E20-816 - Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam On Technology Architects

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Example Questions

Which type of errors does the TimeFinder Integration Module for Exchange scan for prior to a backup? What does basic Symmetrix performance knowledge allow you to do? During Symmetrix VMAX performance analysis, you notice that a collection of VMAX devices has a front-end I/O rate that is much lower than its back-end I/O rate. What might be the reason for this? A customer is implementing Replication Manager to create local clone replicas of their SQL database on their VMAX array. The customer is concerned the RM replica jobs may run for an extended period of time and could cause resource conflicts with other production applications. How can the customer best minimize the impact of the RM replica jobs on the array? What is the device write pending limit of the total writeable cache for a Symmetrix VMAX ? You are designing a new Symmetrix VMAX storage array to replace a client's Symmetrix DMX4. Performance data is captured and examined for the DMX4. During the discovery phase, the client states that their critical business application has increased response times when establishing SRDF for 20 logical volumes. Examination of the current configuration of the logical volumes used for the application reveals the following: - Ten 4way meta volumes at 200 GB - Five 8 way meta volumes at 472 GB - Five logical volumes at 59 GB Performance analysis shows that the device write pending counts for the five logical volumes at 59 GB are higher than other volumes used by the application. The client expects migration events to require a complete establishment of their DR environment logical volumes. How should all the devices be configured on the target Symmetrix VMAX storage array? You are planning the deployment of a new Symmetrix VMAX array for two different applications. The two applications should not share back-end directors, ports, or disks. How should you allocate the storage for the two applications? You have been tasked with gathering performance data for a clustered Microsoft SQL server database that will be migrated to a Symmetrix VMAX. Which Perfmon counter must you measure prior to designing a disk layout? You are planning a VMAX configuration with FAST VP for a customer's Exchange 2010 environment. The customer requests the database be placed on thin devices and the log files be placed on regular devices. Some of volumes are quite large and will require metavolumes to meet the capacity requirements. Which metavolume configuration should you use? A large customer has a formal Capacity and Performance Measurement (CPM) department. Some of this customer's business users describe the environment as good, while others describe the environment as challenged. They know that the CPM department has proactively avoided some issues but are frustrated by other occasions when they have experienced performance short-falls or insufficient storage resources. How would you categorize this Performance Management style? The customer is looking to deploy a large SQL environment to a ESXi cluster. The main I/O Load of the environment will be OLTP, with a high rate of transactions. Which Raid Type should this environment deploy? SRDF/EDP is running in Adaptive Copy Disk mode from the source (R1) site to the secondary (R21) site. Which SRDF mode is permitted between the R21 and the R2 sites? A customer has implemented an Oracle application on a VMAX with a mix of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) and FC 15K drives. EFD are configured in RAID 5 and FC 15K both in RAID 5 and RAID 1. In terms of IOPS activity, reads are predominant over writes. The customer decided to place a portion of the database in each tier. Which Oracle database object(s) is suitable to be placed on the FC 15K RAID 1 drives? Performance Manager is reporting more than 70% utilization on two VMAX FA ports, but the total IOPS per port is low. What is the likely cause and recommended resolution for the high FA utilization? A company uses VMware ESXi Servers and Symmetrix VMAX storage arrays. Which EMC Virtual Storage Integrator feature will show an end-to-end mapping of storage resources; from an ESXi LUN all the way to the Symmetrix VMAX volume? A Symmetrix VMAX storage array is designed for performance with the following configuration: What will be the limiting factor for performance? A new Oracle database is being deployed on a VMAX array. The DBA requests 4TB of usable capacity to be managed by Oracle ASM. This includes 2TB for primary data and 1TB for Oracle Flashback capacity. Devices will be provisioned from a single VP pool and will be fully pre-allocated. No remote replication is planned. Which configuration will provide the best performance and availability for the database? A company is in the process of setting up a VMware vSphere 5.0 ESXi host. Which power management setting should be set on the physical host BIOS that the ESXi hypervisor will be installed on? A colleague configured new thin volumes on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX in preparation for a customer's Exchange 2010 environment. The Exchange environment will be configured on a 4-node Windows 2008 Failover Cluster. The customer's storage environment is already oversubscribed and the new store volumes are quite large. The colleague wants to avoid fully allocating the thin volumes. How should you format the volumes? A customer requested your assistance to review an Oracle 11g deployment. The customer has two sites 50 kilometers apart and uses VMAX arrays and SRDF/S to provide a disaster recovery solution for their critical database. Their business objective is to have a restartable copy of the database in their disaster recovery site. How is this accomplished? Host A and Host B are connected to a Symmetrix VMAX, the hosts do not share volumes. The customer plans to implement PowerPath Encryption on Host A. Which action will be required on Host An existing 2-engine VMAX array has 192 x 450GB 15K Fibre Channel drives in a single Virtual Provisioning pool. Two Linux database hosts are connected to the array and both are running PowerPath. Host oradb01 is connected to the E0 FA ports on each director and is meeting the customer performance SLA. Host oradb02 is connected to the G0 FA ports on each director - and for the past 3 days this host has been experiencing poor performance during peak activity in the afternoons. What steps do you take to identify likely bottlenecks? You are designing a boot from SAN solution for VMware ESXi servers connected to a Symmetrix VMAX storage array. What is a consideration? A customer is implementing a new ESXi cluster and will be provisioning 50TB of storage from Symmetrix Pool Storage. The size of the LUNS being presented is 150GB. Based on EMC Best Practices, on how many storage ports should LUNS be presented? A company plans to lay out their Oracle 11g OLTP database across four Symmetrix VMAX LUNs. Which Oracle component can be co-located