E20-670 - Networked Storage-CAS Installation/Troubleshooting Specialisation

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Example Questions

Customer has an existing Dell 2650. They want to setup E What occurs to the CUA when Centera FileArchiver is enabled? Which information is displayed by the CLI command Show Network Detail? How can a CE verify that EMC has received the notification generated from "Notify" command? A CE is out in the field doing a Gen4 install, and notices that there are too many or too few nodes. What are the possible node configurations for a single Gen4 cube? Which procedure must the CE follow to upgrade CentraStar? Which management roles are performed by EMCservice profile? Which CAS term describes the content, quality and condition of a file? Which protocol is disabled by default at CUA install? A customer calls you and wants to change Governance Edition back to basic. What is your reply? What must be present on a pre Gen4 Centera to enable CPP? What is the Regeneration Buffer? Which tool is used to configure the CUA? Which pre-defined access profile contains Monitor, Replication and Configuration roles? What is the approximate storage space increase by using CPP over CPM? When the cluster is locked, which service functions are disabled? A CE is using Centera Viewer to check for regenerations. Which menu tab should be used? Which statement describes Event Based Retention? Which utilities are installed as part of Global Services tool install? What is the maximum Gen4 cluster size? In CentraStar 3.0, which format does ConnectEMC use to send the health report, alerts and notifications to the customer? Which answer best describes Centera Seek? Which output indicates time to replicate? Which socket port needs to be open so that API can connect to an access node? Which Compliance Edition does NOT allow remote management? What is the maximum number of custom pools that can be created for specific applications? What is default data protection scheme? EMC service has just completed a Centera install and enabled CE+. The CE now notices on the CCRF that EBR must be enabled. What is required for this feature to operate? CE performs a new install at the customer site running CenterStar 3.1. Which profile is used to SSH into the cluster? What performs background scrubbing, integrity checking and authenticating? Orphans in a CFA environment are files deleted from which platform? The CE has replaced a node in a Centera Cluster. When the node shows up in Centera Viewer, it is offline. What is the problem with the replacement node? What is the purpose of the Kickstart process? What is the configuration of a Centera Star replication topology? Centera, 3.0 has been storing data for 1 year. Now the Centera needs to be more secure. CE+ is turned on. What happens to the data that was written to the Centera before CE+ was turned on? Which node is responsible for email home? Which security option is available to completely remove data by overwriting the space occupied by the Blob? The active CUA crashes in an EA environment. What steps need to be taken to fix the problem? A CE enabled CPP at a customer site. What is the default parity size? A CE is at a customer site and needs to find out which node is a principle cluster node. Which steps or commands are needed to find out this info? Which CLI command can the CE use to check for the number of MB waiting to be replicated? The application deletes a file on the Centera at 2.3.3. Which type of object gets created on the Centera containing information about the delete? What is contained in a C-clip? What is the purpose of Kickstart? When CPP is enabled, how is the data stored? How often does CUA perform a backup? Which process is used to free up disk space on the CUA? The customer has a single 16 node Centera which has been running for six months. They decide on a disaster recovery scenario and order another Centera for Replication. After Replication is turned on, the customer notices a difference in the object count between the two Centeras. What needs to be done? Which protocol does ConnectEMC use to communicate with EMC Customer Support Center? The customer wants the CUA to write to the Centera using a profile. How can this be accomplished?