HH0-210 - Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer - Enterprise exam

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Example Questions

Which statement about the VSP back-end architecture is correct? A VSP customer is attaching new SUSE Linux servers to their SAN. What are two configuration requirements? (Choose two.) Which three products can be used to configure and manage Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) on a VSP? (Choose three.) Which two statements describe the nhanced 3D Scaling?terminology on the VSP? (Choose two.)Which two statements describe the ?nhanced 3D Scaling?terminology on the VSP? (Choose two.) Which two statements describe the purpose of an action code (ACC) on the VSP? (Choose two.) You are installing a new VSP into your customer's SAN environment. How are the Fibre Channel topology settings adjusted? A customer has created User Accounts within Storage Navigator on a VSP. How can you create a backup of this information? What is the purpose of the System Assurance Document? A customer wants to add a second DKC to a VSP. Which three hardware features must be installed in the second DKC? (Choose three.) A customer has virtualized a USP behind a VSP. Which two actions can be performed by Universal Volume Manager? (Choose two.) A customer has virtualized both Clariion CX4 and USP V arrays in their data center behind a new VSP array. Within the VSP, they want to remove one of the virtualized LDEVs from the Clariion CX4. Which Universal Volume Manager wizard should be used? What must be installed on an AIX server prior to a Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) installation? The last path to a LUN fails. What is the status of this path in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM)? Which two self-service resources would you use if you require installation assistance? (Choose two.) When creating a Cache Logical Partition (CLPR) on a VSP using Virtual Partition Manager, which resource can be added to the CLPR? Which three operations are allowed after activating LUN security on a VSP Fibre Channel (FC) port? (Choose three.) A customer wants to migrate data from a USP to a VSP. For doing so, you recommend that they virtualize the USP behind the VSP as external storage. Which host mode should you set on the USP? Which two actions must be performed when planning an online microcode exchange on a VSP? (Choose two.) What is the benefit of installing an additional pair of disk adapters (DKA) on a VSP? You are installing a VSP with 2 DKCs containing 2.5" and 3.5" form factor HDDs. Which two configuration rules apply? (Choose two.) You are installing a VSP with 2 DKCs. Which component makes up the interconnection for data paths? You want to install license keys as part of a VSP new installation. Which tool must you use? In which two situations would you use the VSP New Installation procedure at a customer site? (Choose two.) What are two effects of configuring LUN security on a VSP? (Choose two.) After opening a case with the Hitachi Data Systems technical support center, you have been asked to collect error information. How do you send the collected data to the technical support center? A customer is deploying a new database that will have weekly hot spots requiring higher levels of performance. Which two features of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering would help them? (Choose two.) What are two benefits of using Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP)? (Choose two.) What are three functions of the SSVP on a VSP? (Choose three.) A customer wants to know how to use the audit log for Storage Navigator. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) A VSP receives a pinned track error with a "write error" description on the SVP. How would you resolve the problem? Your customer wants to connect multiple servers with different operating systems to the same port on a VSP. What is the first step when configuring the port? A customer wants to centrally manage their multipath software installation using Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM). What are two server requirements before proceeding with the HGLM installation? (Choose two.) A customer is deploying new Hitachi Enterprise storage systems into the data center across various servers and operating systems. During the planning stage, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) is identified as the preferred path management software on the AIX servers. Which two must you include in a prerequisite check list prior to deployment? (Choose two.) What are two requirements for connecting a USP VM as external storage to a VSP? (Choose two.) Which two components are part of the VSP HiStar-E architecture? (Choose two.) Why will a server in an environment using persistent binding maintain a constant view of its target IDs when rebooted? What are two prerequisites for virtualizing volumes on a VSP? (Choose two.) Which document is designed to assist those involved in the sale, installation and support of Hitachi Enterprise storage systems to ensure proper installation planning? What can the "raidcom" command on the VSP be used for? What are two ways to ensure secure access to storage through a fabric? (Choose two.) What are two effects of enabling the Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT) function in the Shared Memory configuration screen? Which two statements regarding how users login to Storage Navigator 2 on a VSP are correct? (Choose two.) You are attaching a VSP to a customer's SAN. How can you set the VSP port speed to a fixed value of 4Gbps? Which VSP component owns an LDEV? Your VSP customer is using Hitachi Device Manager and Tuning Manager software. Which tab in the Hitachi Command Suite main view can be used for viewing VSP system performance data? A customer plans to delete CLPR1 on a VSP. What must be done first? Which two statements describe what will happen when a CHA board is replaced on a VSP? (Choose two.) During the initial setup of a VSP the subscription level for the HDP pool was set to 100%. Now the customer would like to allow overprovisioning up to 120% on the existing HDP pool. What would you tell the customer? Which component can access the Shared Memory area of the cache boards on a VSP? What are two effects of persistent binding? (Choose two.)