HP0-436 - OpenVMS v7 Network Administration

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Example Questions

How do you change time on a DTSS Server? What driver does SCA use to run cluster traffic on NICs? In TCPIP, most resources used by the network subsystem can be adjusted dynamically. Which command can be used to adjust one parameter? Which order of events is used to gain access during a remote login with DECnet-Plus? The command SET HOST 0 succeeds. What does this confirm? Select TWO. What retrieves mail from an OpenVMS system to PC mail applications? How do you determine which NIC has cluster traffic running on it? When would you receive this message? %TELNET-E-IVHOST, Invalid or unknown host Which utility displays the types of errors at the Data Link layer? Which utility configures full/half duplex on EWAO? If SMTP process does not automatically start, what might be a cause? Which configuration option of TCPIP$CONFIG would you use to enable FTP inbound connections? How many hosts can be configured using the IP network and subnet mask shown below? Customer says no SMTP mail is going out. What is a proper step to find more information about the problem? Which NCL feature allows selective disabling or enabling of event reporting based on entity class and event type? Attempting to TELNET from Host FOO to Host XYZ returns the error message "Host unreachable". Which approach helps to isolate the problem? In setting up LAT printer ports, how should you define them permanently, so they restore on reboot? Which formula converts a SCSSYSTEMID to a DECnet area? Which file preserves site-specific startup settings for SNMP that will survive a re-install of TCP/IP Services? Which proxy definition permits a UNIX client named xyz to NFS mount an OpenVMS file system from root? SMTP server is configured, but is unable to start. Which process is not running? How can you display the physical and hardware addresses of an Ethernet adapter? Select TWO. Which OSI layer captures information about collisions and I/O errors? After you execute TCPIP$IVP, what does this message indicate? %%% TCPIP IVP: completed successfully %%% A netstat -r command on node displays the following information: localhost 10.21 Which route is used to ping node What is the fastest way to find the log file location for a given service? Which condition would NOT cause this message to appear, when performing FTP to a remote node? %SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT, Device timeout When running NET$CONFIGURE, which action prevents DECnet from using a second LAN controller? What determines how many incoming TELNET connections are supported on an OpenVMS system? Why does the TCPIP command ROUTE DELETE DEFAULT return this message? delete net default: gateway not in table Which time service can be configured with TCPIP$CONFIG? In a default OpenVMS Security environment where do you locate evidence of TELNET break-in attempts? After replacing a DECserver, you cannot connect to it using SET HOST/MOP. Using NCL, what needs to be modified? When your BIND server resides on the local system, which TCPIP command checks that the resolver points to localhost? NFS Server starts normally, but NFS Clients cannot mount the file system. What is a possible cause? What is TRUE about pinging the broadcast address Which problem can cause TELNET and FTP to time out for addresses outside the local LAN? Which relationships can you choose when configuring NTP service? Select TWO. Which option is a step when moving an IP address from adapter EWAO to EIAO? What purpose does the SNAPSHOT command in NCL serve? What enables SET HOST/LAT? What distributes TCPIP connections among all members of an OpenVMS cluster? From which organization did the Internet Protocol suite evolve? Which protocol supports use of a printer across a WAN that does not support bridging? Which command shows the line speed of the adapter ESAO? If the DECnet address of node CHARON is 2.121, what must be the value of system parameter SCSSYSTEMID? Which system resource is depleted, as you increase the number of IP users? Which formula is used to configure "Maximum Receive Buffers" in DECnet? Which counters are displayed by netstat -s? Which command always accesses the default FAL directory?