E20-814 - Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators

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Example Questions

Storage from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array has been presented to a number of ESXi servers. The number of LUNs seen by any ESXi server is less than 30 and the LUN numbers are consecutive. Which VMware parameter can be modified to improve the LUN discovery process during a rescan? You are planning the deployment of a VMware vSphere environment with EMC Symmetrix VMAX arrays. Each ESXi cluster will host at least 100 virtual machines. Which storage allocation will provide optimal performance and scalability? EMC Symmetrix VMAX devices 0AB and 019 are allocated to a UNIX server. Devices 0AB and 019 are two-member meta devices: The storage administrator found that the utilization of device 019 is much higher than device 0AB. How is the write pending limit allocated? A storage administrator is configuring Optimizer on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. The array is configured entirely with RAID 5 (3+1) devices. All devices are 8 GB and all devices are R1 devices with SRDF/A mirrors on a remote array. Optimizer has completed the first cycle of performance analysis and has recommended a large number of device swaps to balance the activity on the array. The storage administrator has been asked to minimize the time it takes to complete all the swaps. What is the minimum configuration of DRV devices that the administrator needs to create? A company plans to lay out their Oracle 11g OLTP database across four EMC Symmetrix VMAX LUNs. Which Oracle component can be co-located with the control files without impacting performance? You have just upgraded a vSphere environment to use PowerPath/VE instead of NMP. The next step in your installation is to license PowerPath/VE. Which command is used to register PowerPath/VE licensing on a vSphere ESXi host? A company has a large vSphere environment with multiple EMC Symmetrix VMAX arrays connected to it. Management of this environment has become challenging for both vSphere and SAN administrators. They have agreed that Virtual Storage Integrator should be implemented to help manage their environment. The company's management states that only the storage administrator should be able to provision storage. Provisioning storage from within vSphere should be prohibited. Which component of the VSI software suite should be left out of the deployment? A server providing streaming video to clients is configured with storage from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. The data on this server is static and does not change. The file system for the videos is on a 600 GB striped metavolume made up from 8 x 75 GB standard RAID 5 devices. The storage administrator is baselining the performance of the system using Performance Manager. The administrator notices that the "seq reads per sec" metric is much lower than expected for a heavy sequential read application. What is the most likely reason for this situation? Which type of security information can be obtained by using the symconnect -sid 6208 list command? A storage administrator is planning to implement Dynamic Cache Partitioning (DCP) on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. There are five applications running on hosts attached to this array. The administrator wants to ensure that none of these applications have any effect on each other due to cache conflicts. Which steps need to be completed to configure DCP? A company is using Replication Manager to backup their Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment using Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS). Each Exchange database and log volume has separate Symmetrix VMAX LUNs. A Replication Manager backup job for a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server with 20 databases keeps failing to complete a backup. What could be causing the failure? Database administrators load new financial data into their databases between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M. every day. During this time period, the Microsoft Exchange administrators report that archiving operations come to a halt. Neither operation can be moved to a different time due to other dependencies. How can performance be improved for the Exchange team without impacting the database data import? When using Performance Manager to analyze an application, you notice that the application has almost no writes but has an extremely high read hit ratio. Which kind of application does this profile most likely represent? A company plans to use Symmetrix VMAX Virtual Provisioning for their VMware ESXi servers. They have standardized on 1 TB VMFS datastores built on single LUNs. However, they want the ability to grow the datastore if required. What is the recommended Symmetrix VMAX storage allocation and why? A company must deploy Symmetrix Access Control restricting access to hosts that belong to the ADMIN group. Which two default Symmetrix Access Control Entries (ACE) must be removed to restrict access to hosts that do not belong to the ADMIN group? Prior to creating your Symmetrix VMAX architecture for SQL, you are given a Perfmon Log view containing data for your database LUN. The file contains read and write IOPS collected over the past week, at 3-minute intervals. Which