HP0-661 - NonStop Systems and Technologies

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Example Questions

Which statement applies to the OSS environment? What are advantages of a message-based operating system architecture? Select TWO. How many nodes can exist in an Expand network? Local NonStop TMF audit trails _______. Which software tool generates recommendations for improving the performance of a NonStop system? Two processors within a single enclosure connect to each other through which component? Which statement is NOT correct? Which statement best describes disk cache blocks? You change disk cache block size .5 from 1000 blocks to 2000 blocks. This means you have increased the cache memory available for files with block size of _______. When tuning a NonStop system, you would be most likely to _______. What is the maximum number of processes that can run in a NonStop server processor? Which objects can be monitored by the OMF subsystem? Which utility provides a single user interface for collecting and integrating performance information? The periodic "I'm alive" status message _______. What is a characteristic of NonStop TMF? Which utility creates a diagram showing how application processes, files, and connections interact on a NonStop system? A single ServerNet Expansion Board connects _______. Which component does NOT contain at least one ServerNet Addressable Controller? The VHS browser allows the user to _______. Which statement is correct concerning the Kernel Managed SWAP Facility (KMSF)? An audited data file is one that is flagged for protection by NonStop TMF and _____. What is a fabric in a NonStop S-series server? Which disk cache block size is NOT valid? Which application solution is usually NOT found on NonStop servers? Which subsystem supports virtual disks? With the HP requester/server model evolving into a client/server model, which statement is correct? In NonStop S-series servers, lock-step processors are used to _______. An enterprise management tool is typically used to operate and manage _______. Which of the following is an attribute of the requester/server model for application design? Index tables in NonStop SQL/MP _______. OMF provides _______. Which term identifies a collection of routers and ServerNet links? A ServerNet buffer board is a part of _______. What are the major roles for DSM/SCM users? What is the meaning of geographic independence on NonStop systems? Why does disk I/O throughput improve as systems are expanded? What is a mandatory requirement for installing a single-enclosure NonStop S74000 server? Which statement provides a correct rule for process identification? Which central event logging application is automatically configured on all NonStop S-series systems? What performance tool monitors and reports high-level, real-time statistics from multiple network nodes? What performance advantage is provided by the NonStop SQL/MP parallel query execution option? Which option is available in both Safeguard and Guardian security? Which peripherals can you connect to a NonStop S-series server via AWAN? What is the primary management tool for the OSS Monitor? Which PEEK option reports on the state of system tables and resources? Which Safeguard option creates an audit record of successful attempts to log on with a user name? What is the maximum blocksize for format 1 structured disk files? An ACL is a list of _______. A service processor ________. Select TWO. In accessing a local process, users and user programs need only provide the name of the process. Why?