resource on a Himalaya system to be managed by a SNMP Manager? Which configuration parameter must be unique for configuring multiple SNAX/XF lines over a token-ring controller? What determines the maximum line speed for a port in a SWAN Concentrator? A customer wishes to implement a flexible Linux-based thin client solution and is considering the HP t5735 Thin Client. Which distribution of Linux should the customer be familiar with? What is the purpose of the QUEST tool? What is the maximum number of servers allowed in a physical FOX ring topology? Which WAN Subsystem processes verify that the SWAN concentrator is the correct type of concentrator, and that the SWAN concentrator executes the correct data link control (DLC) task for the IOP? Which configuration supports full functionality for multiple TSM workstations? In a parallel library TCP/IP environment, what happens to the active sockets if the processor containing the TCP/IP socket provider (TCPSAM) primary process fails? Which SCF command configures multiple IP addresses on one E4SA or FESA port? Which component(s) are required to support 6530 terminal connection to an AWAN 3886 Access Server? The HP Remote Graphics Software has been developed primarily for which classes of worker? (Select two.) Which statement is correct for the ATMADDRESS of an ATM adapter? Which S-series Expand line handler may be used to connect to a Himalaya K-Series server? Which SCF command is used to display the state of the NCP process? To engage in 50 parallel sessions between two 6.2 LUs, which combination of SNAX products must be used? Which utility is used to zone drives in an MDS 600 to a host in a c-Class blade enclosure? What is the first action that must be performed when configuring a multi-line path? Which TCP/IP port configuration is required for an Expand-over-IP line-handler process? What feature of Parallel Library TCP/IP allows removal of an FESA ServerNet adapter without disrupting TCP traffic? A customer recently suffered an outage to a critical business application which included servers, storage and virtual machines. Which HP service should you recommend to help identify potential disruption areas and minimize business impact? Which tool provides the deployment of VMware ESX hosts and Windows guests? How is the firmware version currently running in each SWAN CLIP identified? Which action is required after a SWAN Concentrator is replaced? Which X.25 SU protocol type is required for an Expand-over-X.25 line-handler process? The Virtual SAS Manager is used to zone drivers in an MDS 600 to a host in a c-Class blade enclosure. True or false? Which interconnect technologies are virtualized with Virtual Connect? (Select two.) Which HP service reviews the environment, compares it to best practices, and recommends improvements such as patch and firmware levels and configuration attributes? Which flexible Virtual Server 2005 clustering scenario provides high availability for mission critical environments while improving patching and hardware maintenance processes? (Select two.) What are cost advantages of server virtualization? (Select two.) How is access restricted to only the FINGER process? What is the difference between Parallel Library TCP/IP Ethernet Failover options SHAREDIP and NONSHAREDIP? Which virtualization product uses par virtualization? Which of the following selections is a benefit of the Virtual Connect Fiber Channel Module? What is the name of the VMware product offering for desktop virtualization and hosted virtual desktop management? What can be done to reduce response times from a network encryption device connected to a Himalaya server via a dedicated Ethernet link? Which is a valid configuration for a direct X.25 connection between systems \A and \B without the use of a modem eliminator? Which line parameter must be set to ensure that an Expand-over-Satellite line-handler process will stop in the event of excessive line errors? Which SCF command displays the number and size of TCP/IP application socket messages? What is the impact of moving a ServerNet cable to another plug-in card of a ServerNet II switch? Which network type is supported in OSI/TS? Which configuration change is required to start a TCP/IP process in a new, online CPU pair using an Ethernet adapter in an existing IO cabinet? What must be done to replace a plug-in card of an MSEB for ServerNet Cluster? Which DEFINE is required for starting a TCPSAM process with Parallel Library TCP/IP? Which virtualization products use hardware-assisted virtualization (full virtualization)? (Select three.) Which process should a TCP/IP application use for establishing sockets in a Parallel Library TCP/IP subsystem? How is the TCP/IP name resolver forced to use a HOSTS file? When using parallel library TCP/IP, what are the advantages of using shared IP addresses for Ethernet fail over, as opposed to using non-shared IP addresses? In the event of a catastrophic failure, which tool enables a fast, consistent and reliable recovery of the system disk or root volume group of an HP Integrity Virtual Machines host? What is the maximum speed of a SWAN concentrator with an X.21 interface for an X25AM line?