method should be used to determine the correct IOPS target for calculating the appropriate number of RAID corrected spindles? A company requires their ESXi server to boot from an EMC Symmetrix VMAX device over the SAN. What is a consideration? You are performing a migration from DAS-based Microsoft SQL Servers to an EMC Symmetrix VMAX. In order to assure the highest levels of performance and availability, you ensure that all EMC best practices are followed. In order to protect the database volumes from having write pendings being overwritten by new writes to the same area in global memory, which array setting should be configured? A company currently has a PowerPath-enabled SAN environment with many hosts. A majority of the hosts have storage allocated from Fibre Channel drives and have poor service time. They intend to design a solution for Symmetrix VMAX storage consolidation to replace their current storage infrastructure. What is a key design guideline to overcome this issue? A customer has asked you to help them create a local restartable clone of production data without putting the Oracle database into hot backup mode. Which TimeFinder/Clone operation is required? A company plans to install a Symmetrix VMAX in a Fibre Channel SAN environment. They need to protect data access to the Symmetrix port level. Which feature needs to be implemented? You have decided to implement SRDF/S to replicate your Microsoft SQL Server database to a remote site. The database is running in mixed-mode authentication and is comprised of three data files, each in their own file group. One of the requirements of this solution is that the database be restartable at the remote site without losing any data. Which SQL Server component(s) must be included in the SRDF/S replication to meet this requirement? A company is planning to deploy Enterprise Flash Drives (EFDs) in their EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. When using devices on the EFDs, which I/O profile will benefit the most? An EMC Symmetrix VMAX is shared between a company's sales and engineering departments. The company has the following requirements: 1. A specific user from the sales department should be allowed to execute TimeFinder commands on the devices set aside for sales using a Solaris host. 2. The same user should not be allowed control over devices belonging to engineering. 3. No other user with an account on the Solaris host should be able to exercise the same controls specified in the first two requirements. Which combination of access control permission and user-based authorization role will fulfill this requirement? A company has been creating TimeFinder/Clone replicas of several Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailbox servers using Replication Manager. They have recently added a new Exchange Server 2010 mailbox host to the environment. In addition, the company has created a scheduled job to create replicas of five storage groups in consecutive order. They notice that the newly added replica jobs seem to take a long time to complete. What is the source of the problem? A database administrator is implementing a new production database in Oracle 11g for Oracle RAC hosts attached to an EMC Symmetrix. The storage for the redo logs need to be provisioned. How should the metavolume be configured for redo logs? An SRDF/Star user wants to move their workload from the current workload site to one of the target sites. Which operational step is necessary before executing the symstar halt command? An EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage array is hosting multiple Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers in a virtualized infrastructure. Replication Manager is being used with TimeFinder/Clone to provide backups of the Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment with Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS). Each hypervisor has two HBAs which are zoned into separate fabrics with four FAs from the Symmetrix VMAX in each fabric. The hypervisors host four Exchange 2010 servers that contain 20 databases each. When presenting the RDMs to the hypervisors using Auto-Provisioning, some of the RDMs are not visible. What could be the issue? A company is evaluating SRDF/Star. They are concerned that the RDF daemon represents a single point of failure. How could this concern be addressed? A storage administrator notices I/O contention on a volume that contains two Oracle dbf data files. While discussing the issue with the database administrator, it is decided that one of the dbf files will need to be moved to a different volume. Which process steps are required to move the dbf file in question to a different Oracle volume? All applications running on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array are experiencing poor performance. The environment is characterized by: What can be done to guarantee service levels of business critical applications? A storage administrator is investigating performance issues on a server attached to an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array. The server is running a database application with database tables located in a file system on a 100 GB standard device. Performance Manager shows that during peak activity times, the 100 GB device is reaching its device write pending limit. Which solution may help resolve