HP0-A17 - Install, Maintain and Upgrade NonStop Himalaya Hardware

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Example Questions

Which tools are used to evaluate system performance and growth? (Select two.) Which tools add a node to ServerNet cluster switches? (Select two.) Which functionality in OSM enables updates to more than one device? Which SCF command displays stopped objects managed by the storage subsystem? What is the symbolic name for the TFDS process? Which TSM tool locates TSM ALARM details? Which TSM E4SA test must be run with the SAC in a stopped state? After the system topology has been modified, which step must be taken for the change to take effect? When replacing a PMF, within how much time must the power cable be reconnected? If you suspect a problem with a disk adapter, which subsystems in OSM Event Viewer should you select to view applicable events? (Select two.) Which statement is true regarding groundstraps for a dual row system? Which SCF command adds a ServerNet/FX adapter to the Y ring? In a list of dump files, which TFDS command can be used to include additional files to be backed up? There are event messages showing a number of sector checksum errors on a disk drive. Which OSM test confirms the problem? Which entries are required when performing a Start System operation from the Low Level Link? (Select two.) Which TSM/OSM tests are available for a SWAN CLIP? (Select two.) Which SCF command assigns IP addresses to each path of a CLIP on a SWAN concentrator? Which SCF command displays router information on a ServerNet Cluster switch? What is the minimum NonStop G-series software release required to support the IOAM enclosures attached to an S-76000 system? Which file should be modified to re-configure the start time of the periodic power scrub? What sets the unit ID on a 5194 tape drive? Which SCF command checks the version of SWAN CLIP firmware? When upgrading a system with three processor enclosures to a system with four processor enclosures and two I/O enclosures, how many additional ServerNet cables are needed? To display EMS messages from the OSM Service Connection, what menu item(s) must be selected? Which SCF command adds a PVC to an ATM adapter? When dumping a NonStop S-series system after a system hang, which step should be performed first? Which components can you install on the system console using the OSM Installer DVD ? (Select two.) Assume use of the common parameters opobject $system.system.x25obj, cpu 0, altcpu 1, type (61,63), profile x25prof, recsize 32767, adapter SW01,clip 2, line 0, startdown Which SCF command adds a X.25 line to a SWAN concentrator? Which application must be running to view event messages, manage system objects, and monitor system performance with a Web browser? Which command enables you to view the active TCP/IP Stacks for OSM connectivity? How many SPs will be ACTIVE PRIMARY on a system with two processor enclosures and two I/O enclosures? Which statement is true regarding an ESD protection kit? What is the maximum operational altitude for a NonStop S-series system? What is used to replace a SWAN/SWAN2 concentrator? Which SCF command verifies suspected CRC errors on an ATM line? Which cable type connects a NonStop S-series system to a 6770 ServerNet cluster switch? Which SCF command changes the daylight savings time algorithm? Which file is viewable within an OSM Notification Director dial-out attachment list? What are the default slot locations of the $system disk volume in enclosure 1? To display all of the ZZLAN LIFs installed on the system along with their states, what step(s) must be taken from the OSM Service Connection? Which SCF command adds an interleaved mirrored disk volume? How can customers open and track current support cases using the Web? Which command confirms the trackid of a SWAN concentrator? Which Terminal Emulator product is delivered with the NonStop System Console (NSC)? On a system where all processors are halted, which adapter locations can be specified to perform a tape dump? (Select two.) Which device is replaceable only by an HP authorized service provider? Which document determines the relevant product updates to be included when installing a NonStop Kernel release? What is the maximum cable length allowed between a ServerNet node and a ServerNet cluster switch? Which products can be used with OSM on the system console to configure dial-out functionality? (Select two.) Assume that the standard parameters autorestart_10, primarycpu 0, backupcpu 1, hometerm $ZHOME, program $system.system.ATMASM startmode kernel's are specified. Which command adds the ATM subsystem manager?