E20-818 - Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam On Implementation Engineers

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Example Questions

What are the two ways open systems use disk storage? The command shown was entered from a host with symacl Admin privileges. After completing the preview step to create an access pool, the commit step fails. What is a potential cause for the problem? In the course of recovering from an SRDF/Star workload site disaster, a customer notices that one of the RDF devices in the composite group is in the duplicate state. What is the cause for this behavior? Flexible Dynamic Cache Partitioning has been implemented on a Symmetrix V-Max array. Monitoring of the partition used by the mission-critical application shows that the cache utilization is always at the "Target %". The "Maximum %" has been set higher than the Target %. What is a reason for this behavior? A customer wants to use tsimsnap2 to back up their Microsoft SQL Server database remotely. Which option would meet the requirements for running tsimsnap2 from the backup server? A customer has implemented a two-node Microsoft Windows 2003 MSCS cluster with SRDF/CE. SRDF device pairs are in SRDF/S mode. The customer wants to add additional disks to a cluster disk group. What is the recommended tool to add additional disks to a cluster disk group? A customer has implemented TimeFinder/Exchange Integration Module (TF/EIM) to back up two Microsoft Exchange 2007 servers. A single backup server is handling the backups of both production servers. After adding a third Exchange server, the customer notices that the "eseutil" check run as part of Exbackup2007 is taking considerably longer to run on the new server than it does on the other two servers, although there is less data to back up. No other performance issues have been noted on the new Exchange server. What is the most likely cause of the backup delays on the new server? What describes a Microsoft two-node cluster environment within an active/active configuration? An SRDF/Star solution has been deployed. The customer is concerned about data consistency at the target sites during the initial Star configuration process. When is the data consistent at the asynchronous target site? A customer is using Oracle 11g with flashback functionality enabled with a retention period of 24 hours. A TimeFinder/BCV copy of the database is taken every evening at midnight. The customer becomes aware of a transactional corruption in the database at 3:00 P.M. A plan to fix the database needs to be presented for approval. The plan must specify which changes need to occur with the database to recover as much of the data as possible. How can the customer identify the exact point of corruption? A Microsoft SQL Server database administrator wants to execute backups using Solutions Enabler SRM functionality. Which ODBC variable(s) needs to be set to enable the symioctl and symrdb command set? A customer has a mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server environment on a Symmetrix V-Max storage array. They have implemented the TimeFinder/SQL Integration Module (TF/SIM) for remote backups. What are prerequisites for executing a remote backup using tsimsnap? A Microsoft Exchange administrator is currently using Replication Manager to perform nightly backups of several Exchange 2007 databases. Recently, one of the jobs failed. A check of the event logs reveals error code "-1018". After identifying and resolving the source of the error, the administrator attempts to run the backup job a second time, but it fails again with the same error code. What does the administrator need to do to resolve the issue? You have determined that a Symmetrix device is consistently reaching the write-pending limit. What would you recommend to resolve this problem? As reflected a composite group spanning two Symmetrix arrays is set up to run SRDF/Star using Cascaded SRDF. What is one of the necessary conditions before the SRDF daemon at Site A will perform an MSC cycle switch? A customer is running SRDF/CE as part of their Microsoft clustering solution. The Majority Node Set has just suffered a double node failure with the three-node cluster. How would you manually override the majority logic and restart the Cluster Service on Node 1? Which event requires an unplanned switch of the production workload? A customer needs to comply with data-at-rest security on a server connected to a Symmetrix. Which security feature will satisfy those requirements? A customer has a mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server environment on Symmetrix DMX storage. They plan to use the SRM feature of the Solutions Enabler suite to freeze and thaw I/O as well as begin and end VDI snapshot sessions. After configuring the SYMCLI_RDB_TYPE and SYMCLI_RDB_CONNECT variables, what else needs to be configured? You are examining the performance of a weekly backup. You notice that the utilization for the Symmetrix front-end director CPUs involved in the backup is very low. What might be causing this low utilization? You are having a discussion with a customer regarding Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database layout and the topic of separating the "data" and "log" files arises. They want to know that in addition to performance, if there is another reason for selecting separate volumes for their data and log files. How would you respond to the customer's inquiry? A customer uses Symmetrix V-Max arrays for a number of applications. Some of the applications are replicated with SRDF/S. They would like to implement Symmetrix Priority Controls (SPC) to improve the performance of some applications. When will SPC be most effective? A replica of a Microsoft SQL Server database needs to be created for use in an application test environment. The database replica needs to be taken simultaneously with the corresponding application file system. Replication Manager will be used to manage the replica creation process. The replica database can be mounted on a separate test database host from the production database. SQL Server has been installed on this host. Which mount recovery mode should be used when mounting this replica on the test database host? A customer creates a backup of their Oracle database using TimeFinder/Clone. However, when trying to bring up the replication the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance will occasionally go into a recovery mode. The customer would like the ASM instance to start up without requiring this recovery step. Which change will prevent this occasional recovery? While using Performance Manager to analyze the performance of a Symmetrix over a period of time, you notice that the readings for four of the DA processors are consistently close together. Which view will provide the best comparison over time? You are planning to fill a large Symmetrix V-Max array with 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel