EX0-101 - ITIL Foundation v.3

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Example Questions

With which process is problem management likely to share categorization and impact coding systems? Which Service Design process makes the most use of data supplied by Demand Management? A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is: Which of the following statements about communication within Service Operation are CORRECT? 1. All communication must have an intended purpose or resultant action 2. Communication should not take place without a clear audience Which of the following does the Availability Management process include? 1. Ensuring services are able to meet availability targets 2. Monitoring and reporting actual availability 3. Improvement activities, to ensure that services continue to meet or exceed their availability goals In the phrase "People, Processes, Products and Partners". Products refers to: Which of the following statements about processes is INCORRECT? A change process model should include: 1 - The steps that should be taken to handle the change with any dependences or co-processing defined, including handling issues and unexpected events 2 - Responsibilities; who should do what, including escalation 3 - Timescales and thresholds for completion of the actions 4 - Complaints procedures Effective Service Transition can significantly improve a service provider's ability to handle high volumes of what? Which is the first step in the 7 Step Improvement Process? Which one of the following do technology metrics measure? Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? What is a RACI model used for? Which of these is NOT a responsibility of Application Management? Which of the following models would be MOST useful in helping to define roles and responsibilities in an organization structure? Which process is responsible for providing the rights to use an IT service? Which of the following options is a hierarchy that is used in Knowledge Management? Which one of the following activities does application management perform? Which of the following activities is NOT a part of the Derning Cycle? In terms of adding value to the business, which of the following describes Service Operation's contribution? Which one of the following can help determine the level of impact of a problem? What should a service always deliver to customers? Which process is responsible for monitoring an IT Service and detecting when the performance drops below acceptable limits? A single Release unit, or a structured set of Release units can be defined within: Which process is responsible for managing relationships with vendors? Which phase of the ITIL lifecycle provides the following benefit: 'The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a service can be minimised if all aspects of the service, the processes and the technology are considered during development'? Which of the following CANNOT be provided by a tool? Which of the following are objectives of Supplier Management? 1. Negotiating and agreeing Contracts 2. Updating the Supplier and Contract database 3. Planning for possible closure, renewal or extension of contracts 4. Managing relationships with internal suppliers Check, Act and Plan are three of the stages of the Deming Cycle. Which is the fourth? Which role would you MOST expect to be involved in the management of Underpinning Contracts? The remediation plan should be evaluated at what point in the change lifecycle? Which one of the following is NOT a responsibility of the service transaction stage of the service lifecycle? Which of the following is a responsibility of Supplier Management? How many people should be accountable for a process as defined in the RACI model? Which of the following is NOT a valid objective of Problem Management? Identity and Rights are two major concepts involved in which one of the following processes? What type of record should you raise when a problem diagnosis is complete and a workaround is available? You are reviewing a presentation that will relay the value of adopting Service Design disciplines. Which statement would NOT be part of the value proposition? Who owns the specific costs and risks associated with providing a service? What is the BEST description of the purpose of Service Operation? Which of the following can help determine the level of impact of a problem? Which process has the following objective, `Produce service design packages (SDPs) based on service charters and change requests`? What are the categories of event described in the ITIL service operation book? Which one of the following is NOT part of the service design stage of the service lifecycle? Which of the following should be considered when designing measurement systems, methods and metrics?: 1. The services 2. The architectures 3. The configuration items 4. The processes Which one of the following activities are carried out during the Where do we want to be? step of the continual service improvement (CSI) approach? Which of these statements about Service Desk staff is CORRECT? A risk is: Which process includes business, service and component sub-processes? Which part of the service lifecycle is responsible for coordinating and carrying out the activities and processes required to deliver and manage services at agreed levels to business users and customers?

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