HP0-830 - Implementing Compaq SANworks Solutions

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Example Questions

Which three are components of Secure Path for Windows NT/2000? (Choose three) Which three practices are preferred by Compaq to avoid system downtime? (Choose three) Which command achieves the following DRM objectives? · A remote copy set consisting of LUN D1 is created. · The new remote copy set is named RCS1. · The remote copy node is named NODEB. In SANworks Virtual Replicator, when data blocks are modified on a parent disk they are physically copied to the snapshot before any modifications occur. What is this operation called? EVM is limited to _____ snapshots per HSG subsystem. SANworks Virtual Replicator is limited to ______ snapshots. When performing a planned DRM failover from the initiator site to the target site, which component do you power down first? What does DRM failsafe mode do? (Choose three) A DRM solution provides _______. (Choose three) When you operate in asynchronous mode, which three statements are true? (Choose three) Which three are job operations within EVM? (Choose three) Where does the server for the EVM network reside? A company is running a Windows 2000 cluster. It wants to run EVM in their environment. What must they know when running EVM in their environment? (Choose two) For what is the Appliance Manager used? (Choose two) How do you rename a storage system for the default World Wide ID name in HSG Element Manager? What are three benefits of Secure Path? (Choose three) Which statement about EVM snapshots is true? Which tool is used to check performance on a SANworks Virtual Replicator disk? Members of which Compaq SRM group can modify the SRM configuration? How many seconds does it take per Compaq SRM agent for a group scan to complete? A company wants to bill-back departments for storage usage utilizing the Management Appliance. Which optional SANworks application should they use? By installing a plug-in onto a system where a Compaq SRM agent is installed, you allow that SRM agent to ________. Which two connectivity options does Secure Path support? (Choose two) A SANworks Virtual Replicator snapshot is created from a ______. How many DRM association sets can share a log unit? In the bi-directional DRM solution the communication is ____. On DRM, snapshots are _______. A point-in-time copy can ______. How do you change the administrator password on the Management Appliance? A SANworks Virtual Replicator storage pool is _______. When planning a DRM configuration, which type of communication method is used when the initiator site and the target site are between 10k and 100k apart? What is the minimum number of switches required for a DRM firewall configuration? What is one form of disaster recovery? Which is a job design for SANworks EVM? Which Compaq SRM scanner detects the OS version? Which two are characteristics of SANworks Virtual Replicator storage unit? (Choose two) What are three software requirements for installing Compaq SRM server? (Choose three)