H12-221 - HCNP-R&S-IERN (Huawei Certified Network Professional-Implementing Enterprise Routing Network)

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Example Questions

For link-state routing protocols, filtering inbound routes cannot block the transmission of link-state information. The filtering effect means that routes cannot be injected into the local routing table but neighbors can still receive complete route state information and calculate complete routes. Which session is established between BGP peers? The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) runs between hosts and their immediately neighboring multicast routers. The BGP community attribute is a well-known mandatory attribute. The default-route originate command in the RIP protocol advertises a default RIP route to the peers. When using this command, which of the following attributes can be set for the default route? The vlink-peer command is used to specify a peer IP address for setting up a virtual link. Which statement about OSPF is false? Which of following BGP attributes is used to define a set of prefixes with same properties? We can have different network segments in an OSPF area. We can also have same network segment in different OSPF areas. Which of the following statements regarding comparison between ACL and IP-Prefix are true? (Select 2 answers) Unlike Stub area, an NSSA supports Type-5 LSAs. Why is BGP run by core routers in transit AS? Which of the following route prefixes match the IP-prefix-filter given below? "ip ip-prefix test index 10 permit 16 greater-equal 24 less-equal 28" (Select 3 answers) An ACL is a series of orderly rules composed of permit deny clauses. Which of the following attributes cannot be used for defining an ACL rule? Which of the following statements regarding the Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) mechanism are true? (Select 2 answers) Which of the following statements are correct regarding BGP attributes? (Select 2 answers) What is the default LOCAL_PREF and PREFERRED-VALUE assigned to routes in a VRP system? Which statements regarding the range of AS number are true? (Select 3 answers) Which of these addresses are reserved for use by multicast applications? An IP address with the subnet mask can be assigned to a device. How many hosts are available per subnet if you apply a /21 mask to the class B network? BGP is an inter-AS routing protocol. Which statements regarding BGP are true? (Select 3 answers) BGP is an exterior gateway protocol which runs between ASs. It focuses on the control of route propagation and selection of optimal routes rather than discovery and calculation of routes. Which of the following statements about OSPF neighbor state transition are true? (Select 3 answers) How does a BGP router process a received route whose next hop is unreachable? How does an IGMP router maintain group memberships on a network? (Select 2 answers) What is the mask value for the network A company has four departments. Department A has SO PCs, Departments B and C both have 20 PCs, and Department D has 30 PCs. Assuming the IP address is used, which of the following statements are true if the VLSM technology is employed for subnetting? (Select 2 answers) Given a Class B network with the mask, what is the maximum number of subnets that can be created, and what is the maximum number of hosts available within each created subnet? Which of the following BGP attributes cannot be advertised to other neighboring AS? ACLs can match routing information or data packet addresses to filter unmatched routing information or data packets. Which statements regarding the local preference attribute are true? (Select 2 answers) Which of the fallowings are OSPF packet types? (Select 3 answers) Which of the following statements are true if a BGP peer is configured with "multiple" route selection tools for route filtering? (Select 2 answers) Which of the following multicast protocols can generate multicast distribution trees? Which of the following is the address range assigned by IANA for SSM service in IPv4? You are using the address space If the subnet mask is used to subnet this address space to serve WAN links, how many total subnets can the address space be divided into? Which of the following route entries matches ACL 2001 that is defined below?,,,,,,, ACL 2001 Basic ACL 2001,1 rule Ad's step is 5 rule 0 permit source Which port number is used by BGP to establish a TCP connection? Which of the following statements regarding a multicast distribution tree are true? (Select 3 answers) What is the maximum number of hosts that a network segment can support? The most remarkable characteristic of OSPF is that it can support the link-state algorithm. The import-route limit" command is used to set a maximum number of imported routes that can be imported into an OSPF routing process. Which of these is a valid VLSM subnet obtained by subnetting the network address Routes,,, and can be summarized into route What is the default network mask length of Which of the following is a private AS number? Which of the following situations will occur when the command "multicast bad balance" is configured? (Select 3 answers) Which of the following statements regarding stub areas is false? Which of the following describes the relationship between BGP and AS?