EK0-001 - CompTIA E-Biz+ Certification Exam

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Example Questions

What are three ways to increase consumer awareness of a Web site? (Choose three) The Customer Relationship Management infrastructure may include three of the following technologies: (Choose three) Which of the following correctly describe the drawbacks of PPTP as a VPN protocol? (Choose all that apply) Analyzing the supply chain of organization is a task within: The purpose of a meta-aggregator is to: Which set of attributes is appropriately ordered from most important to least important to assure success of an E-Business team? In E-Business solutions, your visibility is dependent on the client interface portion of the application. Which of the following is the most important when developing the client interface for your global customer base as it relates to design considerations? What information is being exchanged in the CPExchange standard? Which of the following is highly regulated with regards to conducting E-Commerce? E-Business teams are customarily compromised of which of the following members to assure success as a group? Which two things are important for monitoring system performance on an ECommerce Web site? (Choose two) Transmitting several streams of data simultaneously through a single communication line can be done with: Which of the following is required for enabling SSL on the web server? A Certificate Authority can be thought of as a trusted third party that: Which of the following are the most important factors to consider when you need to insure that employees continue to access data information, and systems? (Choose all that apply) A Web site asks users to fill out a questionnaire about them. The Web site then personalizes to the user and makes recommendations. What type of personalization is being used? What is the recommended timeframe for submitting your site to a search engine? Which of the following is the most popular online customer service tool? Incremental planning based on short term milestones, which is often used in EBusiness, is called: What is the purpose of early and often interim builds of E-Business applications? What is an ETA? (Choose all that apply) A collaborative Internet based network to link an enterprise with a specific group of its supplies or customers is commonly referred to as a( ): Which one of the following best describes spamming? What protocol is required for E-Business applications? Cookies are illegal in Texas because: The ability to send content to a user's browser on a periodic basis is called: Which of the following is not a lesson learned from e-tailing? Using M-Commerce, an individual could do all of the following except: Which of the following represents the greatest difference between E-Commerce (electronic storefronts) and traditional (brick and mortar) retail operations? Which of the following terms describes marketing to and individual customer on a dynamic basis? A Web site wants to focus on a particular market of users with similar interest. This market is sometimes referred to as a: Which of the following is the most important factor to the success of a B-2-C project? Conducting E-Commerce over the Internet: What are the three most important items to monitor for peak performance of an EBusiness application? (Choose thee) A thin client: Which of the following correctly describe Netiquette? (Choose all that apply) Mark has decided to make his online purchase of High-Definition Television from a particular retailer because they offer the highest quality product. What decision criteria is he using? Collaborative filtering software is: Jenny has decided to make her online purchase of DVD movies from a particular retailer because their site is easy to use and she can order quickly. What decision criteria is she using? Successful click-and-mortar business "speak with one voice" What does this mean? Which of the following best describes multi-dimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP)? Hanna is using an intelligent agent to help her find the best price on a CD she would like to purchase. What type of agent is she using? The ability to change how the Web site performs based upon characteristics of the user is called: What is a proxy server? What does the term "banner blindness" refer to? EDI is a _______ alternative to Value Added Networks. What is On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) used for? What are three protocols that are part of the TCP/IP suite? (Choose three) Which of the following are the essential PKI components used by E-business? (Choose all that apply) Channel conflict arises when: