E20-532 - Networked Storage SAN Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

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Example Questions

In the OSI 7-layer Network Model, which layer describes the cabling used to create Fibre Channel SANs? Which is an EMC recommended best practice when doing fabric zoning? Which view of Workload Analyzer will provide the aggregate utilization of all FA ports in the Symmetrix? How can it be verified that the ControlCenter server is available on TCP port 5799? Which two [2] statements describe port binding? ControlCenter Performance View statistics for switches displays gaps after adding new switches. How can these gaps be eliminated? After a Connectrix Manager upgrade, SAN Manager is unable to perform zoning operations. What needs to occur to enable zoning operations? In a Log-file of the Connectrix Manager you will find this Fibre-Channel address of a node: 6B1613 To which port will this node be connected? A customer cannot discover his Brocade switches within ControlCenter. Which command must be run on the switch to resolve this? Which command is used to determine if the Connectrix Service Processor can communicate to the FCC agent host? From Connectrix Manager, which two [2] levels of user rights can be assigned to specific users? Which Brocade CLI command prints entries of the nameserver? A new HBA is added to a Sun Solaris host. After a reconfiguration reboot, the new HBA is logged into the FA port on the Symmetrix, but it cannot see any devices. Which two [2] must be verified? In either a UNIX or Windows environment, which command is used for PowerPath monitoring and management? Which two [2] MDS models would you recommend to allow future growth? What is the difference between the native long-wave Fibre Channel distance that EMC supports vs. what Cisco supports? What is the difference between the native long-wave Fibre Channel distance that EMC supports vs. what Brocade supports? Which settings are used for connecting a PC serial port to the M-Series products? Which two [2] features apply to both the MDS-9120 and the MDS-9140 switches? What is the function of the SDM agent in EMC ControlCenter? In which SAN Manager folder are inactive zones maintained? In either a UNIX or windows environment, which command is used to display status and configure PowerPath? Which Fibre channel address is reserved for the Directory Server? What is represented by the data flow in the picture? How many M-series Products on a single service processor can be supported by Connectrix Manager? Which three (3) are valid types of persistent bindings? Which describes the non-blocking architecture deployed in M-series switches? Which is required to implement Windows-based servers in an iSCSI SAN? What are two [2] advantages of iFCP vs. FCIP? A customer has attached a FC-AL tape drive to a fibre channel switch. During FLOGI, as which type of FC port will the switch identify the drive? PowerPath was successfully installed two weeks ago on a Solaris 2.8 host. The host is now reporting stack overflow messages. Which two [2] events can cause this problem? What are two [2] PowerPath modes of operation? Which CLI command is used for Device Masking? Which Cisco tool is used to monitor, configure and manage multiple MDS switches? Which property must be edited to bestow full EMC VisualSAN 4.0 administrative privileges to a network user who does not possess network administrator privileges? Which MDS-9000 director/switch is capable of supporting the emerging 10Gb bandwidth? Where are available zones stored when using Connectrix Manager to add a zone to an existing fabric? Which version of HBA firmware must be used with PowerPath? Where is LUN masking information stored in the Symmetrix? Which set-up or condition guarantees that host-to-host I/O is never interrupted during CLARiiON du?(non-disruptive update? How many users can telnet into a Brocade B2 series switch at one time? How many buffer-to-buffer (BB) credits can be used per ASIC in a DS-32M2 switch? Which two [2] agents are required in a ControlCenter environment to enable zoning capabilities? Which command is used in SAN Manager to activate zoning changes made in the repository? For what is S_ID Lockdown used? With an extended fabric license, what is the maximum number of buffer-to-buffer (BB) credits that can be allocated to a port on a DS16-B2? What step must be performed to introduce new switches into a ControlCenter infrastructure? A customer has plugged a new host into his SAN but cannot see the HBA WWNs appear in the Topology. What are two [2] ways to resolve? Which command is used to display volumes in all PowerPath Volume Manager volume groups? What does the RCT_L frame field setting indicate?