EX0-102 - Microsoft Operations Framework 4.0 Foundation

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Example Questions

When is the milestone review report signed off in the Project Planning SMF? Which is not an accountability as defined in the Team SMF? Which SMF has a goal to take remedial actions that minimize the impact of service incidents and system events? What is a process within the Service Monitoring and Control SMF? Which SMF is found in the Operate phase of the IT service lifecycle? What do the steps to setting policy not include? What is the focus of the GRC SMF in the Operate phase? What does MOF organize? Does the concept vision identify what a project team can accomplish within its constraints? Which SMF provides root cause analysis? What do the goals of the Reliability SMF include? What is not a focus of the Change and Configuration SMF in the Operate phase? What is a goal of the Plan phase? One of the SMFs in the Manage Layer is called the GRC SMF? What does the C stand for? What is the primary goal of the Operate phase? Performing IT accounting is part of which SMF? Which Management Review evaluates IT staff performance and operational efficiency? Which phase transfers a successfully deployed new service to the Operate phase? The service desk is a component of which SMF? Which Team role type is the accountable role type for the Deliver Phase? What is the main difference between the Manage Layer and the other Phases? What is a goal of Financial management? What does the focus of the Governance, Risk and Compliance SMF in the Plan Phase not include? Which statement is false about the Operate phase? Which is not part of the Envision SMF process flow? Which is not a goal of the Project Planning SMF? Is the primary goal of the Manage layer to establish an integrated approach to IT service management activities? What is compliance? Which Phase or layer provides the basis for developing and operating a resilient IT environment? What is bottom-up scheduling? Preparing the functional specification and solution design and preparing work plans belongs to which SMF? What is the correct order for the five SMFs found in the Deliver Phase? Which process does not form part of the process flow for building? Which is a goal of MOF? Which SMF is not part of the Manage Layer? What does the focus of the Team SMF in the Plan Phase include? What does the Reliability SMF process flow include? Why would you use the GRC SMF? Does each role type have a set of accountabilities associated with it in the Team SMF? What Team SMF accountabilities are primarily represented in the Operate Phase? Which role type investigates and resolves an underlying problem? What is an outcome of the Envision SMF? What is the goal of the Change and Configuration SMF? Which SMF has 'Filter the problem' as a process step? Which statement of the IT service lifecycle is not correct? Which is a correct statement about the Deliver Phase? Which of the following reflect goals of the Envision SMF? To create an environment where changes can be made with the least amount of risk and impact to the organization this is the goal of which SMF? What is the primary goal of the Build SMF? How is the Team Focus in the Manage layer integrated with the Operate phase?