E20-545 - VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

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Example Questions

A company has decided to use CAVA as their antivirus solution. Which protocol does CAVA use to support antivirus protection in a Celerra environment? Which protocol does VNX support for encrypted network management activities? Data compression uses what other feature to reduce the amount of capacity a LUN uses? A customer wants to use the Home Directory feature. As a prerequisite what must be functioning properly? A customer logs in to Unisphere as an administrator and tries to delete a storage group, but is unable to do so. What must the customer do to delete this storage group? Which three metrics can Unisphere QoS control? What is the default cache page size in KB on a VNX? When the Access Logix database is licensed and enabled, where will it be cached? You are supporting a customer whose VNX hostname has recently changed. Immediately after this change, the VNX administrators begin to receive certificate errors when they attempt to connect to the array. You need to advise them on how to regenerate the Control Station's certificate authority and web server certificates. Which command should be used? Which feature does PowerPath iSCSI for Windows support? Which statement is a characteristic of tree quotas? In Unisphere Analyzer, what are two possible views when you right-click a RAID group? You are carving LUNs on your VNX to attach to your Windows hosts. According to EMC best practice, what is the recommended element size on the LUNs? How many FAST VP schedules can exist for storage pools on a VNX system? An NFS user currently has 30 MB of data stored in a personal directory on a VNX. Their quota allocation allows up to 100 MB. However, they are unable to store additional data in this personal directory. The user deleted two of their largest files in an attempt to free up additional space, but was unable to save all new files to the VNX. The user called the VNX administrator, who confirmed that the file system has additional storage capacity. What could be the problem? A customer has reported degraded performance with several of the applications that run on a VNX. After going through the performance data on the array, you find that all the performance issues are centered around the same RAID 6 group, and that the RAID group is supplying 50 percent less IOPS than before. What is the most likely reason? A customer maintains a mission-critical database with a small transaction logging file. The customer would like to have the transaction log share array resources with other applications while maintaining a specified response time for the database. What Unisphere Quality of Service control mechanism will provide the necessary functionality? An administrator has created a FAST clone of VM and then tries to create a copy of the FAST clone, but it fails. Why did the operation fail? A company wants to connect four different IP subnets to a single existing LACP trunk. How can this be accomplished? What action should be done to align data to LUN structure on a Windows 2008 raw disk? The customer will be configuring metaLUNs for their application. The application requires the most predictable performance. Which type of metaLUN do you recommend? What is the slice size for a LUN in a storage pool? A customer is planning to move VDM between Data Movers. What needs to be verified on the destination Data Mover before the action is taken? You are preparing to use LUN migration to move a pool LUN to a traditional RAID group LUN. What effect will this migration have on the applications running on the host? A customer needs to give a host 300 GB of disk space to improve performance. The VNX to be used has three RAID groups available. - RAID group 1 is RAID 5 (4+1) with 240 GB free - RAID group 2 is RAID 5 (4+1) with 220 GB free - RAID group 3 is RAID 5 (6+1) with 250 GB free The utilization of each RAID group is minimal and all use 300 GB SAS drives. Keeping in mind the best practices, how would you create a metaLUN? What is the minimum recommended number of disks in a RAID 5 group when using metaLUN? You have collected four Analyzer archives (Day1.NAR, Day2.NAR, Day3.NAR and Day4.NAR) and would like to merge them into one. What is one way you can do this in Unisphere? What is the name of the process that writes original data from the source LUN to the reserved LUN pool when using SnapView snapshots? You are examining NAR files from a VNX Block system and notice that the I/O has no write burst and overall is very low. The low and high watermarks are currently set at 40/60. What settings would you recommend for the low and high watermarks? A systems administrator wants to configure Data Mover networks for performance. Only one network switch is available. At least three physical ports on the Data Mover can be used for this solution. Which VNX networking solution would best meet this requirement? A customer is suspicious of unauthorized access to their VNX file share. IT management needs to monitor user activity and access. What can be done to accomplish this? What feature is present in a physical Data Mover that is not present on a VDM? A customer has a fragmented RAID group. The customer asks you what setting to select to defragment the RAID group as quickly as possible. What do you recommend? On a Windows host with Emulex HBAs installed, which tool is used to view target WWPNs? What is the default data relocation duration for the FAST VP Scheduler? You are setting up VDM replication. What must the target VDM state be to successfully establish the replication? A storage administrator has created multiple network interfaces on the Data Mover. While creating the CIFS server within a VDM, one network interface was selected. What action must be taken after the interface is modified? When setting up QoS for a host's LUNs, what software must be loaded on the host system? What is a valid statement about the characteristics of certificates on the VNX system? Which statement is a characteristic of LACP? A VM guest on an ESX host requires direct access to a LUN. Which mechanism enables this? What should you consider when planning to create a file system of maximum size? A customer would like to create multiple striped metaLUNs. What EMC best practice do you recommend? Which file system function will be activated if you select thin provisioning? When using the provisioning wizard, how many RAID group options are available? A storage administrator has initiated a VDM failover. What information is replicated to the secondary site? What monitoring option is used for file system and network performance? What must be available before creating a CIFS server? In order to boot a VNX, which connection must be enabled? A customer system has the watermark processing disabled. To which value will the low water mark (LWM) default?