HP0-A20 - Install, Maintain and Upgrade NS-Series Hardware

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Example Questions

Which SCF parameters are valid for adding an M8xxx mirrored disk volume to an NS-series system? Which resource displays HotStuff and support note information? Which file is viewable within an OSM Notification Director dial-out attachment list? What is a key benefit of using OSM Notification Director? When upgrading an existing 8-processor DMR system to a 16-processor DMR system, what is the minimum hardware required? What input power do NonStop NS16000 Carrier Grade systems require? Which OSM Service Connection menu sequence displays a list of all components experiencing abnormal conditions? What is the Web-based alternative to modem dial-out functionality from a NonStop System Console? How can disk $DATA be checked for extent overlaps (doubly allocated extents)? What is required when configuring the Notification Director on the NS-series Console? (Select two.) Which OSM Service Connection tests are available for a G4SA SAC? (Select two.) What is the purpose of the redundant power scrub test? Which SCF command displays the trackid of a SWAN 2 concentrator? Which SCF command displays stopped objects managed by the storage subsystem? When installing an NS5000CG system, what is the recommended circuit breaker rating for each DC power rail to the system? Which type of connectivity is provided by the Plug-In Card in Slot 3 of a P-Switch? What is the maximum number of disk drives that can be installed in a Fibre Channel Disk Drive Enclosure (DDE)? What is the maximum number of Disk Drive Enclosures (DDEs) that can be daisy-chained together? To display all of the Fiber Channel Disks installed on the system along with their path states, which step(s) must be taken from the OSM Service Connection? Which kernel attributes can be changed, but only take effect after the next coldload? (Select two.) What must be changed to use one OSM Console for two NS-series systems? Which software is required for dial-out functionality using Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE)? Which utility is used to set the IP address in the ServerNet switch board? Which application displays event messages, manages system objects, and monitors system performance with a Web browser? The subnet mask for the dedicated service LAN is and there are already 78 IP addresses assigned. How many additional NS-series system consoles can be connected to that system? When connecting an XP12000 Disk Array to an NS-series system, which two items are required to add this storage on the NonStop server? (Select two.) Assume use of the following common parameters: iopobject $system.system.x25obj, cpu 0, altcpu 1, type (61,63), profile x25prof, recsize 32767, adapter SW01,clip 2, line 0, startdown Which SCF command adds an X.25 line to a SWAN concentrator? Which SCF command shows the state of generic processes on a NonStop server? Which OSM attachment files are dialed-out with a problem IR? (Select two.) Which statement is true regarding an ESD protection kit? When planning the delivery route for a 42U modular rack on the shipping pallet, what is the minimum floor-to-ceiling clearance? Which entries are required when performing a Start System operation from the Low-level Link? (Select two.) Which SCF command identifies the location of any disks in a problem state? Which component has a specific Check if Safe to Replace OSM action? Which SCF command is configures the ServerNet Cluster subsystem to autostart upon system load? When troubleshooting a 6770 ServerNet Cluster switch, how is the X-switch identified? Which tool adds a node to ServerNet Cluster switches? How do you verify that a TAPE object was successfully added to the configuration database? What is the maximum allowable length of an MMF cable between a VIO enclosure and a Fibre Channel Disk Module? What is the minimum front service clearance required for NonStop NS-series systems? After changing the system name and EXPAND node number, which action activates the change? Which cable type connects a NonStop NS16000 system to a 6780 ServerNet Cluster switch? Event messages are showing a number of sector checksum errors on a SCSI disk drive. Which OSM test confirms the problem? Which action should you take after replacing a FCSA attached to ESS disks? What is indicated by a flashing FAULT LED on a SWAN 2 concentrator CLIP? Which state is indicated by the SCF STATUS DISK command when a disk is being tested from OSM? Which components have a backup mechanism for maintaining time of day when external power is not available? (Select two.) Which precautions should be taken before shutting down an NS-series server? (Select two.) What must be done to install an HP UPS configuration into an existing rack that currently does not have a UPS? Which SCF command verifies that the ServerNet cluster subsystem has been started?