H12-224 - HCNP-R&S Fast Track (Huawei Certified Network Professional - Routing & Switching) Fast Track Exam

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Example Questions

By using VRRP, the backup router in a VRRP backup group immediately becomes the master router after detecting a fault and instructs its attached hosts to perform a master/slave switchover accordingly. This ensures that services will recover within a short period of time. Which of the following situations will occur after multicast load balance is configured? (Select 3 Answers) RTA is a source's DR and RTB is an RP. A multicast source sends multicast data to RTA but RTB cannot find any information about the multicast source (registered by using the PIM Register message). Why? (Select 3 Answers) Which of the following statements about costs of routing protocols is false? Which of the following route selection tools can be used in "multiple" routing protocols, be configured with matching conditions, and be composed of if-match and apply clauses? Which are contained in a GARP participant? (Select 2 Answers) The BGP Community attribute is a well-known mandatory attribute. The traditional packet loss policy uses the Tail-Drop method. The firewall can be working in routing mode, transparent mode, or composite mode. The default mode is the composite mode. In DiffServ mode, before the application program sends packets, it needs to confirm that the network has reserved resources for packet transmission. Which of the following addresses can be used on a public network? (Select 2 Answers) Which of the following NAT functions are supported by the Eudemon? (Select 3 Answers) IGMP interface group report information Ethernet6/1/1( Total 1 IGMP Group reported Group: UptimE.00:00:22 Expires: off Last reporter: Last-member-query-counter: 0 Last-member-query-timer-expiry: off Group modE.include Version1-host-present-timer-expiry: off Version2-host-present-timer-expiry: off Source list: SourcE. UptimE.00:00:22 Expires: 00:05:08 Last-member-query-counter: 3 Last-member-query-timer-expiry: 00:00:01 SourcE. UptimE.00:00:22 Expires: 00:00:17 Last-member-query-counter: 3 Last-member-query-timer-expiry: 00:00:01 The preceding information shows the entry status of an IGMP interface on Ethernet 6/1/1 on a router. Assume IGMP sends the group-and-source-specific Query message. Which of the following statements is true? Which of the following statements about STP is not true? How does a BGP router process the received route whose next hop is unreachable? After an interface on a firewall is added to a zone, the interface belongs to the zone. Which of the following statements about the security policies for the Eudemon are true? (Select 2 Answers) Different network segments can be in the same OSPF area and the same network segment can be in different OSPF areas. Divide the network by using VLAN can ( ). (Select 2 Answers) What are the advantages of subnetting? (Select 2 answers) How many default zones does the USG supporting multi-instance have? Which ports defined by RSTP cannot work in Forwarding state? (Select 2 Answers) The IP packet has a special field to mark the QoS. For example, the last 6 bits in the ToS field of an IPv4 packet mark the DSCP value. Which of the following IP addresses are network addresses? (Select 2 Answers) Which of the following is the multicast distribution tree maintained by PIM-DM? Congestion management provides means to manage and control traffic when traffic congestion occurs. Which problems on a single spanning tree network can be solved by MSTP? (Select 3 Answers) Which interface is connected to the user-side interface? What is the maximum number of bits that can be used for subnetting, when the network address is a Class C address? None Stop Forwarding (NSF) is an important HA technology. It keeps neighbor relationships unchanged even in the case of a fault in the control plane of the router, protecting key services on the network from interruption. Assume that the WRED policy for packets with the priority of AF21 is thaA. the length of the queue for saving packets ranges from 35 to 40, and the discarding percentage is 50%.When a packet with the priority being AF21 arrives, which of the following statements are true? (Select 3 Answers) Which statement about VLAN mapping is false? Which of the following route prefixes match this IP-prefix-filter? (Select 3 Answers) "ipip-prefix test index 10 permit 16 greater-equal 24 less-equal 28" Different virtual firewall instances on an Eudemon must be configured with the same security policy. Simple traffic classification can be performed based on which of the following information in VLAN packets? Based on BGP route selection rules, the route with the lowest Local-Preference is preferred. QinQ provides a simplified Layer 2 VPN tunnel. Which of the following describes the relationship between BGP and AS? Which of the following statements about NAT are true? (Select 3 Answers) Which statements about the relationship between GVRP and GARP are true? (Select 2 Answers) On a broadcast network or an NBMA network, not all neighbors need to set up adjacencies. Therefore, the concept about the adjacency is applicable to only the broadcast network or the NBMA network. In PIM-DM, which of the following messages needs to be sent by a downstream interface when the downstream interface recovers to the forwarding state from the prune state? Which bits in a VLAN tag indicates 802.1Q? Which of the following BGP filters can be used to set route attributes? Which of the following commands is used to display check information of IGMP enabled interface? Which of the following route entries match IP-Prefix defined below? (Select 2 Answers) ipip-prefix test index 10 permit 16 greater-equal 24 less-equal 28 Policy-based routing and routing policy affect the forwarding of data packets in different ways: A routing policy mainly controls packet forwarding. According to the routing policy, packets can be forwarded with no need to use a routing table; policy-based routing mainly controls the importing, advertising, and receiving of routing information so as to affect the forwarding of data packets. How many bits of the MAC address space is available for mapping IP multicast addresses? On an STP network, after the network topology changes, which BPDUs are sent during flooding of topology change information on the entire network? Which of the following statements are correct regarding BGP attribute? (Select 2 Answers)