HP0-A02 - HP-UX 11i v3 Advanced System Administration

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Example Questions

Which sequence of commands checks the integrity of the file system when syslog indicates there are file system errors on /dev/vg01/lvol09? Which options are available on an rx6600 running HP-UX 11i v2 with a PCI-E backplane and P400 PCI-E RAID controller? (Select two.) Which feature allows the LDAP-UX client to retrieve user information from LDAP Directory Servers that do not support the posixAccount objectclass (RFC2307)? Which command confirms software is installed and configured successfully? Which statements are true regarding the bootpd/DHCP protocol during boot? (Select two.) Which kernel tunable can be set to prevent stack buffer overflow attacks? When booting a node partition, how can you observe the progress of the cell's power-on self-testing from the MP? (Select two.) What is the result of the following command? find / -atime +14 -size +1000c -exec rm -i {} \; The Cluster Manager is responsible for which function? What is the purpose of the update-ux tool? Which service or function uses chroot by default? You have been managing a UNIX Server, system02, and all patches and OS updates are current. Why would the network security group send you a message to add the following line to your ARP configuration file? system03 00:30:6e:5c:3f:f8 Which command creates an Ignite-UX setup file for a depot? Which Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) must be configured to enforce Time of Day login restrictions (LOGIN_TIMES)? Which function does the swapper process perform in the HP-UX operating system? What is the default HP-UX protocol used for Secure Shell? Why is a relocatable IP address beneficial? What is the default directory where PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) libraries are located? After setting up an Ignite-UX server, the client is not able to find the server. What should be checked? (Select three.) A new gateway machine, IP address, allows access to a business partner with a network number of 15. Which command creates a static route to the business partner's network? Which variable holds the number of arguments passed into a function inside of a KSH script? Which daemon is used to monitor and rotate audit log files? How does SD-UX keep track of software installed on a system? Assuming two machines are on the same subnet, which file must be configured on an Ignite-UX server to allow a PA-RISC client to perform a network boot? Which features can be set on a per user basis WITHOUT enabling Trusted Mode? (Select three.) Given an HP-UX system where the /var/adm/cron/cron.allow file is empty, who is allowed to use cron? Which situation will cause a device to display a software status of UNCLAIMED in ioscan? Which command provides access to DHCP related options for the bootpd daemon? Setting the nproc tunable parameter too low can result in which message? You need to create a source for an Ignite-UX installation. Which command should you use? What can be used to eliminate "split-brain" syndrome? (Select two.) What must you do to configure an HP-UX 11i v3 system to display your last login information during login? The execution scripts for rwhod and xntpd are configured in which configuration file? Which command identifies all of the world writable files and directories on an HP-UX system? When do you use the IT Resource Center Patch Assessment Tool? Which kernel parameter reduces the maximum amount of memory used to cache data of read() and write() system calls during I/O operations? Which file defines configuration values for IPv6 networking? Management purchases an Integrity Superdome to replace two rp8420 servers. There is available CPU capacity and management decides to bring additional applications for execution on the Integrity Superdome. Given this scenario, which statements can be true? (Select two.) The HP-UX Select Access for IdMI product can be used to control and manage security policies for which product or products? What is the lowest run level where network services are normally started? What are the benefits of IPQoS? (Select two.) You pushed out a client installation from an IUX server in the evening. The next morning the installation is not finished and you are prompted for the root password. Why? Which command enables system level auditing for an individual user when not in Trusted Mode? Which statements are true regarding Dynamic Root Disk (DRD)? (Select three.) Company SLC has traditionally used the HP-UX Event Monitoring Service (EMS) to generate email events for certain conditions. They are converting to WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management) and would like to receive similar email events. Which tools can this company use to configure an event with email notification? (Select two.) Which are valid statements when referring to changing system run levels? (Select two.) Which command prints out the network routing table? Which command performs formatting of binary data generated by nettl? What does the following entry in the /etc/dhcptab field state? class-id="PXEClient:Arch:00002:.*":\ What does the Oracle Disk Manager provide?