HP0-091 - HP-UX System Administration

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Example Questions

What is the purpose of Media Access Control (MAC) addressing? If you had entered "alias dir=ls", what effect would typing "dir"have? It would: What access method does an Ethernet bus use? Which of the following HP-UX directories contains commands that are primarily used by the system administrator rather than regular users? Which of the following commands will NOT execute without either a host.equiv or .rhosts file properly configured? How does a user define a different default printer for their login session? Which command shows you your current group? Which of the following command lines would NOT return your original login directory? Which command displays information about the system, hostname, and os? In which directory does HP-UX supply default templates for the user startup files? How do you change the amount of swap space that may be configured on your system? For Swinstall the smallest selectable load item is a: How do you force users to change passwords on a regular basis? Which command shows all physical volume in a volume group? The which command is used to determine: The SAM administration tool can be used by: Which of the following command could never be used to enable additional swap space on an HP-UX system? What service provided by DHCP? HP-UX 10.x and 11.x software is loaded using the ____________ suite of utilities. What is the ARPA Service command to copy files to and from a remote system? What variable is used to hold the result of a test command? Access control list (ACL) allow(s): To Print a document on a HP-UX system, the user would enter the __________ command. How do you accomplish interoperability and file sharing between Windows and UNIX systems? The file used to ensure that the LP spooling schedular does not run twice is called: What is the purpose of the lost+found directory? How do you turn a local variable into an environmental variable in the POSIC shell? The rpcbind or portmap daemon listens for clients requests directed to which well known port(s)? The pvcreate command is used to: When using the POSIX shell, when is the ".profile" executed? A journaled file system intent log is used to____________ The commands scp and sftp, perfom what additional benefit over standard ARPA equivalents? Which list includes only VXVM objects? On a PA-RISC system, what is the file system type for/stand? Which of the following command sequences could be used to unmount a file system? Which file contains the list of static routes to be configured at boot? What do the vi commands :wq! And zz do? During a run-state change from run level 1 to run level 2, which script would be run last? Which file is used for automount configuration? What file contains the information sent in response to a bootp broadcast? Which command lists hardware devices? In which situation would you normally see the error "Stale File Handle"? According to the SV1DR4 file system layout guidelines, application software should be installed under the __________________ directory What is the default number of workspaces for CDE? To Create an automated system bacup strategy based on the fbackup utility, which of the following steps is not required? Which of the following steps would be required to configure a dns client? To display the available routes and their status, which command would you use? Which of the following represents a valid use of the pvcreate command? The Software Distributor tools will only run if the following daemon is running: If a disk containing a mounted journal file system in /dev/vg01/vol1 has reported error and you want the check integrity of the whole file system, which of the following steps should you use?