E20-598 - Backup and Recovery - Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

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Example Questions

What is an advantage of performing VMware Image Level backups with EMC Avamar? According to EMC Avamar best practices, what is the maximum ratio of database data to file system data that should exist in an Avamar backup environment? A storage administrator is planning to back up virtual machines residing on an ESX 4.0 server using EMC Avamar and VMware vSphere. What is a characteristic of this type of backup? Garbage collection is running on an EMC Avamar server. Which activities can be performed at this time? An EMC Avamar storage administrator has 400 Microsoft Windows clients; 350 are production and 50 are development. The administrator wants to replicate only the production servers. If repl_cron.cfg is changed to exclude only the development servers, what will be replicated? In EMC Avamar, what is the default setting for the checkpoint retention policy? In an Avamar configuration, what can be backed up to an EMC Data Domain device? Under which node replacement option do you need to generate a new EMC Avamar license key? The EMC Avamar Procedure Generator expires on a periodic basis, requiring connecting to the EMC network for an update. How often does this happen? Which type of database does EMC Avamar use to store information about backups? For an Avamar Gen4 single node, how many Ethernet ports are provided? An EMC Avamar Virtual Edition server is created using thin provisioned virtual disks. What effect will this have instead of using thick provisioning? How many hours does the benchmark test run in an EMC Avamar Virtual Edition install? What is the maximum number of backups that can be running per Avamar storage node in order for HFS check to initiate successfully? What is the recommended command that instructs the EMC Avamar server to redistribute backup data from the most full nodes to the least full nodes? Where are replication log files stored on an EMC Avamar server? You are performing an ad-hoc backup from a Microsoft Windows client. Which log file would you use to investigate communication issues between the Avamar client and the Avamar server utility node? An EMC Avamar backup administrator is logged in as root. The administrator is running a mapall date command to all nodes, all of which respond with a password prompt. Which SSH keys need to be loaded? What are members of an EMC Avamar group policy? What is the minimum physical memory that needs to be allocated to an EMC Avamar Virtual Edition with 2 TB of licensable capacity? Due to a scheduling conflict, an EMC Avamar administrator had to cancel the backup of a client using the Avamar Administration GUI. What happens to the backup data that had already been sent to the Avamar server? A customer is unable to connect to their EMC Avamar server when using the Avamar Administrator GUI. If default settings are being used, which port must be open for a successful connection? What is the purpose of running the EMC Avamar Virtual Edition benchmark process? An EMC Avamar customer, without premium support, has a requirement to be able to recover from a failed storage node. What is the minimum amount of nodes, of all types, that is required to support this functionality? A customer is running out of capacity on their Avamar Gen4 server with 3.9 TB nodes. They want to add three Gen4 1.3 TB nodes from their test lab. Can these 1.3 TB nodes be repurposed for node additions in this environment? In which directory are the EMC Avamar administrator logs located? Starting at the bottom, what is the recommended order for racking components in a Gen4 EMC Avamar Data Store rack without premium support? On an EMC Avamar Windows client host, what is the default location for the Avamar software? Which EMC tool provides all the necessary steps, in the correct order, to implement an EMC Avamar server? What is considered a CRU (Customer Replaceable Unit) for Avamar Gen4? According to EMC best practices, what is the maximum percentage of physical RAM that should be allocated for the hash and file caches combined? By default, what does the "asktime" utility do when executed on the utility node? What are three types of EMC Avamar hashes? By default, which percentage of the file system storage space is reserved for operating systems and checkpoint overhead on the EMC Avamar server? Which factor has the most impact on checkpoint overhead for an EMC Avamar server? An EMC Avamar storage administrator is creating a single dataset for all Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista desktop/laptop (DTLT) clients. In the source data, the administrator includes C:\Documents and Settings and C:\Users. Which flag needs to be added to prevent the "Path not found" error? When sizing a large database server on an EMC Avamar, how many bytes per entry are added to the hash cache? During an EMC Avamar backup, which Avamar server process communicates with the avtar process on the client? What is a potential impact of having an undersized hash cache on an EMC Avamar client? What is the minimum physical memory that needs to be allocated to an EMC Avamar Virtual Edition with 1.0 TB of licensable capacity? What is the function of an EMC Avamar spare node? By default, which port is required to be open on the firewall for client communications with the EMC Avamar utility node? When accessing the utility node using a bash shell (putty) session as `admin', you receive a message referencing a possible Man-In-The-Middle attack stating: "REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!" How do you repair this condition? Which level of data can be restored using EMC Avamar? Which administrative tasks can be performed using the EMC Avamar Enterprise Manager? Prior to starting an EMC Avamar node add and rebalance procedure, what should be done first to ensure that the activity can be completed without data loss? A node has failed on a multi-node EMC Avamar grid and is offline. The customer insists on running backups while the replacement is occurring. What can you tell the customer about the impact of running backups during a node replacement procedure? A company wants to back up their EMC Celerra to their Avamar server. Where is the Avamar backup client software installed? What is the minimum number of EMC Avamar active storage nodes required for a supported RAIN configuration? How much RAM is required for an EMC Avamar Gen4 utility node?