HP0-803 - Implementing MSA Storage Solutions

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Example Questions

Which command displays the World Wide Names of each host bus adapter (HBA)? Which three does the EMU in the MSA1000 controller shelf monitor? (Choose three.) Which two can be used to determine which model of the Emulex-based card (i.e., LP950 or LP9000) your system is using? (Choose two.) Which three additional components are needed for a non-redundant MSA1500 cs subsystem to be fully redundant? (Choose three.) What must be done when replacing an MSA1000 Fibre I/O Module while preserving data integrity? Which command can be used to obtain a full report from the MSA SAN Switch 2/8? With which two types of disks does the online growth feature of Storage Virtual Replicator work? (Choose two.) A customer reports that all their drive lights are flashing on the MSA1000 subsystem. What causes all the lights to flash? A Storage Virtual Replicator snapshot is created from a _____. You are attaching MSA30 enclosures to an MSA1500 cs with all SCSI modules installed. On which bus and port should they be attached? What is needed to connect an Ultrium tape device to the SAN? What does the StorageWorks Secure Path Manager GUI allow you to do? How is the FCA2101 BIOS Utility entered to set up the host bus adapter (HBA) to perform a remote boot? What information is provided by the status LED located on the SCSI I/O module on a MSA1500? What is necessary for growing a basic disk using Storage Virtual Replicator? A customer is installing a Novell NetWare 6.0 server connected to an MSA1000 subsystem. When the customer attempts to load the driver CPQFC.ham for the single FCA2210 adapter, it will not load. What is the cause of this problem? What is the path status of a path that is currently servicing or is capable of servicing I/O to a storageset? You migrate two fully populated external enclosures from a supported controller to an MSA1000 using the DAS-to-SAN (DtS) process. The external drives are configured with 20 volumes. The existing MSA1000 has 16 volumes configured. What happens? Which two drive types does the MSA1500 support? (Choose two.) Which three functions does the MSA1500 Command Line Interface provide? (Choose three.) What is used to launch Secure Path Manager? You want to perform a DAS-to-SAN (DtS) migration by migrating four drives from a ProLiant server with a supported controller to an MSA1000. The four drives are hot-plugged into the MSA1000. What happens? What are two functions of the OCP on the MSA1000? (Choose two.) You are in the process of upgrading the firmware on a single controller single switch MSA1000. You go though the process of updating the firmware online using the MSAflash Utility. You upgrade the firmware version from 2.38 to 4.24. When you look at the MSA1000 LCD the firmware still shows version 2.38. What can be done to correct this? What is the minimum number of drives supported in the MSA1000 with a single RAID5 virtual drive? The StorageWorks 2 Gb/s Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Short Wave Transceivers support distances up to _____ using multimode fiber-optic cable. A customer installed one Fabric Switch 2/8 and two MSA1000 controllers in a single MSA cabinet. What is true about this installation? What is the correct cable to connect to the serial port in front of the MSA1500 cs? What are two characteristics of a Storage Virtual Replicator storage unit? (Choose two.) Which business advantage does Storage Virtual Replicator offer? A customer has an MSA1000 SAN with two MSA SAN Switch 2/8s. The SAN consists of three MSA1000s and three servers. During the day, the customer wants to use zoning to allow only certain servers to see specific MSA1000 storage subsystems. At night, the customer wants to modify the zones so the backup server can see all storage. How can this be accomplished? A Storage Virtual Replicator storage unit is _____. Which three can be accessed from MSA SAN Switch 2/8 Web Tools? (Choose three.) Which business value does the Storage Virtual Replicator snapshot provide? Which RAID level has the lowest write performance using MSA1000/1500 controllers? What are three purposes of the EMU I/O port module in the MSA1000? (Choose three.) A customer installed a Linux cluster and a NetWare cluster attached to a fully redundant MSA1000 subsystem using Secure Path. The customer tested Secure Path on the Linux cluster and found it does not fail over to the standby controller. Which two would cause this to happen? (Choose two.) From which three sources can you obtain the Array Diagnostics Utility (ADU)? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true about Storage Virtual Replicator Snapshot Planner? (Choose two.) Using the Command Line Interface, which command is used to add space to a specific LUN on an MSA1000? Which two can you use to find the EMU firmware revision number in the MSA1000 subsystem? (Choose two.) What is the purpose of the Network Storage Router (NSR) in an MSA1000 SAN configuration? A customer wants to implement an MSA1500 cs solution with no single point of failure (NSPOF). The solution includes 1 MSA1500 cs, 2-Node Linux Cluster, 2-Node W2K Cluster. Which host bus adapters (HBAs) are needed to implement this solution? What are three features of the MSA1000 controller? (Choose three.) Which operating system is supported in an MSA1000 SAN configuration with an FCA2210 host bus adapter (HBA)? Which MSA1000 component controls the different LED's on the disk drives? Which Windows 2000 utility is used to update the host bus adapter (HBA) firmware connected to the MSA1000? Which drive shelf supports SATA hard disk drives with the MSA1500cs? Which two hot plug components are interchangeable between the MSA1500 cs and the MSA20? (Choose two.) In Secure Path Manager, the controller designations feature displays controller A and controller B in the GUI. What does Secure Path use to reference controller A and B?