E22-265 - ViPR SRM 3.x Storage Resource Management

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Example Questions

In ViPR SRM, what is the module name used to manage SNMP devices? Which ViPR SRM Host has the Topology Mapping Service? What is the maximum supported network latency between the Frontend server and the Backend server? When creating a new database schema in a Windows deployment, what is the first command that you will run? In the context of Alerting, which is a possible Action trigger? Where are the SMTP server details set? What is the meaning of an "aggregate" in the context of ViPR SRM? What would best describe Property-Store? When creating a new user, what is the default user status? Since Topology provides end-to-end views of Host to Storage, then what are the Topology services? Which VIPR SRM component allows the use of formulas to compute complex KPIs? You are performing administration for a group of multi-user contract accounts. You want to be able to quickly disable logins for any account in the event that the account's contract expires. Which group of settings provides this capability? What types of matching rules apply to key property values? In order to install the ViPR SRM vApp, which credential is needed? When installing a SolutionPack, the installer places the Reports on the host where the Frontend runs using which service? Multi-Tenancy is when specific users have specific access to specific sections of ViPR SRM. Which user configuration controls these privileges? What is the purpose of the Event Database? What comparison types can be used to evaluate key property values? What determines if a CLARiiON array can be discovered by ViPR SRM? Why would the VMAX Storage Group Performance Reports not show data after Unisphere for VMAX was installed on the FC connected VMAX Collectors? What is the real outcome of data enrichment? A user that is authenticated through Active Directory cannot save any user preferences. What is the cause? You have been given a set of logo files for each department in the business and you are asked to ensure that each user is presented with an initial report page that displays that user's department logo. Which feature of Frontend administration will provide this capability? You are preparing two reports. The first report lists VMs assigned to customers. The second report is a complement of the first report. What would be an appropriate filter expression for the second report? What is the purpose of push-tagging-data.sh? Upon completion of installation of a Brocade SolutionPack you want notifications to be forwarded to a centralized management system for ticketing purposes. What action needs to be performed? After installing the Centera SolutionPack there are no Centeras showing in the reports and no errors in the logs files. What are the next steps? You just installed a new SolutionPack and three polling cycles (15 minutes) have passed. What task must be run to get the data into the UI quickly? What component cannot be part of a SolutionPack? In addition to validation of discovered storage infrastructure against design best practices and the EMC Support Matrix for compliance, what features does the Storage Compliance SolutionPack provide? What methods are used to discover physical hosts in ViPR SRM? To which host does the Brocade SMI-S provider forward traps? You have installed the EMC Watch4net Health SolutionPack on the Frontend server and now wish to install it on the Backend server. Where should the next Reports component be installed? What must be created for each Aggregate when performing Backend administration? While validating the proposed ViPR SRM environment for ViPR SRM implementation, you discover that Host FQDNs do not resolve and the infrastructure manager verified that DNS is not used. How should the ViPR SRM software be deployed? When deploying the VMAX SolutionPack with a Remote Solutions Enabler what must be entered exactly as it appears in the netcnfg file? Which log level provides the highest level of detail? While installing a SolutionPack, the configuration screen has multiple options. Of the options presented, which one is mandatory? What best describes a ReportPack? Where is the Load-Balancer-Connector installed? In the ViPR SRM version 3.5 VMware SolutionPack, what statistics-level needs to be set at the vCenter server to get performance statistics details for the guest VMs? Which default port does the Centralized Management Module use to communicate remote commands to the WebService Gateway? What is the database that Tomcat uses to identify authorized web application users? Which is a ViPR SRM SolutionsPack? In the context of reporting, what are some common ViPR SRM properties conventions? When installing the Cisco MDS/Nexus Switch SolutionPack, where should the SNMP Masks be installed? What are the minimum ViPR SRM hosts to be deployed into an enterprise environment, not including additional Collector Hosts? Which three ViPR SRM categories characterize ViPR SRM? What is the purpose of the Discovery Center? What is the benefit of deploying the Watch4net Health SolutionPack?