HP0-678 - Implementing HP Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions

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Example Questions

Through which interface will you enter the WNN on a new, uninitialized EVA? What is the default value for the disk failure protection level in a disk group? What is the key customer benefit of the EVA solution? In an EVA8000 2C12D, how many FC connections are used per I/O module in an M5314A drive enclosure? On the EVA4000, What is the maximum number of disk drives per FC-AL loop? What default disk group properties could be set at creation time? (Choose three.) What is the maximum number of disk enclosures for an EVA6000? From which page would you display the loop switch property ? Which two statements are true about loop switches? (Select two.) A Vraid5 virtual disk has been created in a 12 member disk group. What is the result of the loss of one disk? requires a six hour call-to-repair commitment. Which minimum type of HP Care Pack Service is appropriate? How does the management server communicate with the HSV controller? How many cache batteries does the EVA6000 contain by default? A disk group has ten, 72GB disks and you need double protection level. What is the maximum virtual disk size that you can create? A disk group member failure occurs with a Vraid5 virtual disk. What happens to the data if the disk group has allocated spare space and there is also enough available free space? You have a disk group set to double protection level that contains only Vraid1 virtual disks. What happens when you have the simultaneous loss of two physical disks from different mirrored pairs within the same Redundant Storage Set (RSS)? When a storage system is created, where is the storage system level metadata copied? What is the maximum number of LUNs for the EVA8000 that can be presented to an HBA? The battery status indicator on the EVA controller is off. What does this indicate? You have a disk group that contains twelve 72GB and twelve 146GB disks. The occupancy level of each 72GB disk is approximately 36GB. What is the approximate occupancy level of each 146GB disk? You are using the SSSU to regenerate a previous non-continuous Access Configuration saved in a file named config.txt. Which command do you use? Which phrase best describes a snapshot? Which warranty and services are included with the EVA6000 product? You investigate an error condition and determine a drive in an EVA8000 has failed and must be replaced. What is the best action to restore the capacity of the affected disk group? Which tools can be used to send e-mails to the customer in case of failure in EVA environment? (Choose two.) What happens when one of the two HSV controllers fails? You have one disk group containing ten, 72GB disks and ten, 146GB disks with single level protection. What is the approximate maximum usable size? You have a disk group made up of ten 72GB disk drives. You add a single 146GB disk drive to that same group. How much disk space is required to provide double protection level to that disk group? When does the EVA use unassigned capacity within a disk group? Select TWO. How can the status of a specific EVA controller cache battery be checked? What is the maximum number of disk enclosures for EVA4000/6000/8000? What does the EMU do? (Select two.) On the HSV controller, the OCP cache battery assembly status LED is ON. What does it indicate? Which statement is true about loop switches? What is connected using a Y-cable in an EVA storage system? Using Command View EVA, which attributes are displayed for HSV2x0 Controller Properties. Select THREE. Which statements are true regarding a snapclone? Select THREE. The EVA utilizes which method to secure access to a LUN? Which tools can be used to send e-mails to the customer in case of failure in EVA environment? (Select two.) Using command View EVA, which attributes are displayed for HSV2x0 Controller Properties? (Choose three.) Which disks are used to optimize price per capacity for your EVA storage subsystem? Select TWO. Which tools can be used to display EVA performance metrics? Select TWO. How many 50Hz/60Hz Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are installed 42U cabinet? On an existing EVA8000 with one disk group of 78 disks, what is the proper method to install 6 new disks? What is the maximum number of supported drives on the EVA4000? What is the requirement for path names when using the Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU)? What does the storage system password protect? What replication method could cause a overcommit situation? (Choose two.) What are functions offered by XCS? (Choose three.) Which CLI command is used to enter the array password required for EVAPerf to monitor the array with WWN of 5000-1FE1-5000-A9F0 and password RSGHSVxx?