drives and 7,200 rpm SATA drives. How can you ensure that every back-end director manages just one type of drive? TimeFinder/SQL Integration Module (TF/SIM) was configured for a customer several months ago. Recently, the customer experienced a corruption to one of their production databases named "Custinfo". While attempting to recover the database, the customer located the path to the required metadata file. However, they are unsure which file is needed for replay of their transaction log backups. Which filename should the customer be directed to in order to recover the VDI metadata file? As represented on the left side of an SRDF/Star configuration has a workload running at Site A. A symstar halt command is executed at the workload site (Site A). Which action would reconfigure the RDF device relationships such that the workload site is located at Site B and both RDF targets are in the disconnected state? An Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk group consists of two 50 GB LUNs and is currently in use. The customer requires more space for their Oracle database and has been provided with two 100 GB LUNs. What is the recommended way to organize ASM disk groups to make use of additional space? A customer is setting up access control on their Symmetrix array for the first time. An EMC Customer Engineer has already initialized the access control database and created an access ID PIN. The customer is ready to configure the host that will be used for administrative purposes. What is the next command that will need to be run? A customer is migrating their Microsoft Exchange 2007 server from a NAS back end to a new Symmetrix V-Max SE array. Perfmon was used to create a log view of an average day's activity against the database LUN of the busiest datastore in the Exchange environment. This will serve as the performance benchmark for all other database LUNs. There are an additional four mailbox databases on this server. How many RAID 5-protected 15k rpm spindles are required to satisfy the performance needs of the customer for each of the mailbox databases on this server? During a performance analysis, you notice that a group of Symmetrix devices has a front-end I/O rate that is much higher than the back-end I/O rate. What is a possible reason for this behavior? A Symmetrix V-Max customer is installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and needs to configure log devices. What is the recommended protection for these devices? A TimeFinder/Snap customer has been asked by the development team to create a copy of their Oracle 10g database for testing new applications. They would like this database to be an Oracle user offline consistent image of the database. What is the order of actions you would perform to provide this copy? A customer wants to take advantage of Enterprise Flash Drive technology with their upcoming disk purchase. However, the customer is unsure where the best fit would be for the new drives with their applications. You have been asked to make a recommendation. What is the optimal candidate for these drives? Which change in a Symmetrix array's workload will typically result in an increase in the read hit rate? What is the finest level of backup granularity provided by Replication Manager for Microsoft SQL Server? A Symmetrix V-Max array is configured with RAID 1 and RAID 6 (14+2) devices. In order to implement Symmetrix Optimizer, which types of devices need to be configured? A customer is using Performance Manager to analyze one of their applications. The application that is being analyzed has almost no writes and an extremely high read hit ratio. Which kind of application does this profile most likely represent? A Symmetrix V-Max customer is running SRDF/A. The customer wants to guard against a failure at the source site by implementing a three data center solution. They are proposing to locate production at Site A, a nearby SRDF target at Site B, and a remote SRDF target at Site C. What is an advantage of SRDF/EDP over other methods of SRDF protection? A customer wants to use TimeFinder/Exchange Integration Module (TF/EIM) to create daily local replicas of a critical Microsoft Exchange 2007 mailbox server. Using Remote Desktop with the "- console" switch, they connect remotely to the backup server and execute the following command: exbackup2007 -v -vss -s [servername\] -preestablish The command starts to run, but fails when TF/EIM attempts to extract the Exchange paths on the production server. Why is the process unable to complete? A customer is deploying TimeFinder/SQL Integration Module (TF/SIM) to create local replicas of Symmetrix devices that hold their production Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases. The customer has created BCVs to be used as replicas. These replicas are mounted on a second host for backup and development purposes. Which state do the BCVs need to be in for tsimsnap backup to run successfully? A customer has a mission-critical Microsoft SQL Server environment on Symmetrix DMX storage. They have implemented TimeFinder/SQL Integration Module (TF/SIM) on the local reporting server. What is a prerequisite for executing a backup using tsimsnap? A customer has purchased Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) for their Symmetrix V-Max array. The customer is considering how to use these drives effectively. Which application workloads are good candidates to migrate to the Enterprise Flash Drives? A customer plans to lay out their Oracle 11g OLTP database across four Symmetrix V-Max LUNs. Which Oracle component can be combined with the Control files for optimal performance? Which type of security information can be obtained by using the symconnect -sid 6208 -list command? A customer wants to implement FCID lockdown on a server with a Symmetrix DMX-4. You display the HBA information illustrated. What is the correct command to set up a FCID lockdown? Which SRDF/CE component is responsible for performing SRDF operations such as failover, failback, and group creation? A customer upgraded their Microsoft SQL Server 2000 environment to SQL Server 2008. The customer had been using Replication Manager to create local and remote replicas of the database. Which change needs to be made to the Replication Manager installation to be able to create new replicas of the upgraded servers? Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner. A customer is migrating their SQL server from a NAS back end to a new RAID 1-protected Symmetrix V-Max SE array. Perfmon was used to create a log view of an average day's activity against the database LUN as represented. Unfortunately the database's data file and transaction log are located on the same LUN. The database administrator has informed you that this database typically processes 25 GB worth of transactions over the course of their 12-hour business day. Which discount in IOPS should be taken before determining the number of spindles required for the data file LUN?