E20-538 - Network Attached Storage (NAS) Specialist Exam

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Example Questions

Which backup methodology is responsible for the transfer of both data and metadata to the backup server through the IP network? You are implementing an NFS solution for five clients. Four clients can read and write to the export but only one can read. What action should be taken so that the read-only client can read and write to the export? What component of an NDMP backup deployment provides access to the file systems to be backed up? The storage administrator would like to know if more AV servers are necessary for optimal performance and protection. Which tool can the system administrator use to analyze current utilization of the antivirus environment? Which Celerra feature allows the separation of CIFS servers and their associated environment into containers? Under what condition should you start and stop the CIFS service? Three different IP interfaces have been defined for a single port on a Data Mover. What can be done to accommodate these interfaces on three separate subnets? Which iSCSI objects require secret passwords for two-way CHAP authentication? How can you disable Automatic SavVol Extension? You have two separate networks, one for the production network and a private network for iSCSI and NFS. You try to join a CIFS server to the domain but get an error message "no domain controllers found." You can ping all DCs from the Data Mover. What most likely is the problem? A new DNS server has been added to the current domain. How do you add the new server to the Data Mover in Unisphere? What is TCP Window Size? What is the default result of joining a CIFS server to a Windows Active Directory domain? To enable each Data Mover to utilize CAVA, where would the settings and options be defined? Which backup solution allows for data transfer from one NAS device to a tape attached to another NAS device? You have moved a VDM from one Data Mover to another. Now the users cannot access the data. What could cause this condition? A Celerra administrator needs to prevent users from viewing .etc and lost+found of exported file systems. What administrative steps would meet the needs? Which feature on a Celerra unified storage system allows the back-end CLARiiON SPs to be available on the public network? You are setting up a Celerra unified FC model. Which UltraFlex I/O modules can be used for host connectivity? What type of authentication does Celerra support for iSCSI connections? What is the default size limitation for a SavVol? Which command can be used to start the virus checker on the Data Mover? A storage administrator is considering implementing an iSCSI solution. What is one reason to justify the decision? Management asks you to set quota limits on a directory tree. They want the default set to 500 MB with a possible overhead of 20%. They want to enforce these limits on the sum of the logical size of objects in that quota tree. What is part of the correct answer? A site administrator would like to have file system quota implemented. However, the administrator is worried about users who create symbolic links. How can symbolic links be excluded from the file system quota? For a "One-to-Many" replication, how are the replication sessions configured? A Celerra file system has a SnapSure schedule enabled for daily checkpoints. By using the Microsoft Shadow Copy Client, a user can see previous versions of a certain file up to a certain date in the past, but nothing else after that. What could be the cause of this issue? You enter the following command: 3 nas_fs -create size=3M pool=clar_r5_economy What will be the result? In a "One-to-Many" configuration, a source file system is to be replicated simultaneously to three different destinations. How many checkpoints are created on the source side? A user needs to test new software with existing data stored on a Celerra file system that has checkpoints. The Celerra administrator is asked to mount a SnapSure checkpoint from the file system to a different Data Mover. Can the administrator fulfill this request? Why or why not? You are running out of capacity on your Celerra, and additional storage is already on order. Meanwhile, which quota configuration would track user consumption? What is the number of standby Data Movers required to achieve high availability in a Celerra model using eight Data Movers? The cge0 device of server_2 has two associated interfaces called cge0prd and cge0bkp, each one in different VLANs. The NAS administrator could not create a new FSN device using cge0 and cge1. What would be the reason? You have multiple CIFS servers on a single Data Mover. What type of object would you create that can be accessed from all servers? You are implementing a Celerra CIFS solution in a mixed NFS and CIFS user environment. Local passwd and group files are placed on the Data Movers, which are also configured for LDAP. Which search order is used for user mapping? You are implementing a Celerra gateway system into an existing CLARiiON back end with 11 available EFDs. What are the possible disk configurations/Celerra storage pools that can be made using these disks? The EMC_OFFLINE_DATA environment variable was set to yes on backup software for the NDMP backup of a Celerra CIFS server dataset. What will be the backup behavior? What is a minimum requirement when creating a file system using Manual Volume Management? A checkpoint is created. The first block DB01 will be updated for a second time. What will happen after the update? Which Celerra feature stores Windows SIDs correlated to UIDs and GIDs? Which NAS backup methodology allows the transfer of metadata to the backup server through IP and data access from the Data Mover's back-end storage array through the SAN? Between which layers of the OSI model would you find the iSCSI target? You are implementing a Celerra CIFS solution. When discussing the mapping method choices, the site administrator asks you to explain the significance of the user mapping method for CIFS users. How do you respond to the site administrator? An administrator configured Data Mover network devices to transmit frames on all links for redundancy. Which network configuration was used to accomplish this? A CIFS user has previously accessed a Data Mover with a secondary Usermapper service, and performs a subsequent access to the same Data Mover. Which describes the mapping operation for this user? What is the default TCP port for an iSCSI network portal? You are asked by management to create a project directory and track the individual user consumption in this directory using Celerra quota features. No limits should be enforced. What would be part of an appropriate procedure to satisfy this requirement? One of the Celerras in the data center dropped all client access suddenly. Upon further investigation, you discover that the primary blade is in a panicked state but did not fail over to the standby blade. What is one possible cause for this? What is the maximum depth for a cascaded replication? What address ranges do the two Celerra internal networks use?