HP0-761 - NonStop Advanced Networking and Communications

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Example Questions

Which SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) processes are recommended to start in the WAN subsystem? Select TWO. What displays the ServerNet adapters attached to the Himalaya server? Which SCF command displays the running SWAN FIRMWARE for each CLIP in a SWAN Adapter? Which configuration parameter of an X25AM line affects the format of an SU port number in a Call Request packet? What determines the cluster number for a Himalaya server in a ServerNet Cluster network? What is the first action that must be performed when configuring a multi-line path? Which action is required after a SWAN Concentrator is replaced? Which subsystems can communicate directly through QIO with the ATM service provider? What should be included in an Expand network diagram in addition to system names and system numbers? Select TWO. Which SCF command will configure SWAN S34 with Track-ID V2231J27? Which is a configuration requirement for Expand-over-FOX line-handlers? Which SCF command configures a TCP/IP subsystem to select an available router automatically? How is the factory default configuration loaded into an AWAN? What is the detailed state from an SCF STATUS LINE, DETAIL command for an Expand-over-ATM line-handler, when a connection has been established to the remote line-handler, but no data has been received within the inactivity interval? How many Expand line handlers may be configured on a single node? What can cause an Incoming Call on an X.25AM line to be cleared with Diagnostic Code 129 (decimal)? Select TWO. What is the speed setting of a TRSA adapter if the Speed LED is OFF? Which SNAX subsystem objects can be modified when configuring a SNAX line over WAN? Select TWO. Which ATM adapter feature allows automatic address registration with the ATM switch? Which Expand line handler type may only be used to connect S-series systems less than 2 kilometers apart? What is the AMP manager process name for a system that has an ATM adapter configured and started in CPU 3? Using a private LAN, which hardware components are needed to configure an X.25AM line with a fault tolerant path from the s-series to the SWAN concentrator? What is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) component which describes a collection of objects to be monitored? What minimum network equipment is required for testing Expand- over-ATM between two systems? In diagnosing an Expand response time problem, which SCF command will show the transit time between systems? Which process should a TCP/IP application use for establishing sockets in a Parallel Library TCP/IP subsystem? Using the TSM console, how can EMS Event messages be obtained? Select TWO. What is the default RECSIZE for a line when configuring SNAX over Ethernet? Which sequence lists Expand connection types from the fastest to the slowest speed? Which process converts SWAN SNMP trap messages to EMS messages? Which option configures a static route for a remote host How is the TCP/IP name resolver forced to use a HOSTS file? When using parallel library TCP/IP, what are the advantages of using shared IP addresses for Ethernet fail over, as opposed to using non-shared IP addresses? Which command displays users logged on through TCP/IP? Which utility is used to test connectivity to a remote host by sending a small EDIT file and having it sent back? Which is a valid configuration for a direct X.25 connection between systems \A and \B without the use of a modem eliminator? Which configuration supports full functionality for multiple TSM workstations? Which SCF object must be configured for each ServerNet/FX2 adapter? What is required for the TCP/IP resource on a Himalaya system to be managed by a SNMP Manager? Which SCF command configures multiple IP addresses on one E4SA or FESA port? How is access restricted to only the FINGER process? Which S-series Expand line handler may be used to connect to a Himalaya K-Series server? What is the naming convention for a TFTP process for a SWAN concentrator? Which statement is valid? Which problems could cause an Expand line to be started but not ready with FSE 248? Select TWO. Which WAN Subsystem processes verify that the SWAN concentrator is the correct type of concentrator, and that the SWAN concentrator executes the correct data link control (DLC) task for the IOP? Which X.25 SU protocol type is required for an Expand-over-X.25 line-handler process? Which SCF command shows the TCP/IP process name and IP address for Expand--over-IP line handler $iptst? To configure an OSI application using RFC-1006, what products are required? Which Expand line-handlers need to be configured on each server in a ServerNet Cluster?