EX0-111 - Green IT Citizen

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Example Questions

You want to buy equipment made of materials that are easy to recycle. What is a key indicator of which materials recycle easily? What is an acknowledged advantage of telecommuting? You work in a typical office building and the lights are always on. Using which lighting source could make the most significant dent in energy use? What does the operational cost of a printer include? For a computer to receive an Energy star certification, which element needs to meet the specified requirements? What should be taken into consideration when your company facilitates working remotely? Your department has been asked to reduce the use of paper and ink. What is one of the easiest ways to do so? What could you consider when seeking to purchase greener paper? What does the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) do? What is a main source of power costs for e-mail? Your company chooses to privilege the environmental drivers while introducing Green IT.What is an example of an environmental driver? What is environmental responsibility about? Which of the following statements is true? What does influence the cost of electricity? 1. The cost of fuel and capital 2. The cost of transmission and local distribution 3. Regulation You have been asked to select a new greener printer for you office. You have made a selection of printers meeting the Energy Star ratings. What could help you further narrow your selection? What is a dangerous combination as a result of not enough recycling of IT equipment? What is the description of Global climate change? What is true about screen savers? What are carbon offsets? Next to the printer's specifications, what would be of importance when selecting a greener printer? A memo from management announces that the printers are to be consolidated. What is a valid reason for this decision? An external Green IT consultant has analyzed your company and recommends replacing the PC's with thin clients. Which advantage does the use of thin clients over PC's contribute the most to an organization's green IT goals? Your company operates a decentralized purchasing model for computer equipment. Individual departments or groups make their own selections as long as they stay within budget. What is the best way to influence decisions towards a greener workplace when purchasing computer equipment? You want to purchase PC's that are easy to recycle. They are Energy Star certified. Is the ease of recycling covered by the Energy Star certification? Which shortcoming is hindering the wide adoption of videoconferencing? How does IT in general, or more specifically Green IT, help to decrease worldwide carbon emissions? Which puts IT in an excellent position to contribute to a sustainable world? Using too much lighting is of course raising the energy bill unnecessarily. What is another important human reason for not applying too much lighting? Why is virtualization important for green IT? You want to buy equipment made from materials that are easy to recycle.Is aluminum easy to recycle? What does corporate responsibility mean? What does sustainable development mean? What does sustainability as a corporate philosophy, value, and goal do for a company? Which IT alternative(s) can help cut down travel expenses? You are a member of the team in charge of introducing Green IT into your company. Your first action will be to introduce practices that can easily be applied to reduce computers' power consumption. Which practice would be the most effective? Green IT has many obvious advantages but some of them are less tangible. What is an example of a less tangible but real advantage of Green IT?