HP0-663 - NonStop Data Communication Basics

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Example Questions

What is another term for an IP packet? To which topology is it easier to add an additional host? Which SCF command displays active sockets on TCP/IP process $zb02c? Which OSI layers are implemented by the OSI/AS product? Which TCP/IP transport protocol is connectionless? Which connection type supports a maximum data rate of 19.2 Kbps? Which PU type is a host node in an SNA peer-to-peer network? Which access method functions exclusively over a WAN interface? Which technology provides security for Web traffic? The IP protocol corresponds to OSI layer _______. Layer 4 of the OSI model is known as the _______. Which file system error indicates that an Expand line has been aborted? What is the range of the most significant octet in a Class C IP address? Which form of routing is preprogrammed by the network administrator? What is the correct order in which to configure and start SLSA objects? What is the recommended maximum segment length of a 10BaseT cable? How does the ATM3SA adapter connect to the external network? What is the recommended maximum length of an RS232 cable? How many bits are in a subnet mask? The hosts file associates a TCP/IP address with a _______. When establishing a Telnet session, the choices displayed represent Telnet _______. Which DEFINE parameter directs a socket application process to use a domain name server? Which GUI tool simplifies the configuration of a SWAN concentrator? Which SCF command shows the hardware MAC address (or addresseses) of the E4SA adapter E4SA0? The signaling rate of a line is known as _______. Which item includes a source MAC address and a destination MAC address? What is a PVC in an X.25 network? A routing decision occurs in which layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack? What is the default Class B subnet mask? Which utility is most commonly used to detect a specific IP address on a network? Which SCF command verifies that the WAN manager process is started? Bandwidth from a NonStop server to a LAN is improved by increasing the number of _______. Which access methods are supported by the OSI subsystem? Select TWO. Which subsystem provides connectivity to a public packet switching data network (PSDN)? Which SCF command sets up a TCP/IP route? Which SCF command shows the status of all Expand connections? Which service does QIO provide to the TCP/IP subsystem? The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) operates at OSI layers _______. Which utility shows the userids that are logged on to the specified TCP/IP network host? What best describes an FESA Ethernet port interface? Which SCF command is used to view Expand network throughput? Which option do you select in WebViewPoint to view the configuration of a SNAX line? Which technique improves Telnet access security? Which event is most likely to interrupt availability in a satellite connected network? Which statement describes Ethernet LAN architecture? A set of rules that governs the operation of communicating entities is a _______. Which server can a workstation contact to obtain an IP address on a network? A proxy server can improve network performance by _______. Which NonStop ServerNet products support TCP/IP? What provides an end point for communication between TCP/IP applications?