HP0-053 - Enterprise Integration and Management of HP ProLiant Servers

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Example Questions

what the rule will alert with the following conditions: Category Behavior = /Authentication/Verify Category Outcome = /Failure Which are operators in the ArcSight Common Conditions Editor (CCE)? (Select two) What is an example of an event-based Data Monitor? which ArcSight ESM Resource enables you to perform live monitoring of events? What represents the current status in the investigation of a Case? You want your Active Channel to automatically display new events as they arrive at ESM. Which time parameter should you use to accomplish this? Which statement is true about the ArcSight Web interface? What stores information about logons, user actions and the resulting events in the most concise way? Which resources can be displayed in the ArcSight Web interface? (Select two) Where time is changed in console? Event correlation, event reconciliation, moving average, session reconciliation and statistics are all examples of which type os Data Monitors? What can you use to change the stage of a Case? What are the three types of Data Monitor? What happens if a notification requiring a response within 24 hours is not acknowledged eithin that time?