HIT-001 - CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification Exam

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Example Questions

Your hospital's equipment vendor provides many life-saving devices, from heart-monitors to EKG's, that store and sort PHI data for retrieval by the hospital's EMR system. In your Service Level Agreements (SLA), you want to make sure that equipment vendors have agreed to the essentials that HIPAA and NIST recommend are in place for a contingency situation for covered entities. Which of the following would not be a NIST recommendation? Which of the following methods of filing is best suited for limited space, low volume facilities with one file clerk? A private medical record or health record is a complex file that can include information from a wide variety of sources within an organization. Which of the following documents would be part of a patient health record?Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. Which of the following agencies is responsible for protecting the health of all Americans? Which of the following is the process of verifying and allowing a user on a network? A electronic patient database has reached end-of-life according to the policies of your healthcare facility, and it has been tagged for destruction to keep patient data confidential. Which method of destruction is NOT appropriate for this data? Which of the following cables support transmission speed of 1000Mbps?Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. You have the responsibility of insuring all patients medical records have the appropriate components and content. You must insure this by adhering to the guidelines set forth by which of the following publications? A hospital wants to set up an EMR (electronic medical records) system that allows specialists to have equal access to the PHI regarding a patient who has multiple injuries. The hospital can allow more than one type of physician to obtain the information without additional authorization, if it involves. Which of the following refers to information contained within a patient's EHR being converted from words to numbers? Which of the following is an advantage WPA2 has over WPA? The secretary at your company reports a problem in printing. She has sent a document to the printer and it does not print. She had just printed other documents successfully, minutes before. What is the most likely cause of this problem? A medical practice knows that its billing office is open to public viewing because it is attached to the front welcome-desk as a time-saving device for communication between billing staff and front office staff. The practice knows that other patients' PHI billing information could easily be viewed by patients standing at the front desk, but chooses not to change the scenario. What kind of penalty could the practice face? Which of the following database models is simply a collection of objects related by an object that has certain characteristics? Which of the following options will you use to minimize ESD problems? You have been asked to analyze a patient's medical recorA, Dssign a numerical value to all services this patient has received. Which of the following tasks have you been asked to perform?' Which of the following is the default port for DNS zone transfer? Which type of client-server platform consists of an application server that contains software to process the data? HIPAA requires detailed organization and efforts by healthcare organizations to remain in compliance with healthcare regulation. To promote this organization, the HIPAA Security Rule states clearly the need for which of the following? Which of the following actions refer to the transmission of medical information directly from a medical device? You are the privacy officer in charge of setting up the policies and procedures for protecting patient information within your covered entity. You have studied HIPAA's requirements and are now faced with determining what kinds of policies you need to implement. Which of the follow do you NOT need to implement? A 44 year old female presents to the emergency room with chest pain. She is denied care because she is uninsured. Which of the following pieces of legislation has been violated? A nursing station in one area of a hospital wishes to set up a chat program to discuss patient details with the pharmacy whenever there is a problem with the computerized physician order entry program. While you are working on a separate issue, a nurse asks you to install such a program. Is this possible? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. Which of the following encryptions is used with flash drives?Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. Information such as your name, date of birth and social security number are all considered to be protected health information. This information would fall into which of the following categories? Hospitals usually have several levels of vertical management, starting with service providers, patient care managers, department administrators and chief officers. What group is ultimately at the top of management for a hospital? A wireless network used at a small medical facility is suddenly having issues and access is intermittent around lunch time everyday. There have not been any changes to the WAP placement or firmware versions. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue that would cause these symptoms? A visiting IT professional is at an OBGYN practice and has been granted access to the computer system, but not the practice's paper records it's previous system of charting for patients. It's after standard work hours the IT professional is working late. He knows an ex-girlfriend used to be a patient at the practice and decides he wants to see her charts, since he can't find her in the computer. What simple Physical Safeguard would help fulfill HIPAA by protecting against the IT professional from accessing the practice's PHI? Which of the following categories of information technology in the health care setting involves bar coding applications? How will you identify that the PC has successfully completed its Power On Self Test (POST)? You have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Which of the following types of medical facilities would you choose to treat your condition? An employee gets to work and realize that he forgot his laptop in the car. Upon exiting the builing, he props the door open with a rock so he won't have ato use his swipe card to get back in. Does this pose a security threat to the company? A healthcare organization hires you to provide consultancy for setting up its Windows network. The company's server room will be in a highly secured environment. You are required to suggest an authentication method for it. The CFO of the company wants the server to use thumb impressions for authentication. Which of the following authentication methods will you suggest? Which of the following tools are used for an indoor site survey? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. You have the right to choose not to have your medical information disclosed to your parents or other family members. Which of the following defines this right? You are working at a dermatology practice and integrating the electronic medical system with the patient billing system. What term would be used to discuss a system of codes used in billing for this office to explain what procedures had been performed? Your responsibility as a healthcare information technologist is to ensure the proper functioning of voice recognition for medical transcription and proper functioning of bar coding applications for medical devices. Which of the following types of information technology are you responsible for? A user reports that when they are typing on their keyboard, incorrect keys are appearing on the screen. This seems to happen no matter what software they are using. What should you check first? Which of the following roles would require access to clinical data? While on the job in a healthcare facility, you notice a group of individuals touring and inspecting the facility, the group is evaluating and insuring the facility is providing the highest quality of care. Which agency is performing this inspection? According to the American Hospital Association, which of the following types of hospitals are required to provide diagnosis and treatment for behavioral health disorders? You are asked to install an information system in the Nuclear Medicine department in order to record the use of radioisotopes. Which type of information system would you install for this purpose? You need to undergo a surgical procedure to have your gallbladder removed. This surgical procedure will not require a hopital stay. To which type of healthcare facilities would you go for this type of service? You are a minor, under the age of eighteen, that requires medical care. For which of the following conditions are you able to seek medical care without consent of your parents? As part of a privacy and security training program, the hospital staff are given a series of documents to look over and become familiar with. These documents are important for HIPAA regulation and for preventing unauthorized use and disclosure of PHI. Many patients are given one or more of these documents to sign or look over when they are first treated at a healthcare facility. Which of these is a HIPAA required document to be given to all patients? Which of the following is the process of making a patient's chart easier to handle after it has become too cumbersome during an extended hospital stay? Your responsibility as a health care information technologist is to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of all drug prescriptions, laboratory tests and medical procedures. Which of the following types of information technology are you responsible for? Which of the following types of attacks entices a user to disclose personal information such as social security number, bank account details, or credit card number? You are the parent of a foster child that requires medical care. The facility providing care for the child is legally obligated not to disclose the child's medical information to which of the following? You are helping to work out integration problems with a health information system module that allows physicians to send out instructions for patient care to the pharmacy, laboratory, radiology department or other departments in the hospital. What is this module called?

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