with the Control Files without impacting performance? A customer has a new four engine Symmetrix VMAX storage array installed at their site. The array will be the target for a consolidation of three Symmetrix DMX storage arrays. The customer has concerns about required performance for a specific application that currently uses logical volumes from two of the source arrays. All applications that use this storage will have different peak usage times during the day. How can the customer configure the new VMAX cache to guarantee the best level of service to the specific application? A customer has a VMAX 1 Engine with 128 GB of cache. The disks are configured in RAID 1 and SRDF is not implemented. The applications on the VMAX perform heavy writes with a ratio of 20/80 (Reads/Writes). Due to continuous rate of writes, the VMAX reaches the Device Write Pending Limit. What is the most cost effective way to address the problem? A data warehouse team is reporting poor performance on their batch reports. The database runs on a Solaris host connected to a DMX-4 array with Fibre Channel drives sized to support a sequential read workload. Which ratio in Performance Manager metrics would be most useful in diagnosing the performance issue? A company is considering different options in the storage placement of a VMware vSphere 5.0 swap file. When considering placement options, what type of storage would vMotion performance be reduced via the placement of the swap file in that location? A new data warehouse will be hosted on an existing 4-engine VMAX array. The database server has 4 HBAs connected at 4Gb/s. Due to limited SAN switch ports only port 0 on each VMAX FA is connected - also at 4Gb/s. The workload is expected to require at least 2300MB/s of reads at 128KB I/O size and must maintain performance in case of any major component failure in the host, switch or array. Assume that the existing workload on the VMAX does not exceed 100MB/s per port and assume that the ports can sustain up to 300MB/s without exceeding 70% utilization. What is the minimum number of FA ports needed to spread the workload evenly across all 4 VMAX engines and meet the above performance requirements? A company plans to deploy Symmetrix VMAX arrays in their VMware vSphere environment. The ESXi hosts will be connected to the VMAX arrays over a FC SAN. What VMAX FA port flag must be enabled? A customer connected a new Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to their VMAX array. The server has PowerPath installed. The customer asks which failover policy they should use for best performance. Which failover policy do you recommend? Your customer has an Oracle 11g environment that requires a database to be recoverable within a few minutes over an extended distance. Which best practice would you recommend to ensure recoverability on the target side? A customer implemented an Oracle application on a VMAX with a mix of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) and FC 15K drives. EFD are configured in RAID 5 and FC 15K both in RAID 5 and RAID 1. The application is random read intensive. The customer has decided to place a portion of the database in each tier. Which Oracle database files are suitable to be placed on EFD drives? A company has three data centers that they use to run Concurrent SRDF/Star. All links between the workload and synchronous target sites were temporarily unavailable. They are unsure about the sequence of actions during the transient fault recovery process. When do they need to run the symstar reset command? A customer requested a point-in-time replica of their Oracle database. You have architected a TimeFinder/Clone environment to meet the customer's requirements. However, the customer immediately notices that queries against the production database are noticeably slower than normal. Which recommendation helps minimize this performance impact? A customer has asked, what would be the biggest advantage of implementing an ASM, Oracle 11g application on an existing EMC Symmetrix array? Two weeks after configuring FAST-VP on a new VMAX array with EFD, FC and SATA tiers you notice that FAST-VP is no longer moving data to the SATA tier which is 82% full. The active FAST- VP policy lists 100% for the SATA tier. What is preventing more data moving to the SATA tier? A customer is bringing up a new ESX farm and will be provisioning 50TB of storage from Symmetrix pool storage. They will create 25 2TB Data Stores which will be assigned to six Storage Ports. What will be the size of the LUNS presented to the Cluster? A company is investigating memory issues with a VMware vSphere implementation. How would the company determine if there are memory issues at the host level when monitoring through a vSphere vCenter Server? How can a storage administrator restrict storage management access for any host that has not been granted explicit symacl rights? A new EMC customer recently installed their first VMAX and a complete suite of EMC management tools. Their lead capacity planner attended training and has started monitoring the VMAX. You receive a call and this person describes the measurements observed. During the period of heaviest workload, reported throughput on certain Fibre Channel ports is nearing 150,000 KB/second but those ports display only about 10% utilization. What is the likely cause? The links between an R1/R2 pair are logically suspended and a half delete is performed on the R2 device. What describes the RDF pair configuration? What are examples of metrics collected at the LUN and sub-LUN level by FAST VP during user defined performance windows? You are architecting a VMware virtualized Exchange 2010 solution that will include replication of the Exchange volumes using VMware snapshots. Which type of storage should be presented to the VMs in order to facilitate replication? A customer is implementing an Exchange environment on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX. The environment will be deployed on 600 GB FC 15K drives using RAID 1 data protection. The application generates 1350 I/O per second and has a 2:1 read/write ratio. What is the minimum number of drives recommended to support the application? A customer is planning an Oracle 11g implementation. You have been assigned to design the Oracle storage architecture. You recommend placing redo logs files on separate drives from other Oracle files. Your customer wants an explanation of this architecture choice. What best describes the reason for this EMC recommendation? When utilizing shared storage within a VMware vSphere 5.0 environment, what type of storage should swap files be placed on? A customer connected a new Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to their VMAX array. The server will use Windows native MPIO. The customer asks which failover policy they should use for best performance. What do you recommend? A VMware customer noticed slow performance of virtual machines hosted on an ESXi host. Which value indicates that the ESXi host is overloaded and is causing virtual machine slow performance?