HP0-755 - HP OpenView Operations II (7.x) UNIX

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Example Questions

You have given users access to the Java GUI. How can you prevent them from accessing administrator functions? Which one of the following statements about individual messages is true? When a management server is specified in a flexible manager template using the notation NODE IP "MS1.bbn.hp.com" : A Message Forwarding template: In the Instruction Text Interface Call field in the administrator GUI, __________ is entered to start Microsoft Internet Explorer on the Java GUI client. The Open Instruction Text interface exists to enable you to: A Secondary Manager (SECONDARYMANAGER) configured in a MOM template: The OVO management server suffers a sudden power failure. After recovery, you find that OVO will not start up properly. You suspect that a message queue is corrupt and decide to clear it. What will be the consequences of this action? After creating the ECS template and the associated ECS circuit with ECS Designer, the template administrator distributes this template to a managed node. Which two processes are then started on the managed node? A managed node has been configured with a template which defines the system M2 as a Secondary Manager and an Action Allow Manager. The node's primary manager, M1 suffers a failure and is down for several hours. What happens to the messages generated on the managed node? The regroup condition can only be used for: You want to control the passwords of users centrally. How can you prevent users from changing their own passwords in their OVO desktop environment? Every time an instance of an Oracle database is started, its _____________ is used to identify the database and redo the log files that must be opened for database operation to proceed. Assume that the manager-to-manager configuration has been completed. Choose the three statements that are TRUE regarding Message Forwarding. If the service structure is changed in the service engine of the HP OpenView Service Navigator, what must the user do in order to see the new structure? Many Openview products have specific OpenView Operations templates and applications available for integration so that OVO can manage these applications. How is this done? Before starting an OpenView application or service remotely from the OVO GUI, the target nodes on which the application will be started must be mapped with ____________. This tool, which runs on the OVO management server automatically, determines information about available NNM nodes on the system domain at startup time. A template is needed for the configuration of the service hours/scheduled outages. This template is ____________. OVO processes that connect to the database are run as 'root'. Since 'root' access to the database is NOT supported by Oracle, these processes switch IDs to _____________, then perform the database connect. After successful connect, these processes switch back to 'root'. Messages held in queues can be read using the _____________ command. Which two of the following processes are NOT started from the ovstart opc or opcsv -start commands? Choose 2 that apply. What operating system username is always created on all OVO management servers and managed nodes? If you have downloaded a template to process the Unix syslog.log file, which process on the managed node will handle the template? In an MC/Service Guard installation, which directories are located on the share drive? To determine a managed node's primary manager in a backup server flexible management environment: You have distributed a followthesun template to twenty managed nodes, and now decide that two of these nodes need unique templates. What should you do? Messages sent through the Message Stream Interface (MSI) _______________. Which additional background process(es) will run if an Event Correlation Services template is distributed to a managed node? Threshold monitoring of values accessible from NT Performance Monitor: You have enabled an outage template which is in operation for the last 4 hours. You want to check which messages are generated during this downtime. Which two of the following options are TRUE? Choose 2 that apply. Which file is used to change the default behavior of the scheduled outage template, for example to turn on automatic debuffering? If the control agent (opcctla) stops running, You want to change the default behavior of OVO in several ways, such as the ownership of messages, the handling of external notifications during service hours etc. What would you do? After the automated backup has been completed each week, you want to upload templates to a backup-server. Where should you place the script to include this in the automated backup sequence? You need to enable tracing for all processes on the OVO Management Server. You add the line: You have created a service hours template with several condition status variables. What command can you use to check the current value of one of the variables? Very often an OVO environment spans many time zones. The OVO management server can be forced to use the message creation time on the local managed node rather than the message arrival time on the management server. To set the time zone parameter for service hours, enter the following string in the opcsvinfo file - ______________________. The embedded performance component collects several metrics on the managed node and stores the data on the managed node. After ________weeks the first week of data is overwritten. You have a backup OpenView Operations management server and you wish to replicate the OVO database configuration from your production system. The commands you will execute are ____. To customize the behavior of Message Forwarding, for example OPC_FORW_NOTIF_TO_TT (allowing forwarded messages to be sent to Trouble Ticket services) you should: When using the Open Instruction interface you can ____. In the Message Correlation window, the Suppression Time Interval is set to 2 minutes and the Accept Message After Every Interval is set to 5 minutes. Eight events are received at the rate of one per minute. After a three-minute pause, two new events are received at the rate of one per minute. Which three events will pass the suppression filter and be transformed into a message? Choose 3 answers that apply. A message may get a service name assigned to it from: