HP0-429 - Installling & Supporting Standard HP SAN Environments

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Example Questions

A customer has a SAN environment with EVA storage systems, multiple hosts, and no SAN security application. Where is the location of the primary association table that enables a host-to-LUN connection? You are adding a new switch to an existing environment. How can you avoid fabric segmentation? Why should event logging be enabled on all devices connected to a SAN? You add a switch to a B-series fabric. Its IP address is unknown, so you must use the serial port. Which port attributes must be configured in the terminal emulation in addition to 8 bit, no parity,1 stop bit? To solve a customer problem, a remote login to a recently installed High Availability Fabric Manager appliance is required. The customer does not know the username and password. Which factory default login should be used? Which security mechanism describes hard zoning? An HAFM (High Availability Fabric Manager) appliance must be shut down for maintenance reasons. Which operations are not interrupted? What is the most important consideration if a service level requirement is high availability? What should you use to determine the power consumption and BTU rating? What is an advantage of domain, port zoning on M-Series switches? Which firmware version is recommended in a mixed 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s M-series fabric? What can be connected to the COM 1 port of C-Series switches? What is an aspect of physical SAN security? How can you make a supported storage system available to servers with known operating system interaction problems? How should a high availability SAN environment be configured if a storage system must be shared between two servers in different zones? What is the best method to consolidate C-Series SAN islands into a common infrastructure without compromising availability, manageability and network security? What can cause a changed hardware path to a connected disk after a switch replacement in an HP-UX environment with multiple B-Series switches? (Select two.) While executing several switchShow commands on a B-Series switch, you notice that Port 0 remains a G_Port. What is a possible reason? After gathering all customer requirements, you offer a solution. Different validation levels are available to ensure the solution meets or exceeds the customer's needs. Which method is not adequate? Which action provides a B-Series switch environment with the highest security level? How do you add a new device to an active zone on a B-series switch and make it available? What is an advantage of trunking? Which HP tool is recommended to manage an M-series fabric consisting of Director and Edge switches? What happens if you add a switch with an active zone configuration to a zoned fabric?