H11-851 - HCNA-VC (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video Conference)

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Example Questions

In double-flow meeting, you can transmit two-way video source images of home terminal at the same time or see two-way video source image of remote at the same time. 4E1 pinch plate Packet Over E1 Board A, is mainly responsible for 4E1 signal access. User access layer is composed of various types ( ). When process point-to-point calling, which of the following does not need to set? What is the range that the human ear can recognize the sound frequency? What's the difference between video conference and traditional telephone ( ) (Select two answers) Intelligence can only be done through the IP network forms HD terminal in the absence of the registered GK cannot for conference call. What's the Immersive single screen Telepresence main scenario? Mix is in fact to mix all the venue sounds. Veneer with GCCX (Universal central control Veneer) and GPUA (general purpose processing unit veneer) HD terminal setup wizard can complete the configuration of the ( ). (Please choose 3 answers) About the Real-time Transport Protocol, which is used to transmit the video and audio stream? Network control system mainly consists of ( ) and SwitchCentre, and the main function is the realization of call processing, signal processing and QoS policies control together. Which protocol can achieve the media control? What function the Intelligence Host contains? (Please Choose 3 Answers) 1080i i respectively show ( ) GCCA Board only can be installed in 1 slot of MCU8650. Network control system mainly consists of a network control center and GK, the main function is implemented with call processing, signal processing, and QOS policy control. How many MIC does TP3106 have? If it is found that terminal output images overturn, it can be revised through the "FLIP" DIP of camera back plate. Which of the following is not included in TP3106? Which of the following can realize face to face communication effect? MCU can not register to SwitchCentre or Resource Manager case may be? (select 3 answers) HDMI does not support the transmission of audio signals. GCCC is MCU8660 control board. When creating a new venue, which of the following protocol type can be selected? (Please choose 2 answers) Which of the following belongs to HD resolution? (Please choose 2 answers) What's the default value of calling conference special number/code? TP3118 support meeting of up to 18 people each side. Video conferencing is a set of voice, images. Data in the integration of an interactive multimedia information business. After release the Chairman, what limits of authority does the venue only have? (Choose three answers) __ frames per second for the human eye has reached basic fluency. The full name of GPUS is General Processing Unit Single-Board. It is XPU, which takes charge of the functions of multi-picture deal with the system, remix treatment and so on. The main control board of the MCU8650 is ( ). ___ achieve the call between number, name and IP address. AAC-LD ( ) kHz sampling support dual-channel high-fidelity CD quality Large capacity multipoint conference mode, do not ask for high interactivity. In video products network diagram, which layer is SwitchCentre located in ? ( ) RTP protocol can be used to transmit video and audio streams. Which of the following MCU only supports IP? By default, GE1 net port work in backup mode. The maximum video capability the 9039A HD terminal supported is 1080P/60, the largest bandwidth is 8M. What are be contained in multiple conference convened way that multi resource management center supported? Service Area( )indicates the area under the jurisdiction of the scope of this service area. H.239 transmit static graphic by the way of interpolating frames. HD terminal AUX interface has echo cancellation feature. Higher MCU can have multiple summer MCU; Summer MCU can also have multiple superior MCU. POEA is in charge of the 4E1 signal access Which of the following HD camera mode to configure whether to allow the camera to forward infrared signals to the terminal?( )