H12-211 - HCNA-HNTD (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Huawei Network Technology and Device)

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Example Questions

The administrator wishes to configure OSPF on a router in the network, however the router has no loopback interface. Which value will be used as the router ID? After a command for displaying RIP route information is entered on a router, peer on Serial1/0/0 is displayed in the returned result. What does stand for? An Ethernet port can work one of three duplex modes, whereas an Optical Ethernet port only supports one single mode. Which of the following represents this mode? The network administrator needs to configure static NAT on RTA, in order to allow Host A to communicate with Host C. Which command is correct? Which of following may be the reasons that cause Frame Relay PVC to work abnormally? (Select 3 Answers) Refer to the graphic. The link between RTA and RTB is encapsulated using PPP. The IP addresses of serial 1/0/1 of RTA and serial 1/0/1 of RTB are in different network segments. Which following is correct? (Two Answers). The administrator uses the ping command on the host to test connectivity to the website www.huawei.com. The command line shows a request time out. The administrator displays the ARP entries for the host. Which entry will be found in the ARP cache table of the host? The administrator wishes to change name of the router. Under which view should the administrator be in order to achieve this? An end system is unable to communicate with a DHCP server following the startup process. Which IP address may be used by the client? When a router is powered on, the router reads the configuration file saved in the default save directory to get itself initialized. If the configuration file does not exist in the default save directory, what does the router use to initialize itself? Refer to the graphic. Two peering routers are running RIP. RTA is using RIPv1 to advertise its routes, while RTB is using RIPv2 to advertise the route How will the route appear in the IP routing table of RTA? Which of the following descriptions regarding IPv6 addresses are correct? (Two Answers) Refer to the graphic. The data is transmitted using IPsec tunnel mode. The fields of which headers will be authenticated? A serial interface of a Huawei router currently using HDLC needs to assign PPP as the encapsulation protocol. Which of the following commands is required to be configured at the serial interface view? Which of the following statements about router IDs are true? (Select 2 Answers) Refer to the graphic. Packet encapsulation in the IPsec architecture is performed as shown. Which IPsec mode is being used to encapsulate the packet? A host has established a telnet connection with the router attached to interface G0/0/0. Which of the following statements are correct? (Two Answers) FTP and TFTP can be used to update the system file on Huawei routers. Which of the following statements are correct? (Select 3 Answers) <choice ident="A"> <choice ident="B"> <choice ident="C"> <choice ident="D"> [Huawei]rip 1 [Huawei-rip-1]version 2 Refer to the command output. An administrator wishes to configure RIP. Which other command needs to configured for RIP routes to be advertised? PPP is more secure than HDLC because PPP supports authentication protocols such as ( ). (Select 2 Answers) On the VRP platform, which of the following commands is used to configure the Router ID of a router as Which authentication modes does AAA support? (Three Answers). Refer to the graphic.RTA and RTB connect to a Frame Relay switch and use dynamic address mapping. The command “fr map ip 32” is then configured on RTB, without using the undo inarp command. What will occur as a result? (Two Answers). An adminstrator has been requested to replace the configuration file of a router in the network. The administrator has been instructed that after logging into the router, he must first permenantly erase the current configuration file config.zip from the system. Which command should he use to achieve this? Which of the following commands is used to enter the system-view from the user view on a Huawei router? Refer to the graphic. Host A is located in a private network. It is required that Host A not only be capable of routing traffic over the public network, but also that public users are able to actively communicate with Host A. Which NAT translation method should be configured on the gateway? Refer to the graphic. RTA and RTB are connected over a Frame Relay network using a DLCI, as shown. Static mapping is required on RTA. Which of the following commands will achieve this? Which of the following commands can switch a view from the system view to the user view? In a network supporting IPv6, OSPF no longer supports which feature? What are the three protocol components defined by PPP? (Three Answers). Refer to the graphic. RTA and RTB have established a GRE tunnel, but only RTA has enabled the keepalive function. When RTB receive a keepalive message from RTA, how will RTB respond? Router] ip pool pool1 [Router-ip-pool-pool1] network mask [Router-ip-pool-pool1] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool1] quit [Router] ip pool pool2 [Router-ip-pool-pool2] network mask [Router-ip-pool-pool2] gateway-list [Router-ip-pool-pool2] quit [Router] interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/1 [Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] ip address 24 [Router-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] dhcp select global Refer to the configuration output. Following configuration, a host is connected to the interface Gigabit Ethernet 0/0/1 of the router. Which IP address will the client obtain? <choice ident=“A”> <choice ident=“B”> <choice ident=“C”> <choice ident=“D”> A user logged into a VRP supported device through telnet, but when attempting to configure the device, found that he is unable to use the sytem-view command to enter the system-view. What are the possible reasons for this? (Two Answers) Which of the following commands can be used to view the current configurations on a Huawei router? <Huawei> system-view [Huawei] user-interface console 0 [Huawei-ui-console0] user privilege level 15 [Huawei-ui-console0] authentication-mode password [Huawei-ui-console0] set authentication password cipher huawei2012 [Huawei-ui-console0] quit Refer to the configuration output. The administrator configured the device using the commands in the configuration output. Regarding these commands, which statement is false? Two routers establish an IPsec tunnel, which of the following does not need to be the same on both peering devices? Host A wishes to send data to host C, and generates an ARP request to obtain the destination MAC address. Which statement is true? Refer to the graphic. An administrator has configured OSPF on the two routers, following which he then implements the command silent-interface s0/0/1 on RTA. What effect will this command have on the network? (Two Answers) What functions does a Hello packet of OSPF implement? (Select 2 Answers) Following a failure of services in the network, an administrator discovered that the configuration in one of the enterprise routers had been changed. What actions can be taken by the administrator to prevent further changes? (Three Answers) An administrator wishes to update the VRP software of company’s AR2200 router. How can this be achieved? (Three Answers) The network administrator wants to improve the performance of network transmission, what steps can the administrator take? (Two Answers) Assume that the router has learnt the best route to the same destination by using RIP, OSPF and Static Route respectively. By default, the Huawei router will select the route learnt via ( ) as the best route. The users who log on the router through Telnet are not permitted to configure IP address. What is the possible reason? <Quidway>display mac-address ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAC Address VLAN/VSI Learned-From Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5489-98ec-f018 1/- GE0/0/13 dynamic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total items displayed = 1 Refer to the graphic. A switch attempts to forward a frame to the MAC destination 5489-98ec-f01. What operation will occur on the switch? On VRP platform, which of the following parameters can be used together with the "ping" command to specify the source address of an echo request message? Which of the following statements regarding layer-2 switch is incorrect? Refer to the graphic. RTA and RTB have established an IPv6 network for which an IPv6 address has been configured only on the G0/0/1 interface. RTA is unable to ping RTB. The administrator then configures v3 along with a router-id on both routers, and enables OSPFv3 on G0/0/1 of both RTA and RTB. Which of the following statements are correct? (Two Answers). An OSPF area is a collection of a group of routers and networks. OSPF defines that routers that have the same ( ) belong to the same OSPF area. A network administrator recently used tracert to trace the path to the destination IP address of an external website, however the trace path displayed only a timeout result. Which of the following statements correctly explains the reason for this? (Two Answers)