E20-655 - Isilon Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers

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Example Questions

How many simultaneous operations can an eight disk RAID 5 set perform? A finance department wants to secure its data while this data traverses over the FC SAN. Currently the SAN is also used by other departments in the organization. Which implementation would you recommend to isolate the traffic from finance department? The queued writes on the source side exceed the size of the dedicated log file. Which remote replication technology requires a full resynchronization between source and target in this situation? What is a key management task that applies to all data center elements? Which data access pattern is most influenced by slow seek times? What attribute other than individual identity or group membership can be used to restrict access in the context of information security? Why do array based local replication technologies track changes made to source and target devices after the creation of a replica? A customer wants 24x7 availability for a business application that uses a file system. Which operation ensures a consistent replica of the file system? What is the sequence of steps in a business continuity planning process? 1. Perform disk analysis 2. Collect data on various business processes 3. Test, train and maintain 4. Develop a disaster recovery plan A customer wants 24x7 availability for their business application that uses a database. What is performed to ensure a consistent replica of the database? Which remote replication solution has the lowest bandwidth requirement? In a Fibre Channel SAN, which protocol implementation is used? Which cache algorithm will optimize storage array's I/O response time if sequential access is detected? How does asynchronous remote replication improve application performance compared to synchronous remote replication? Which protection strategy can be applied to the security zone containing switches and routers? What is the name of EMC CLARiiON operating environment? What aspect of information security must be provided so that authentication can be performed? Which host component is the high speed interconnects between the Central Processing Unit and memory? Which topology increases connectivity within the SAN while conserving overall port utilization? Which data access pattern will have its performance affected most by slow seek times? By spoofing the identity of a remote storage site, which two security objectives can be violated? Which three subject areas taken together define storage security? What is host memory? You have a backup and recovery solution in your environment. Several tapes are available. You want to use different tapes for each set of backup clients. Which backup component do you configure? What is an operating system for EMC Celerra Control Station? Which statement best defines DAS? You have a SAN environment and want to introduce NAS functionality. Which NAS solution is most appropriate? What is the maximum payload in a fibre channel frame? If a disk drive's rotational speed is 100 revolutions per minute, what is its average rotational latency? What is the correct order of operations for array-based synchronous replication? 1) Write is received by the source array from host/server 2) Remote array sends acknowledgement to the source array 3) Source array signals write complete to host/server 4) Write is transmitted by source array to the remote array What describes a feature of external DAS? What is a requirement for a client initiated restore? For which remote replication technology is host involvement an absolute requirement? What do you monitor as part of a SAN health check? In a fabric environment, what does a Domain ID identify? During DR planning in a two data center setup you determine that: The remote site B will hold a copy of data that is 5 minutes behind the production data at site A It will take two hours after an outage at site A to decide to shift production to site B An additional 3 hours will be needed to power up the servers, bring up the network and redirect users so site B can become productive What is the Recover Point Objective (RPO) of this plan? What is true about parity-based RAID? What does a cache dirty bit flag? Which iSCSI name requires an organization to own a registered domain name? A WAN link transports your data between a primary data center and a remote location. To ensure data confidentiality, which EMC solution is most appropriate? What channel is valid for connecting storage arrays directly to IP networks for remote replication? A business wants to backup 1 GB of data containing 100 files and another 1 GB of data containing 10,000 files. Which would take more time? Which task is an example of monitoring the utilization of a data center object? Data is being replicated from site A to site B using disk buffering to create extended distance consistent point in time copies every hour. In the event of a site failure at A, what is the maximum amount of data that will be missing at site B? Which feature assures that the stored content has not been altered in the CAS system? What process minimizes the exposure to loss of uncommitted cached data when there is a power failure? A customer complains about frequent traffic disruptions to their SAN. After analysis, it was found that the R&D group was creating this extra traffic while testing new products. What would you suggest that this customer implement? What is the requirement for native iSCSI implementation? Which component in an EMC Symmetrix Array provides physical connectivity to hosts? A pointer based replica has been created and is being used for decision support. When is data copied from the source to the save location?