HC-611 - Huawei Certified Network Associate - Building the Structure of Storage Network (HCNA-BSSN)

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Example Questions

When S5000T and host connections, support for which of the following operating systems? (Choose three) Fibre Channel protocol transmission media may be used: (Choose three) S5500T control box comes standard with four 8Gb FC interface also expandable to eight 8Gb FC interface. SATA argument about the correct yes: Can be seen as a special NAS file server, mainly for storing, sharing, and data transmission block: A dual-port the FC-HBA card, there are two numbers WWNN Windows you can view the host HBA card wwn number through the operating system commands. Under common windows file system, including: (Choose two) S5600T and S6800T when the system power loss by the built- safe dish BBU to power, to ensure that the data written to the Cache dirty safe dish without losing. When installing UltraPath for Linux, prompted "the system is not supported by UltraPath driver, exit!!", Requires: SCSI Fibre Channel protocol stack is located in the first floor: Compared with the traditional N8000 NAS device, which has the following advantages: (Choose three) SUSE Linux 10.0 modify the startup which you need to edit the file name: RAID0 often called bands, RAID0 allowed to damage a member of the hard drive data is not lost. For S5000T, the following statement is correct: (Choose three) After storing the file import license, you need to reboot the array S5500T controller hardware supports 3.5 -inch hard drive, a 2U control box. RAID5 disk utilization levels of RAID group (N: number of member disks): RAID6 using calibration techniques are there? (Choose two) NAS and SAN network storage, file system storage resources are used by the host application created. In RAID systems, different set of disk blocks on the hard drive of the same address is called (), the larger the size of the relationship between its performance and storage read and write. Huawei official maintenance tool bag storage devices, including what tools: (Choose three) Under Linux system, view and create a GPT disk partition command is S5000T product version upgrades in the correct order is: The default port iSCSI protocol used is; SAN storage system configuration files cannot be imported after export When installed on Windows 2003 UltraPath for Windows, in Device Manager: Direct Connect networking advantages S5000T description right there () (Choose two) The basic starting point of the storage network is separated from the storage server, allowing them into a network storage device directly connected to the network. The following are journaled file system? (Choose three) Which of the following tools before using the tool comes first modify the configuration file: (Choose two) S5600T is redundant management module, on which the system management network port and serial port, on-board control system disk configuration, is one of the key components belong to the system. Before creating a RAID operation needs to be done to prepare? (Choose three) BBU parts Huawei disk array can be external to the system in case of a power interruption, the control box and the disk frame power supply, to avoid data loss in the array controller Cache. S2600 storage control boxes and boxes of Cascade Cascade method, about two links, while cascading from the order 0-1-2, 0-2-1 in the order in accordance with the other side of the connection. Simply summarized as "side forward (order) connection, while the reverse (reverse order) connection." What data file formats supported when using the ISM export performance file storage array: (Choose two) RPO is a measure of how much data is lost in the system after a disaster. In RAID technology, RAID parity algorithm commonly used checksum algorithm is XOR XOR algorithm. HDP3500 as a backup server, along with the high-capacity backup space: Need at least a few hard drives when you create RAID50 Windows have created a dynamic disk volumes can span multiple disks and create fault-tolerant volumes ability volumes on dynamic disks can be a basic volume, it can be dynamic volumes. When S5000T create Lun, the default write and prefetching strategies are: Optical switches, which uses fiber-optic network directly connected routing methods, the initiator and target devices can establish a direct connection via fiber optic switch routing software to exclusive fiber bandwidth. NAS server does not support the agreement are: Hard disk average seek time is usually the average access time, and average latency and. Control box S5600T series stored under standard configuration which includes the following components: (Choose three) Fibre Channel arbitrated loop topology hub used, many devices can be connected together to form a logical ring, and can bypass the failed node node on the ring so that the fault does not affect the entire communication loop. Multi-path software features: (Choose three) RAID6 disk utilization levels of RAID group (N: number of member disks): Linux under the common file system, including: (Choose two)