E20-611 - CLARiiON Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist Exam

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Example Questions

Why does SPLAT2 need a SP Collect from both SPs for troubleshooting problems? How many power supply fans are required to allow a CX700 SPE to remain powered up? What does release 19 add to the Navisphere GUI? After running a SP Collect, which file is sent to Tech Support? Which statement is true when installing a new CLARiiON Array with the Initialization Wizard? You need to obtain general switch analysis and configuration data. Which utility do you submit information to? Which tool will gather array configuration and basic health conditions for troubleshooting, site audits, health checks and Enhanced Install Procedures? Which statement is true about the effective use of Analyze-function in SPLAT2? Which add, remove, and delete capabilities are granted to a Global Manager? You are setting up a Windows CLARiiON management station at Release 19. Which version of JAVA should be installed? You need Array Agent information from a CLARiiON Array running Release 19. Which two [2] commands have the correct syntax? Which type of connection exists between an ATA DAE2 midplane and the disk drive? You are troubleshooting a CLARiiON Array running Release 19. Which command is used to gather information from the Storage Processors? Which port does the CLARiiON CX500 SPA back-end Port 0 connect to? You were asked to gather host information. Which UNIX host based utility does EMC provide to gather this information? What are the three tabs in an Enterprise Storage window? You need to assign a LUN to more than one Storage Group. Which options under Show LUNs do you use? Which three [3] optional host failover software are supported with NDU? A SP on a CX300 is constantly rebooting. You need to capture the POST information. Which communication method is used? What does the term "write aside" refer to in a CLARiiON Array? When is I/O performance impacted during battery test? You are managing domains in a multi-domain environment. Which domain will manage the other domains? What information is required in the CAP2 Capture-Wizard before host data is collected? A CLARiiON Array has 15 FC 36GB drives, 15 FC 73GB drives, 15 ATA 320GB drives and 15 ATA 250 GB. What is the minimum number of Hot Spares you should have? How many fans within the three hot swop-able fan packs are required to allow a CX700 SPE to remain powered up? You are using the host-based FBI to monitor a CX-Series Array. Which interface is recommended? SP Collect is initiated by right clicking on a SP. Where does script execute? Where do you verify that LUN masking is enabled in Navisphere Manager on a CX500? Which two [2] cache types are required on a CLARiiON Array to achieve optimal host data flow performance? Which command collects the data needed to analyze a Brocade switch? Which menu choices are made to initiate the Enhanced Installation Procedure? During a CLARiiON management station installation, EMCRemote is unable to communicate with the SP. What is the most likely reason? Which two [2] items are required for you to connect to a CX500 via the serial port? You are required to proactively replace an ATA drive. Which step is recommended by the CLARiiON Procedure Generator? You have a CX700 with Release 16 Flare. After the completion of a revert procedure, you need to upgrade the code to the customer's approved level. You cannot access the array's Management Server through your browser. What is one of the software pieces that must be installed to access the array's Management Server? Which interface is recommended when using the host-based FBI to monitor a FC4700 Array? What is the purpose of Sniffer? Which two items are contained in SP Collect? CAP2 requires 128 MB RAM to run. What are two other requirements to run CAP2? You need to load EMCRemote on a new computer with Windows 2003. Which version of EMCRemote is required? Which command collects the data needed to analyze a Cisco switch? Which FLARE release do you upgrade to using a .pbu file ? Which tab displays specific error counts in CAP2? The CMI bus a critical part of which CLARiiON feature? What is the proper syntax for running a navicli.jar command? The event log of a CLARiiON CX600 Array has displayed the following error message: 09/26/05 18:10:49 Bus1 Enc4 Dsk5 820 Soft Media Error 22 0 0 Which explanation should be provided to the customer? You are running Arrayside FBI on a CX700 with 240 drives. How many rls files per SP will you have? How does the ATA FRU design allow the ATA drives to emulate the Fibre Channel drives? Where in Navisphere Manager GUI would you verify that page size is set to 8k? Under which three [3] conditions is Engineering Mode used to perform an NDU?