E20-553 - Isilon Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

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Example Questions

By default, how much space needs to be reserved for snapshots on an Isilon cluster? Which event is known as a head crash? A customer wants to consolidate approximately 300 TB of home directory servers and shared file systems used by development and test groups. A key requirement is to prevent the development and test systems from consuming all free capacity and impacting home directory content. Which Isilon configuration should be proposed? A customer created one month of snapshots consisting of one snapshot every 8 hours for 30 days on an Isilon cluster using SnapshotIQ. The customer is now deleting the snapshots randomly and is experiencing overhead to the cluster. How can the customer remove the snapshots and avoid the overhead caused by the process? An Isilon customer expressed an interest in more effectively managing their storage. Specifically, they would like to plan for future growth. Which tool would allow the customer to forecast capacity requirements? What do you monitor as part of server performance? What is a benefit of disk mirroring compared to a single disk? Given a 7-node Isilon cluster configured with an N+2:1 protection level, how many nodes can be offline with the data accessible and fully writeable? What is the role of a bus? How many file systems are present in a 20-node Isilon X200 cluster? Which EMC ControlCenter component holds information about managed objects? Which technology is used by Isilon OneFS to re-write data when a disk read fails? How does Asynchronous remote replication improve application performance, compared to Synchronous remote replication? Which Isilon job periodically validates the checksum of every block in the file system? Which represents a common implementation of a storage network with limited scalability? You need to consolidate a storage environment. The applications require high bandwidth and block level I/O. Which storage solution best meets these requirements? What does partitioning do to a physical disk? A Copy on First Access target is being used for decision support operations. When is data copied from the source to the target? A customer's Isilon storage administrator is concerned about capacity after recently ingesting 200 TB of file data. The customer has recently added more nodes to the cluster and wants to auto-balance the cluster as soon as possible. The cluster utilization percentages for an average 24-hour period are: · 45% during 00:00 - 08:59 · 60% during 09:00 - 17:00 · % during 17:01 - 23:59 While keeping cluster utilization at a minimum, which Impact Policy settings will allow the job to complete quickly without impacting the production workload? A customer is primarily looking for cabling flexibility in a SAN environment. Which zoning method would you recommend? In the SNIA shared storage model, what are the three major layers of the storage domain? Which statement applies to NAS? Which statement describes logical volumes? What is the maximum volume or aggregate size that can be created with an Isilon Scale- Out NAS system? A customer is purchasing a 5-node Isilon X400 cluster for an HPC application running on Linux. The customer currently has 10 HPC nodes and will persistent mount the Isilon cluster through NFSv3. Which recommended configuration addresses the customer's requirements for high availability and throughput? What is CIM? Which type of data is stored in an Isilon node's Endurant Cache? Which Isilon OneFS protection level allows you to withstand two drive failures but no more than one complete node failure? Which node type adds CPU, memory, and Fibre Channel connectivity? If a file is 4 KB in size, how much space is consumed for file data when it is written to the Isilon cluster? On an Isilon node, where are file system operations initiated? Where does SmartCache stage its write cache? What is the name of the drive subassembly containing the platters and R/W heads? In the context of protecting the FC storage infrastructure, what is an example of infrastructure integrity? In an Isilon cluster, what is the relative latency of a cache hit to L1 cache versus L2 cache? What is a disadvantage of storage array based local replication? What is the default method in which Isilon OneFS uses SSDs? What is an advantage of synchronous remote replication compared to other remote replication methods? An Isilon customer created a scheduled SyncIQ policy to replicate data from an Enterprise-mode SmartLock directory. The source cluster becomes unusable. The target cluster does not automatically allow writes to the data in the replicated SmartLock directory. What is the most likely reason the target cluster did not automatically allow writes of the data into the SmartLock directory? Which remote replication technology absolutely requires host involvement? In a ten-disk RAID 0 set, each disk has a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 100,000 hours. What is the MTBF of the set? Which three subject areas taken together define storage security? Which statement applies to Internal DAS? What is an advantage of reporting on storage arrays? Which component of EMC Control Center collects information about Managed Objects? What are the five core elements of the data center infrastructure? Which SAN management feature prevents unauthorized or accidental access to volumes? On Isilon node, where is caching for disk blocks staged? Consider a disk I/O system in which an I/O request arrives at a rate of 100 IOPS and the service time is 4 ms. What is the utilization? Which methods of Isilon OneFS administration are enforced by RBAC?