EADA10 - ArcGIS Desktop Associate

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Example Questions

A contractor is hired to perform field data collection and to upload data to the enterprise geodatabase to synchronize the edits. Which method of data distribution can be used to accomplish this? When should an ArcGIS user change the reference scale of an existing map annotation? An ArcGIS user is tasked with modeling water distribution for a city. Currently, the user has shapefiles for water junctions, water pipelines, and water mains. How should the user proceed? Given a layer called Counties with the following relevant attributes: POP2008 POP2000 STATE_NAME What is the correct WHERE clause syntax for Select by attributes tool that should be used to find all the Counties with a population greater than 50000 and less than 100000 in state of Florida in year 2008? An ArcGIS user wants to load data into a point feature class. As the user loads the data he needs to be able to honor the current snapping environment settings in ArcMap and also apply the existing topology validation rules. Which tool allows the user to accomplish this task? Which two factors should be considered when determining appropriateness of a dataset for a task? (Choose two) When is a transformation required while projecting data? An ArcGIS user needs to display a point file as graduated symbols on a map, based upon the number of occurrences. The point file contains multiple points with exactly the same x- and yvalues. Which process should the ArcGIS user perform prior to symbolizing the data? An ArcGIS user is viewing a feature layer that is being displayed in a projected coordinate system that uses meters as the units. The user needs to see the map coordinates displayed in the status bar as nautical miles. How can the units be changed without changing the coordinate system? A map document references a local data source. What must an ArcGIS user do before sending the map document to another workstation? (Choose two) Which two actions can be taken to repair an.mxd file with broken data sources in ArcMap? (Choose two) An ArcGIS user is creating an attribute domain from values in a table using the Table to Domain tool. Which two fields are required in the table to utilize this tool? (Choose two) Which two methods are valid for calculating the values of a field using a calculation expression? (Choose two) Which format is appropriate for exporting map documents that require vector layers to remains intact for further editing in another application? How is a coordinate system changed in a data frame to match the coordinate system of a desired layer contained within? An ArcGIS user has a single long line that is intersected by many other lines. The user wants to split the long line at each intersection. Which tool allows the user to perform this in a single step? A feature class in Coordinate System A is added to a data frame in ArcMap that is using Coordinate System B. The features are displayed accurately on the map. How is ArcMap able to display the features accurately? Which effect does applying a join in ArcMap to a layer and a stand-alone table have? An ArcGIS user is working on a map of a province. The user wants to create an inset to identify the province within the entire country. Which map element should the user employ? An ArcGIS user is creating a road, which will need to be snapped to the border of a land parcel. Which snapping option must be turned on? Which data model is most efficient for managing and modeling elevation data consisting of three billion individual points? An ArcGIS user is working within a map document and has realized that the Table of Contents is no longer available. Which menu must the user choose to add the Table of Contents to his map document? An ArcGIS user creates a locator from a polyline feature class that exists in a feature dataset. Where can the locator be saved? What can cause bitmapped, banded, or low-quality display printed maps? A client is building a new home and wants to position the home near a lake and a school. Which combination of analysis tools will create a polygon representing a potential area for building the home? A data frame in ArcMap is displaying layers from several different coordinate systems in a worldwide geographic coordinate system. There are several geographic coordinate system transformations listed in the Geographic Coordinate Systems Transformations dialog box. One of the transformations being used is inappropriate and must be changed. How can the ArcGIS user change the transformation? What can be used to ensure that an .mxd file can be opened in a previous version of ArcGIS? Which coordinate system is appropriate for storing a worldwide scale dataset using measures of latitude and longitude, while also allowing for the data to be easily projected for editing and analysis at a local level? An ArcGIS user's plotter will only print up to 42 inches. However, the user is trying to print a large plot (84 inches x 60 inches) for a wall map. What must the ArcGIS user do to print the wall map? An ArcGIS user has Road Lines and City Polygons feature classes and is selecting roads that are division lines between cities. Starting with all Road Lines features selected, which spatial query will keep only the road lines dividing cities selected? When starting an edit session in ArcMap the ArcGIS user is unable to locate the geodatabase feature class in the Start Editing list. Why does the layer fail to show up in the Start Editing list? Which element is required for creating Data Driven Pages? An ArcGIS user wants to automate a process in ModelBuilder to determine the number of points that are located in polygons. Which tool should be used for this process? How does a geodatabase topology ensure data integrity and maintain the spatial relationships between features? A client requests a map of a project area and wants to view the data in ArcReader. What is a valid way for the ArcGIS user to share the project area with them? Which geodatabase element is designed for modeling the flow of a resource such as water electricity, or natural gas from its source to a consumer? An ArcGIS user is working with a CAD polyline feature class. It is comprised of a Feature_Type field containing water main features and a RefName field, which may contain a valve type or may be NULL. How can tins user build a query to isolate Water Main features containing a valid valve type? An ArcGIS user creates a model that includes the Clip tool and wants the x.y tolerance set as 500 feet in the environment setting. What is the minimum environment setting level to override the default settings? An ArcGIS user is required to create a new feature class output of rivers of California Currently, the user has a feature class of the USA rivers and a feature class of the California state boundary. Which process would generate the necessary output? An ArcGIS user is displaying a parcel feature class under a building feature class. The user wants to ensure that the exact outline of all features is visible. What must the ArcGIS user do to allow both feature classes to be viewed at the same time? Which action will keep the intermediate data of a model? An ArcGIS user is trying to add data from an enterprise database to an ArcMap document but is unable to see any feature classes in the database. Why is the ArcGIS user unable to add the data? An ArcGIS User has a faster dataset that represents continuous data. When added to the map, the raster appears dark and grainy. Which process should the ArcGIS user perform to visually enhance the appearance of the raster? An ArcGIS user is creating a map, and wants the point symbols used in a feature layer to scale as the user zooms in or out. Which property must the user set in order to enable this functionality? An ArcGIS user is creating a road polygon feature at a specified distance on each side of a road centerline. Which geoprocessing tool should be used to accomplish this? An ArcGIS user wants to create a stand-alone table in a geodatabase that will contain additional information about land parcels. The parcels reside in an existing feature dataset. Where will this table reside in the geodatabase? An ArcGIS user has a feature class of utility poles and a feature class containing transformers. If a utility pole is deleted the ArcGIS user wants all of its associated transformers to be deleted as well. Which type of association will allow the ArcGIS user to accomplish this task? An ArcGIS user is responsible for updating a coastline feature class to reflect changes due to erosion. Which edit tool is recommended to update this feature class? An ArcGIS user has an .mxd file with layers referencing data from ArcSDE. What should a user do to check the ArcSDE geodatabase versioning information of a layer's feature class? Which two spatial query operators will select point features that are surrounded by polygon features? (Select two)