HP0-A16 - NonStop Himalaya Problem Management and Resolution

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Example Questions

If a system becomes unstable after changing the configuration, which action should be taken before changing back to the previous configuration? Which reports are generated using Software Products Relationship Query (SPRQ)? Which types of SQL auto-recompilations can cause performance degradation? (Select two.) Which SCF command displays the Logical Circuit Numbers (LCNs) currently in use by the sub-units configured on X25 Line $X25A? Which DSM/SCM utility allows examination and manipulation of DSM/SCM work files? Which ViewPoint parameter allows the redisplay of events which may have been lost due to a processor failure affecting the Event Collection server? What is the recommended method to ensure proper system startup? Which command is used from TACL to determine the meaning of file system error 86? Which utility is used to extract SPR files from a compressed SPR file downloaded from Scout for NonStop? When are problem incident reports generated? Which information is needed to track a specific call with the GMCSC? Which tool do customers use to track cases? Which groups of processes comprise the Inspect debugger? Which operational problems are solved by using VHS instead of dedicated physical home terminals? (Select two.) Which file must be modified to allow disk volume $DATA1 to store OSS files? You need to find the remote IP address of a user running tacl on terminal $ZTN0.#PTXCACD. Which command would you use? Which MEASURE process adds, formats, and retrieves information in a user-designated data file? Which fields of an SCF STATS DISK command output indicate the need to increase the cache size for a volume? (Select two.) Which RDFCOM INFO command is used to find the configured UPDATER RDF timedelay (RTD) threshold? What must you do after creating an audited SQL table to allow TMF file recovery of the table? Which tools are used by an operator to monitor processor load-balancing in real time? (Select two.) Which SCF command is used to determine the type of adapter configured for a tape drive? How can DSM/SCM be used to manage multiple software configurations on a single system? What is used to install ASAPX? What does the EMS Analyzer DETAIL ERROR command do? Which SCF INFO command is used to determine the current configuration setting for OSS monitor? There is a processor problem reported on a system that is not configured for dial-out. How do you determine if a scanstring file has been created for this incident? For which reason would you modify the VHSBCONF configuration file? Which application allows determination of the IP addresses of all routers/hosts currently reaching a specific remote IP host? Which command is used to determine the MAC address of an ATM adapter? Which tool is used to automate monitoring and invoke notification when a STATE changes? When an SCF INFO LINE $SNA1 command is issued, the following error message is displayed: SNAX E00109 Object \SNAX.$SNA1 already added to Service Manager \SNAX. $SSCP1 Which SCF command is used to display the line attributes for $SNA1? You need to determine the Logical Network Partition that is associated with a particular TCP6SAM process. Which SCF command would you use to obtain this information? TCP/IP port 9991 on the Maintenance LAN is typically used by which application? What is the maximum number of concurrently running LINKMON, PATHCOM, SPI, PATHWAY/TS TCP, and External TCP processes supported for a Pathway environment? Which application allows you to determine the number of hops needed to reach a specific remote IP host? When EMS is logging messages to a standard file, which features are not available? (Select two.) What does SCF SWITCH ADAPTER do? Which statement is true regarding the use of the RDFSCAN utility? What information is required by GMCSC when reporting a new problem? Which utilities analyze SAVEABEND files? (Select two.) What is the recommended value of the "STARTMODE" attribute for TFDS? Following a disk failure, the SQL catalog contains entries for nonexistent objects. Which methods are used to eliminate these nonexistent object entries? (Select two.) Identify a strategy for predicting potential problems. Which RDFCOM command sets a warning when the extractor delay exceeds six minutes? An EXPAND line reports an ERROR 124. Which SCF command gives additional information to determine the possible cause of the problem? What does DCOM do in an online environment? Which process is used to start Inspect or Visual Inspect processes? Which statements are true when performing TMF dumps to a remote system? (Select two.) Which file must be modified in order to block all ECHO clients from accessing the NSK system?