this performance issue? SRDF/EDP is running in Adaptive Copy Disk mode from the source (R1) site to the secondary (R21) site. Which SRDF mode is permitted between the R21 and the R2 sites? Access control is being deployed in an EMC Symmetrix environment. What are the access control rights that need to be given to the Symmetrix Service Processor? You work in the SAN engineering department for a company that has deployed their Microsoft Exchange 2010 application on EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage arrays across multiple site locations. The VMAX storage arrays utilize SRDF for disaster recovery. You are required to enforce thin pool utilization limits to avoid any performance implications that could arise from over-subscription. Which two thin pool parameters should be used? A company has a vSphere environment consisting of eight ESXi hosts. Each host is running EMC PowerPath/VE and is connected to multiple FA ports on their Symmetrix. PowerPath/VE will not claim the disk devices presented by their storage array even though the devices are seen by the hosts. What is the most likely solution? A storage administrator is planning to configure an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array for a few critical Microsoft Windows application servers. The array is running Enginuity 5874 and has a mixture of SATA, FC, and EFD disks installed. The application servers all require a mix of high performance and low performance capacity. Which Symmetrix feature should be used to ensure the most dynamic and efficient use of the array with the best performance possible for all applications? A company has a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 database running on Windows Server 2008. The Windows server contains users with dynamic mailbox growth requirements. In order to efficiently use capacity while still allowing room for extended growth, the company is considering implementing virtual provisioning on their Symmetrix VMAX for this specific mailbox database. The company is trying to determine which option to use when performing a volume format on the NTFS partition that will contain the mailbox database. Which option should be used and why? Four DRV devices are configured in an EMC Symmetrix DMX array. As per current settings, a maximum of four simultaneous swaps and eight swaps per day are allowed in the Symmetrix. Optimizer analyzes the back-end I/O and decides to swap. How many swaps are allowed at the same time? When formatting Symmetrix volumes for use with Microsoft SQL Server online transaction processing databases, which allocation unit size should be selected? You are examining the performance of a weekly backup. You notice that the utilization for the Symmetrix front-end director CPUs involved in the backup is very low. What might be causing this low utilization? An application hosted on the Symmetrix is experiencing increasingly longer processing times. However, the data has not changed in several months. New servers are being added regularly to the array, some of which are also experiencing poor performance. Performance Manager shows an unbalanced back-end. How could this be resolved? A company is currently planning to use virtual provisioning for consolidating Microsoft Exchange 2010. Ease of administration is their primary concern. They have requested your assistance in providing a design guideline. What is a key design consideration? A company wants to configure a three-site disaster tolerant SRDF solution. The production site will be at Site A, the nearby target will be at Site B, and the distant target at Site C. The company has large amounts of Symmetrix storage but wants to minimize the cost of network bandwidth. Which data center solution would you recommend? In an SRDF/Star environment, which event requires an unplanned switch of the production workload? Multiple production workloads on an EMC Symmetrix array experience performance issues during the backup window. Even though backups are written to SATA devices and production workloads reside on EFD and FC devices, response times for the production hosts degrade during the backup window and quickly recover thereafter. During the backup window, the Symmetrix is consistently approaching the system write pending limit. What is the best way to provide predictable and controlled service levels for the production workloads? An Oracle ASM disk group consists of two 50 GB LUNs and is currently in use. The Oracle database requires more storage space and has two 100 GB LUNs available. What is the recommended way to organize ASM disk groups to make use of additional space? A company is planning to migrate their Oracle database to EMC Symmetrix VMAX to support decision support system applications. They would like design guidelines to overcome the existing performance bottlenecks. What is the key design guideline? Some applications on an EMC Symmetrix VMAX array are remotely replicated with SRDF/S. Symmetrix Priority Controls (SPC) is used to improve performance of these applications. When will SPC be most effective? A database administrator is concerned about the performance impact of placing a busy Oracle instance in hot backup mode. They want to take TimeFinder/Clone consistent replicas every three hours. If Oracle is not placed in hot backup mode, what is the state of the Oracle tablespaces in the replica?